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Changing providers is a hassle no one wants to deal with unnecessarily. Finding the best cable plan in your area is no easy task and once you have decided which plan to get, your work is far from over. You must cancel your services with the previous provider and get the installation started for the new service. That is a lot of work. What is more, you still have ways to go before you can start enjoying the new cable TV service. Finding your favorite channel and watching your beloved show as soon as the TV is connected to Cable requires getting used to the new system and that we can all agree, takes time. Even when you have subscribed to the choice of over 18 million American homes: the Xfinity TV service.

Hallmark is a must for any home and it is understandable that you would want to start watching the channel right away. So, what can you do? Well, we are all for hacks and if you’re looking to jump right into your favorite shows, we know just what you need. Just keep reading and you will know exactly which channel number you should be tuning in to watch Hallmark.

Watch Hallmark Channel with the Xfinity TV Service

Xfinity offers some of the best deals when it comes to TV. The Comcast channel lineup includes all popular broadcast and cable networks and given the affordable rates and perks you get, it is a no-brainer to subscribe to an offer available at your address. But if you thought the channel lineup your Xfinity X1 TV gets you is the only good thing about the service, you are about to discover features and functions that have the potential to revolutionize your experience of Cable.

The Xfinity X1 service utilizes a user-friendly entertainment operating system that allows you easy access to all your entertainment options in one place. Whether it is live TV that you want to watch, a bit of sport you want to indulge in, or music you wish to listen to, Xfinity lets you personalize your viewing experience for the shows you enjoy and the teams you love. You can even set up reminders, which is a great advantage, in addition to the ability to record shows you will not be able to watch at the time of airing.

Whether you are following Abby and Trace on their separate paths in season 5 of Chesapeake Shores or Reba, the single mom of three, sailing across her days in suburban Houston?with Xfinity X1 you are likely to be on top of each twist and turn of the plot. Especially when the Stream app gets your TV on the go included in your Xfinity TV package!

Xfinity Plans That Offer Hallmark Channel

Before we move further, it is important we look into which Xfinity TV packages offer the Hallmark channels. All 3 popular channels make up the Hallmark network: Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, and Hallmark Drama. While Hallmark Channel is included in all plans above the Limited Basic/Choice, the other 2 are available with higher TV tiers. Here is a breakdown of Xfinity plans which include the Hallmark channels, however, availability can vary by region. So if you are unsure about the inclusion of Hallmark in your subscribed lineup, here take a look:  

Xfinity TV channel lineup in the Northeastern states EXTRA Digital PREFERRED Digital PREMIER
Hallmark Channel Y Y Y
Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Y Y Y
Hallmark Drama   Y Y


Xfinity TV channel lineup in the Central States EXTRA Digital PREFERRED
Hallmark Channel Y Y
Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Y Y
Hallmark Drama   Y


Xfinity TV channel lineup in the Western states POPULAR ULTIMATE
Hallmark Channel Y Y
Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Y Y
Hallmark Drama   Y


What Channel is Hallmark on Xfinity?

For new video customers who have just joined the Xfinity Family and are still getting adjusted to the new service, allow us to offer help in ensuring a smoother transition. Use the table below for Hallmark channel numbers in region-wise Xfinity markets. If you do not find your city listed, just click here, and get the number in no time.

City/State Hallmark Channel# Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel# Hallmark Drama Channel#
Region: WEST    
Houston, TX 24/624/1458/29800 103/680/1459/29900 104/1460/29950
San Ramon, CA 66/793/1458/29800 500/794/1459/29900 507/1460/29950
Denver, CO 70/770/1458/29800 507/857/1459/29900 187/1460/29950
Region: NORTHEAST      
Agawam, MA 53/208/906/1458/29800 199/790/1459/29900 211/1460/29950
Bristol, CT 38/137/1458/29800 123/1459/29900 195/1460/29950
Westminster, MD 57/830/1458/29800 157/894/1459/29900 166/1460/29950
Region: CENTRAL    
Abingdon, VA 20/1458/29800 256/1459//29900 254/1460/29950
Newberry, SC 29800 29900 29950
Tupelo, MS 137/1458/29800 256/1459/29900 254/1460/29950


Popular Entertainment with Hallmark Channel on Xfinity

Hallmark is known for showcasing programming targeted at families and includes a fine balance of TV movies, miniseries, lifestyle programs, and original or acquired TV series in its lineup. Watch romantic stories that make for a great cry-fest and/or leave you feeling good inside. Or tune into Hallmark specials and engaging family shows, and you will not realize how fast the time flies. Here is a sneak-peek into current Hallmark channel programming dominated by the “Christmas Fever” as expected!

Hallmark Channel Hallmark Mysteries & Movies Hallmark Drama
Chesapeake Shores Season 5 A Gingerbread Romance You, Me & the Christmas Trees
Reba A Joyous Christmas Boyfriends of Christmas Past
When Calls the Heart Christmas in My Heart The Santa Stakeout
Good Witch A Gift to Remember Christmas in Harmony
Cheers A Bride for Christmas 12 Gifts of Christmas
Golden Girls Small Town Christmas A Cheerful Christmas
Home & Family The Christmas Train A Christmas Carousel
Last Man Standing Nutcracker Christmas A Christmas Detour
I Love Lucy Monk A Christmas Together with You
The Middle Murder She Wrote A Christmas Treasure
When Hope Calls Diagnosis Murder A Christmas Tree Grows in Colorado
  Magnum P.I. A December Bride
  Cedar Cove A Holiday in Harlem
  Hart to Hart A Kiss Before Christmas
  Signed, Sealed, Delivered A Nashville Christmas Carol
  Psych A Royal Christmas
  Matlock A Shoe Addict Christmas
    A Timeless Christmas
    A Very Merry Mix-up


Concluding Words

There you go, armed with this knowledge you can bee-line straight to Hallmark and watch all your favorite Christmas movies. While the Xfinity X1 on-screen program guide is one of the best in the market, for the less tech-savvy among us a new interactive interface, no matter how user-friendly, can take some time to get familiarized with. We hope this hack helps you get started with your Hallmark favorites, and make the most of the features and functions the X1 experience brings you.

In case, you are not currently signed up for an Xfinity bundle deal, you always have the opportunity to enhance the value of your subscription by including Xfinity Internet. You can thus complement your X1 TV with xFi in-home WiFi, and allow Xfinity to deliver a complete connectivity and entertainment solution for your home. You can also get several international channels in your subscription. For Spanish content, you can easily speak to an expert at Xfinity servicio al cliente, and find all your answers!

With that said, happy viewing!


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Xfinity TV have the Hallmark channel?

Yes, the Hallmark Channel is included in the Comcast Channel Lineup. Xfinity TV plans above Limited/Basic include the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Mysteries & Movies. Hallmark Drama is part of plans in the higher tier(s).

How much is Hallmark on Xfinity TV?

To watch the Hallmark channel you must be subscribed to an Xfinity cable TV plan above Limited/Basic.  Sister channels Hallmark Mysteries & Movies and Hallmark Drama are also part of the Comcast Channel Lineup. The price of an Xfinity TV plan varies from one region to another. Order Online to determine offer availability and the exact price.

Is Hallmark Drama available on Xfinity TV?

Yes, Xfinity does offer Hallmark Drama in its lineup, but only in the higher tiered plan(s).

For more information, call Xfinity customer service at 844-207-8721.