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Albeit it is believed the phenomenon we all know as TV Western, took birth in 1949, reached an explosive peak in 1959, and kind of started fading out in the 1960s—the truth is America’s fascination with it never really died out. Be it the classic Western movies such as The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly or Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, or TV series like The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp and The Wild West—millions across America still love watching a lone horseman ride across their TV screens!  

A Few Words about the INSP Channel

Growing up, characters from the “Old West” and movies like Along Came Jones and Vera Cruz have fascinated many among us with tales from the West. And, if there is one place that brings a programming lineup that includes Western originals, documentaries, and action, it sure is the INSP channel!

An American digital cable and satellite TV channel, INSP is owned by Inspiration Ministries and is headquartered in Indian Land, South Carolina. Formerly called The Inspiration Network, the TV channel saw its launch in 1978. Fast forward to 2015, INSP was available to over 80 million American households.

Going back to INSP’s original roots, the channel was a non-profit network between 1991 and 2010. But INSP underwent a rebranding in 2010 and was then launched as a family entertainment network. INSP’s slogan ‘Heroes Live Here’ perfectly fits the network’s current programming lineup—which gives viewers a great taste of the rowdy shenanigans of nomadic cowboys, bounty hunters, and outlaws, mixed with the ever-living pleasure of watching tough guys in action and the ultimate triumph of good upon evil.

INSP Channel on Spectrum TV

So, if you are looking forward to rekindling your love for these adventurous voyages, tune into the INSP channel—and let the TV Western phenomenon unfold on your home screens with popular shows such as Bonanza, Mountain Men, and Gunsmoke. The good news is if you are a Spectrum cable TV subscriber, you get access to the INSP channel with all Spectrum TV packages.

Rest assured, once you switch to Spectrum cable TV service, you will not only find an avenue to lose yourself in the stories of outlaws, gamblers, and bounty hunters from the “Old West”, but much more—because the Spectrum channel lineup is extensive, and the perks of subscribing to the service are many.  


What Channel Number is the INSP Channel on Spectrum?

Now coming to the real deal—finding the INSP channel number on Spectrum TV.

Spectrum takes care of the ordeal of switching channels to find what you are looking for with its on-screen TV guide. But when you are a new subscriber, the on-screen guide may be of little help at first. Also, if you have recently moved to another region and carried your Spectrum TV along, you may have to acquaint yourself with a new set of channel numbers. To help the not-so-tech-savvy, here is a compilation of cities and towns along with the corresponding INSP channel number on Spectrum TV. If however, you do not locate your hometown in this listing, click here, and let your ZIP code pull the INSP channel number in your region.  

What to Watch on the INSP Channel?

As we said earlier, weekend binge-watching on Western action movies, shows, and documentaries, is guaranteed to be all the more exciting with INSP on your channel lineup. Here we share with you what is currently trending on the INSP channel to get you started.


A powerful family drama, Bonanza is not all about the gun-slinging action you find in most Western movies. At its core runs a heartfelt story about family relationships, that centers on love, honor, and friendship in the Old West.  


When your reputation is tarnished, it takes a lot to whitelist yourself. And the same is the dilemma faced by U.S. Army Cavalry Captain, Jason McCord. Wrongfully convicted with desertion, will Captain McCord be able to prove his innocence?


Rowdy cowboys and outlaws slinging their guns at each other, finding safe haven in the mostly lawless Old West where disputes get settled, you would think. Well, things are a little different in Dodge City where U.S. Marshall Matt Dillon stays on his toes to keep things peaceful. The TV show is packed with action as tales from the Wild West unfold with each episode. Watch Dillon respond with unusual cunning and keenness in solving crimes and resorting to the gun only when he is left with no choice.  

And More!

Other popular INSP Channel Shows
A 12 episode miniseries set in the 1795 Wild West, based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning bestseller by James A. Michener.
Alias Smith and Jones
Watch Kid Curry and Hannibal Heyes in quest of a new life as reformed ex-outlaws.
Mountain Men
Join modern-day mountain men on a mission to live the legacy of their forefathers, making a living off the land, free of all modern chains.
Young Riders
Action, adventure and romance—the story of the young Pony Express riders has everything that makes the Old West so enchanting.
How the West Was Won
Watch Zeb Macahan reunite with his family and become their defender as the Civil War breaks out. The show brims with exciting adventure and invites you to join in!
The Big Valley
Join Victoria Barkley on her mission as she carries forward the legacy of her late husband—she is a woman who chooses to put aside her femininity and stand to defend the land from the crooked. Join Victoria on a ride full of action, adventure and drama.
Daniel Boone
Watch the Boones build a settlement that later comes to be known as Kentucky. The show draws you into the ups and downs of their lives, as the legendary David Boone tackles challenges with an inherent sense of integrity and fearlessness.
A lighthearted show which combines action and humor the Western style. Watch the three Texas Rangers impart justice, and enjoy their antics as they get involved in trouble along the way.


All in all

There you have it—the number for the INSP channel on Spectrum TV, and a good flavor of the INSP programming lineup, as well as everything you may have wanted to know about the channel. Tune in to the INSP channel on Spectrum, and have fun with the great variety of Western shows and movies available to you!

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