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After the outbreak of the coronavirus that led to an elaborate lockdown, most of the entertainment world came to a sudden halt. People could no longer go to the movies or attend concerts or sports events. Given that the only entertainment options left for the homebound individuals were watching movies or TV shows online, reading books, and gaming.

The gaming industry is regarded as one of the most exciting and innovative industries in the technological world because of its importance to entertainment, culture, and technological advancements, and over the years, it has grown exponentially. As of 2020, the global gaming industry amounted to $173.70 billion, and given the recent dependency on technology and the increased access to high-speed internet connections, the industry is only expected to grow more with time.

As a matter of course, the growth within the industry has made it obligatory for the industry giants like Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony to up their game and offer features that’ll make the gaming experience more engaging for the users.


How Did The Internet Affect Gaming?

The gaming industry truly exploded once the games started connecting players over the internet. While the popularity of story-driven, single-player games remained and is still in a position of prominence in the game industry, this revolution which was led by the all-pervading social side of gaming, resulted in the emergence of competitive multiplayer games.

In the early 2000s, these multiplayer games experienced a boom within the gaming market, especially when games like World of Warcraft pulled in millions of zealous players. The gaming world gave rise to different subcultures. Due to the existence of multiple gaming-centric internet forums, gaming enthusiasts grew more competitive. This led to an increase in demand for high-speed internet services.

Gaming enthusiasts now seek out reliable internet deals that offer a fast and stable internet connection as that is one of the things that make a difference between victory and defeat in a multiplayer game. Let’s be honest, no one wants to be the player who ruined an hour-long game quest because their internet connection lagged out.

Subscribing to a reliable broadband connection is important in order to make sure you can operate heavy multiplayer games. Different internet service providers like Spectrum, Xfinity, and Cox offer internet services with sufficient speed and bandwidth that allow gamers to play a wide array of games.


How to Connect Gaming Consoles to Your Internet?

There are different branches of gaming including PC games, mobile games, console games, collectible card games, and board games. Gaming consoles have been a prominent part of the gaming industry. These devices have evolved significantly over time from the early days of video games and the first versions of Atari and Nintendo.

The internet became a part of gaming consoles almost 25 years ago when Sony launched its first PlayStation on the gaming market which was greatly dominated by Nintendo. Now all big gaming console companies have different variants that support the use of the internet to connect with players worldwide. Below mentioned are the ways one can connect gaming consoles like Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Nintendo DS, and the Wii to the internet.


Connecting PlayStation 4 to a Wired Network


    Connecting Wii to a Wireless Internet Network


      Connecting Nintendo DS to a Wireless Connection


        Connecting an Xbox 360 to a Wired Network


          Final Note

          The gaming industry is at its peak with the gaming giants competing with each other to earn the top spot. The battle over console gaming is being waged by Sony (Playstation), Nintendo, and Microsoft (Xbox), with Google entering the mix after the launch of its cloud-based gaming platform, Stadia.

          These gaming console giants are going above and beyond to incorporate technologies that offer gamers speed, processing powers, and state-of-the-art graphics. The integration of internet and gaming consoles and the introduction of a cloud-based gaming platform has made it imperative for you as a gaming enthusiast to subscribe to an internet deal that offers a reliable, high-speed internet connection that makes it possible to fully enjoy the entertainment opportunities gaming provides.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          What is a good internet speed for gaming?

          The recommended download and upload speed for basic gaming is 4-8 Mbps and 0.5-1 Mbps respectively. But if you are an online multiplayer, an internet speed of 25 Mbps may be good for you. Good internet speed for gaming also depends on other factors like the player’s hardware, player location and how heavy the game is.

          Why is latency important in gaming?

          Low latency is important for a good gaming experience. Low latency basically means fast communication with the game server. It is important for gaming as a delayed move in games can translate to falling behind in a race or instant death.

          Is a cable connection sufficient for gaming?

          A cabled connection scores highly in terms of performance as it has a higher transfer rate as compared to a Wi-Fi connection. So by subscribing to cable and internet bundles, you can guarantee a good gaming experience.