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How often have you gotten comfortable on your couch and reached for the TV remote only to find it missing? Too many times to count were sure. Whenever you need it most, it promptly makes itself scarce. It chooses to explore the hidden depths of the sofa or blend into the surrounding furniture, practicing its camouflage skills.

Sometimes, when all is going well you will find that the batteries have died and need replacing. And guess what? Itll probably happens during the most awaited game of the season. Way to destroy ones evening and kill the mood, right? Well, life does have to be this way.

Smartphones have enabled humankind to practically transcend the physical plane and your device can surely aid you in these mundane tasks as well. Youll have some setting up to do and it might get a little confusing along the way, but we assure you that if you follow the instructions youll find it easy. So, without further ado, let us get to it.

How to Set It Up

Remote controls are a blessing to have. You do not have to get up to change channels or volume and if you have a universal TV remote, you will be able to control all connected devices too. Given the number of channels Spectrum Channel Lineup can consist of, it really a God-send. And, so for the day you are frustrated with life and cant find your remote, it pays to have a plan B. This remote control life hack is a must for everyone.

The process is quite simple and only takes a few minutes. Once you program your smartphone to work as a remote, life will become easy.  Youll be able to Netflix and chill like there is no tomorrow and be free of all the hassle setting your favorite show or movie can entail. Watching Spectrum TV has never been more fun, we assure you. If you are wondering how it is all done, keep reading. Well, guide you through the entire process so you breeze through it all.

Devices to Use

Whether you are an Android user or an iPhone loyalist you will be able to turn your phone into a remote control. You can use other smart devices like tablets, iPads and smartwatches as well. If you have an old smart device lying around, that could be the perfect device to use especially if the whole family uses it. With that said, let us look into what else is needed.

Download Some Apps

Programming is hard work, but dont worry you do not have to do any of it. In this case, you get the experts to do it for you. All you need to do is download the apps that they have created.

To start off, there are three types of apps you should know about:

If you are wondering which one you should get all you need to do is analyze your viewing habits. Do you usually go for streaming content over your Spectrum internet connection?

Or do you use it to watch the top networks your cable provider has to offer? Spectrum Select offers premium channels at an affordable rate so its not surprising that youd be into that. Once you have decided what you use your TV for most, you can move to the next step.

The Basic TV Remote App

If you have chosen to download a basic TV remote app, then this is how you should go about it.

Simply head to the App Store or Google Play to find a TV remote app. If you have an Apple device we suggest you get the app Universal Remote TV Smart. It uses Wi-Fi to work and is compatible with most TV brands. Be it Samsung, Sony, or LG, it will easily detect your TV and reduce your setup time to practically zero. And, tada! Youll be able to enjoy your Cox channel lineup without any hitch.

If you have a Samsung TV, myTifi might prove to be a better choice. It lets you control multiple Samsung TV sets by giving each of them a simple name like bedroom TV and dining room TV. Once connected, you can easily switch channels by clicking on the logos that the app displays. Youll be able to enjoy all the channels offered by Cox Contour TV by clicking on their logos. It will even eliminate the hard work required to find the channel number for your favorite networks. Pretty neat, right?

There are also some apps on the market produced by the TV manufacturers themselves. If you own a Smart TV there are high chances that one exists so be sure to check it out.

Apps for Your Streaming Device

For hard-core streamers, downloading streaming device apps is the way to go. It makes browsing and navigation on your devices a piece of cake and simplifies the process. Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV stick, each has compatible apps that you can download. There are also third-party apps you can use if you prefer.

In the case of Roku, you get a built-in remote in the app that allows you to control your Roku device over Wi-Fi. You can use your voice to initiate a search or use the keyboard to communicate your instructions. The Amazon Fire TV app offers a similar design allowing you to control your device from the app.

For Chromecast, Google Home is the app you need. It can control all Google smart devices including your security cameras, lights, and even thermostat. It doesnt get better than this. On the other hand, if you have an iPhone, you will have a seamless experience thanks to the ecosystem it strives to maintain. The remote is built into the phone and should be easily accessible.

Along with working as a remote, these apps also allow you to mirror and project your phone screen on the TV screen. All you need is a fast internet connection like Cox Internet and a good Wi-Fi router to do it. The feature is not yet available on Amazon Fire TV app but for the rest, it wont be a problem. You can share your vacation pictures, or spend some quality time listening to music on the TV. Isnt that wonderful?

App for Streaming Services

If you use a streaming service and want to watch the shows and movies they offer, then you dont have to worry about finding the remote at all. Just use the native apps built into your Smart TV. Download the streaming app and sync it with your TV. Youll be able to browse through the watch list and manage your shows without any problems.

Make Use of the IR Blaster Feature

If you own a TV that has an IR blaster, you are in for some luck. Download the app AnyMote Smart IR Remote and you will be able to control not only your TV but any device that can receive an IR signal. This means your set-top boxes, Cox TV DVR, sound system, and even air-conditioning unit can be controlled from your phone.

Get an External Pairing Device

You can also get a device like Pronto to turn your smartphones to remotes. This multi-dimensional universal TV remote gives you control of the TV through Bluetooth. Device Harmony Hub offers similar services, but where Pronto can only be used with Apple devices, this device works for Android and iPhone alike. Whats more, it lets you connect through not only Bluetooth but Wi-Fi and IR as well.

Protecting Your Remote

If you are finding yourself going down a rabbit whole with these and want to stick with a remote, worry not. You can make your remote traceable. Tile are these small stickers that you can stick to your remote. If lost, simply go to the free Tile app you have downloaded and the Tile on your device will start emitting a sound. Follow the tune to find your WOW TV remote. Or any remote really. They are quite useful things to have.  

Final Words

Armed with these apps, you will never have to experience a frustrating evening. All you need is an internet connection with enough bandwidth to support all the connected devices. So make sure to give BuyTVInternetPhone customer service a call and get a plan that offers high speed and of course, good Wi-Fi equipment. Wow internet offers interesting packages you must check out while you are at it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my phone to control the TV without Wi-Fi?

If your internet connection or Wi-Fi is having issues that not a problem. You can use your phone to control the TV through the IR signal and even Bluetooth.

Do iPhones have IR?

iPhones dont have IR blasters so you cant control your TV using that. However, if you must, there is a way. Simply buy an IR dongle and plug it into the lightning connector.

Can I control my AC on my phone?

You can use your phone to control almost any smart device. If it has an IR blaster you simply need to follow the steps laid out in case of TV. If you want to control your device remotely over Wi-Fi you will probably need an app for that. Google Home is quite useful when it comes to this.