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Were you digging into Spectrum TV and came across online reviews where a bunch of TV buffs were raving about Spectrum HD? Well, what if we tell you that every word of it is true?

Spectrum TV brings you HD (High Definition) content so picturesque that you won’t believe your eyes! With crystal clear images, spectacular sound quality, and an unbelievable channel lineup , Spectrum HD is designed to spellbind you every time you turn on the TV set.

It doesn’t matter what Spectrum TV package you subscribe for, you will get to feast your eyes on pure HD goodness from hundreds of fun-packed channels and with Spectrum On Demand .

Craving for HD Goodness? Connect Your HDTV to Spectrum Receiver

High Definition (HD) programming on Spectrum TV is usually displayed in a different format as compared to Standard Definition (SD) programming. Meaning, if you want to enjoy your favorite TV content in HD then you need to connect HDTV to the Spectrum receiver box. After all who loves to see black bars or stretched images on the TV screens anyway?

Connecting your HDTV to Spectrum receiver isn’t like setting up Ikea furniture – you can connect your HDTV to a receiver by using either component cables or HDMI (recommended). Just follow the easy steps given below and you’ll be able to do the Spectrum receiver setup in a few minutes.

Get Started!

1. First, attach the power cord behind the Spectrum receiver and connect it to a wall outlet.

2. Connect one end of the coax cable to the cable wall outlet. Then, plug in the other end to the port on your Spectrum receiver labeled as “Cable In”.

Step 1

Once that’s done, decide whether you want to connect your HDTV to your Spectrum receiver using HDMI or component cables then follow the steps accordingly.

For HDMI Cable--

1. Plugin the power cord behind the Spectrum receiver and connect it to a wall outlet.

2. Then, attach one end of the coax cable to the cable wall outlet while connecting the other end to the port on the receiver that says “Cable In“.

For Component Cables--

In case you don’t have an HDMI port on your TV then connect your HDTV and Spectrum receiver by using component cables. A simple trick to get it right is to match the colors of the component cables with the colors of the inputs.

If your Spectrum Receiver doesn’t have component ports, then you need to activate your Spectrum receiver box to view your HD programming.

However, if you still face issues then read your HDTV’s instruction manual to learn how to carry out the Spectrum receiver setup.

Step 2

Once that’s done you can now change the input or source setting on your HDTV to the proper HDMI source by using your TV remote.

First, find buttons on your remote that are labeled as:


• Component

• Input

• Source

• Video Source

Then, pick an HDMI source such as:

• Cable Box or DVD

• Component 2

• HDMI 1

• Video 1 and Video 2

Step 3

Now that you have connected your HDTV to the receiver, leave it connected and powered on for 15 minutes before you go ahead and activate your Spectrum Receiver. In case you are using more than one receivers then make sure to connect each one to an HDTV individually before jumping on to the activation process to connect all of them at once.

You can activate your Spectrum receiver online. All you need to do is type in your account number or the phone number written on your Spectrum account and follow the on-screen prompts to activate your Spectrum receiver online in a jiffy.

HDTV Troubleshooting

If you face any display issues on your HDTV then use the following tips to resolve them. If this doesn’t help, feel free to contact the 24/7 Spectrum for further assistance.

1. Make sure that you have properly installed all equipment and all cables are connected correctly. Tighten all loose cables by hand.

2. Confirm that you have connected your HDTV to the proper source such as HDMI/Input/Source.

3. Reboot your receiver by disconnecting the power cord located behind the box. Wait for a minute and then connect the power cord again. Then, wait up to 20 minutes so that the receiver turns back on.

To Sum Up

If you are a TV buff who loves watching TV shows and movies in crisp HD quality then you will be glad to know that you can watch all of your favorite Spectrum TV channels in HD, when available. The flawless Spectrum HD lets you binge-watch your favorites in an image quality that’s 6 times clearer and sharper than SD! Now that’s what we call an epic TV experience! Don’t we?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Connect HDTV to My Spectrum Receiver?

Your HDTV can be connected to Spectrum receiver by using either component cables or HDMI (recommended). To order,call now at 1-855-423-0918.

How to troubleshoot HDTV connecting to Spectrum receiver?

Ensure all cables and equipment is installed properly, confirm that HDTV is connected to the right source and reboot your receiver by disconnecting the cord and plug it back in after a minute.

Where can I find Spectrum On Demand?

Every Spectrum TV package you subscribe to, will bring you hundreds of fun-packed channels with Spectrum On Demand service!