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Even with all the rage of the new streaming platforms with more and more on-demand content to offer, it is almost surprising that cable TV is still such a big part of a typical American household. However, the rise in the cord-cutter population is evenly matched to those who love the wholesome TV experience. It’s a way to connect to the world and each other as everyone comes together to watch TV at the end of a long and tiring day.

Live streaming services and VOD may be newer and trendier versions of television, but cable TV is not too far behind either. The cable television experience continues to evolve to better things with the advent of high-end technology that graces our world today. Xfinity by Comcast has put hours’ worth of effort into revamping the cable TV you get in your homes. This is why you are able to enjoy a modern TV experience with the Xfinity X1.

You are in for quite a ride with Xfinity TV, particularly if you are into adventure entertainment. There’s quite a variety of sports programming in the Xfinity channel lineup, from basketball and hockey to hunting and shooting. If you are a football aficionado, you must already be looking for the channel number of NFL Network on Xfinity TV. So we’re here to help you learn all about the NFL Network and how you can make the most of your Xfinity TV subscription.

Enrich your life with the Xfinity TV service

Xfinity TV via the intuitive X1 happens to be one of the top entertainment systems in the U.S. Working seamlessly with the Xfinity award-winning Voice Remote, the X1 helps you build your entertainment system even better than you could imagine. There is so much to explore, learn and enjoy with the Xfinity X1, complete with a sweet Xfinity channel lineup, and a streaming platform to go with it. Of course, it is much simpler for the tech-savvy to understand the X1 system, and it is simple enough for others to get a hang of too, albeit with a little bit of time.

Some of the things that might help you understand and operate your Xfinity X1 system are as follows:

  • Search for all your favorites — a process made even easier all in all with the X1, as it compares your search to titles across all your platforms. It will look through live TV, your DVR, On-Demand, and all your streaming apps too. Since all these choices are in one place, you can simply hop between them without having to change any inputs.
  • Recommendations by the intuitive X1 always hit the spot – a perfect way to discover new options and possibly favorites in the process
  • Xfinity Sports Zone — is the best thing out there for die-hard sports fans. Not only can you follow tournaments and seasons, but you can also pick some favorite teams to follow to keep you updated. Customize your X1 sports zone by setting occasional highlights, upcoming game reminders, scoreboards, and more. There is never a dull moment around with the Sports zone on Xfinity!
  • Smart Xfinity Stream app — discover mobile entertainment on the go. Watch live TV with the curated Xfinity channel lists, On-Demand titles, tune in to downloads, or even plan DVR recordings remotely. Download the Xfinity Stream app now and open up a world of entertainment at your fingertips!
  • Kids Zone — Protect your children through this super safe Xfinity feature. The Kids Zone keeps them away from viewing age-inappropriate content and will be a calm place for you to turn to, knowing that your children are only watching what you deem fit.

Tune in to sports on Xfinity TV

Xfinity TV plans sign you up for some of the best sports-watching experiences you will get anywhere. With all the easy and innovative features the X1 has to offer, you are in for an entertainment experience like none other.

The novel X1 platform swirls technology with ease, developing a few thoroughly appealing options. Not only do you get easy access to all fun and entertaining options, but so much more! Search and explore for titles and shows, and never lift a finger with the award-winning and smart Xfinity remote. Of course, as a diligent sports fan, the Xfinity Sports Zone will be the highlight of your X1 experience.

The Sports Zone on Xfinity will get you immediate access to an entire catalog of sports programming found in your Xfinity TV package. You can customize it as you like, and set favorite players, teams, and even sports seasons. Once you choose your top teams and players, the X1 will suggest content based on those settings, preferred recommendations, and recent trends. Choose between Baseball, Soccer, Hockey, Basketball, Football, and more. Set up game reminders and never miss another game with the daily stats. The smart X1 will even suggest recommendations based on your taste and on how best to occupy your interest.

Explore the NFL Network Channel on Xfinity

NFL Network is one of the staples of entertainment for sports buffs. However, on Xfinity, the NFL Network is only available in its highest tier plan, the Xfinity Ultimate TV that offers 185+ channes. So, unless you have bought the subscription to the NFL Network separately, you might not have access to the NFL Network channel on other Xfinity TV plans.

