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TLC – A Cursory Overview

Owned by Discovery, Inc., TLC is an American pay-tv channel that has been up and running since 1980. The TV channel holds two former names, ACSN (Appalachian Community Service Network), and The Learning Channel. It was launched as an educational network. With time, however, TLC distanced itself from its roots and redirected its programming towards reality TV and lifestyle content instead. At present, the TV channel was available to approx. 95 million U.S. homes back in 2015. TLC also has a high-definition television simulcast available in both United States and Canada. The network has spread its reach on an international level, as well. You can tune into TLC in the Middle East, North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

What Number is the TLC Channel on Xfinity?

As a new subscriber to an Xfinity TV package, you will soon discover the diversity encompassed by the Xfinity channel lineup. Whether you choose the Popular TV with 125+ channels or the Ultimate TV with 185+ channels, TLC is included in both and gives you a good flavor of quality programming that you crave.

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But, Xfinity TV channels are not all that you get with your subscription. When you sign up for an Xfinity TV package, essentially you discover a better way of watching TV. Your chosen channel lineup makes a wonderful pair with X1. Get ready to enjoy your favorite TV with Xfinity X1, which puts live TV, sports, On Demand, DVR, music, and your favorite streaming apps all in one place. You can search for content across all entertainment options in the simplest and the fastest way with the industry-leading X1 “entertainment operating system”. You can also catch Spanish content through Xfinity's international channel lineup. Speak to a representative at Xfinity servicio al cliente

But, until you feel comfortable with navigating the X1 on-screen program guide, and master the art of talking to the award-winning Xfinity Voice Remote so it fulfills your commands, here is the answer we presume you are looking for. Find the number for the TLC channel on Xfinity in your hometown from the listing below. The channel number varies with the area, so if you do not see your hometown listed, click here.

City/State Channel Number
Chicago, IL 69, 176, 1450, 29300
Houston, TX 63, 663, 1450, 29300
Denver, CO 32, 677, 1450, 29300
San Francisco, CA 50, 752, 1450, 29300
Philadelphia, PA 20, 837, 1450, 29300
Detroit, MI 39, 192, 1450, 29300
Stockton, CA 55, 752, 1450, 29300
Grand Rapids, MI 66, 192, 1450, 29300
Atlanta, GA 67, 833, 1450, 29300
Worcester, MA 38, 867, 1450, 29300
Baltimore, MD 39, 837, 1450, 29300
Colorado Springs, CO 49, 765, 1450, 29300
Oakland, CA 50, 752, 1450, 29300
San Jose, CA 50, 752, 1450, 29300
Aurora, CO 32, 677, 1450, 29300


What to Watch on the TLC Channel on Xfinity?

One can simply never run out of the want for reality TV entertainment, and that is what TLC does the best. You get an unlimited supply of reality TV shows and movies to binge-watch whenever in the mood. The programming lineup is never dull as new content is added to the channel every season. And the good news is former TLC favorites like Monster Garage and What Not to Wear have made a comeback on the channel, as well.

Here is what you can currently watch on the TLC channel:

TOP TLC Channel
Dr. Pimple Popper
7 Little Johnstons
My Big Fat Fabulous Life
90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After
My Feet Are Killing Me
The Single Life
Darcey & Stacey
You, Me & My EX
Seeking Sister Wife
Return to Amish
My Big Fat Fabulous Life
HEA Strikes Back
What Now?


To Conclude...

Xfinity TV is both contemporary and traditional. You get to watch an array of programming, and also take your favorite Xfinity TV channels on-the-go, once you have downloaded the free Xfinity Stream App. Xfinity X1 never lets you feel limited to watching TV the conventional way.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What number is the TLC channel on Xfinity Chicago, Illinois?

The numbers for the TLC channel on Xfinity Chicago are 69, 176, 1450, 29300.

  1. What number is the TLC channel on Xfinity Detroit, Michigan?

The numbers for the TLC channel on Xfinity Detroit are 39, 192, 1450, 29300.

  1. What number is the TLC channel on Xfinity Houston, Texas?

The numbers for the TLC channel on Xfinity Houston are 63, 663 1450, 29300.

  1. Do I get cable TV with Xfinity Bundles?

Yes. Xfinity Bundles include cable TV as well. If you need a home phone service you can include Xfinity Voice in addition to cable TV. The Xfinity Triple Play has long been the most popular bundled package among consumers. Even when you bundle cable TV only with Xfinity Internet in a double play, you can take advantage of the discounted rate.

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