Talking about channel numbers, cable network channel numbering does sometimes change from region to region, sometimes even between providers. This can be slightly frustrating as you start out with Xfinity TV. For your ease of access, we have summarized the channel numbers for NFL Network on Comcast Xfinity in different operating areas.

If you don’t find your area listed below, click here to put in your address and get the information.

City / State NFL Network channel #
Denver, CO 168, 417, 676, 1215
Houston, TX 113, 600, 1215
San Ramon, CA 417, 730, 1215
Abingdon, VA 406, 736, 1215
Newberry, SC 181, 267, 1215
Tupelo, MS 180, 1215
Agawam, MA 265, 715, 853, 1215
Bristol, CT 180, 611, 736, 1215
Westminster, MD 733, 860, 1215

NFL Network on Xfinity: The highlights of the sports world

NFL Network is the go-to sports entertainment platform for many U.S households. It gives you ready access to some of the top programming and shows available in the sports world. Whether it is baseball, hockey, basketball, soccer, or football, you can find it all on NFL Network. For years NFL has put on impressive shows and premium sports content and continues to do so even today. Here’s a short rundown of some of the things that you can find on the NFL Network programming:

  1. Good Morning Football on weekdays, featuring Kyle Brandt, Kay Adams, and Peter Schrager among others. Enjoy a discussion on all the NFL shows year-round with this morning show throughout the week.


  1. Join Acosta Ruiz, James Jones, David Carr, and Michael Robinson on the NFL Total Access. This nighttime show gets you all the juicy updates from the world of sports and insider access. The NFL Total Access is now also available as a podcast on Spotify.


  1. The NFL Gameday with a curated roster of analysts like Micheal Irvin and Cynthia Frelund gets you exclusive interviews and in-depth analysis to top of your regular football game. You can watch your favorite highlights and catch up on a missed game with short clips shown throughout the show.

Follow all your favorite teams, shows, leagues, and all things NFL with the amazing NFL Network on Xfinity TV. Always stay in touch with the trends, and stats, vote for your favorite teams, follow your favorite players and treat yourself to an unlimited amount of football all year round. The NFL Network brings you the very best of the sports world and is certainly a daydream for sports fans!

Get more with Xfinity by Comcast!

Xfinity TV brings your cable experience to life with the best of technology. You will fall in love with the smart X1 system, the original allure of cable TV, and just the right amount of modern tech.

If you are feeling fancy, you can always choose to get a streaming platform in addition to your TV plan. As a TV-only customer with Xfinity, you can consider bundling it with high-speed Xfinity Internet and get Flex for all your streaming needs. More value with Xfinity bundles and a wide variety of high-speed internet plans mean you just live better. You can also get your hands on Spanish content by calling Xfinity servicio al cliente at 844-207-8725. To top it all off, your internet and TV sources all come under just one bill. Opt for the all-encompassing Xfinity TV and internet bundles and enjoy the ultimate Xfinity experience!

For more information, call Xfinity customer service at 844-207-8721.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Channel is the NFL Network on Xfinity?

The channel number for the NFL Network on Xfinity tends to vary by location. For example, in Denver, CO, you can find the channel on number 168 or 676 in HD. Conversely, in San Ramon, CA, you will have to visit channel number 417 or 1215 for HD.  

2. What local channels does Xfinity have?

Xfinity TV offers quite a big selection of local TV networks across its multiple TV tiers. These include ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC, and PBS. You can also find channels like C-SPAN, Cozi TV, MeTV, HSN, and QVC.

3. What TV deals can Xfinity offer?

Xfinity offers internet and TV plans that fit all budget types and viewer preferences. The most basic lineup is the Choice TV offered in almost all regions. Mid-tier and top-tier TV plans are Popular TV and Ultimate TV having 125+ and 185+ channels respectively. These have all local and some premium networks. Note that the availability and type of Xfinity TV plan may differ across locations.

4. What number is the NFL Network channel on Xfinity in Houston, Texas?

The number for the NFL Network on Xfinity in Houston, Texas, is 113 and 600. For HD viewing, you’ll need to go to number 1215.

5. What channel is the NFL Network on Xfinity in Abingdon, Virginia?

For the NFL network on Xfinity in Abingdon, Virginia, you will need to visit channel number 406 or 1215 for HD.

6. What channel is the NFL Network on Xfinity in Bristol, Connecticut?

For the NFL Network channel on Xfinity in Bristol, Connecticut, tune into channel numbers 180, 611, or 1215 for HD.