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The 3rd largest cable provider in the U.S, the cable provider that encompasses 18 U.S. states with its services, the cable provider that has an availability footprint to over 21 million Americans—that is what Cox Communications is.

The provider sits with a massive footprint primarily dominating the cable broadband scene in Nevada, California, and Arizona. Now you know the stance of Cox as a U.S. internet and cable provider. However, most people have their minds shrouded by mixed opinions about cable providers.  Some suggest that cord-cutting is the new norm and cable TV will become obsolete, but Cox Communications with its cable TV services proves otherwise.

Cox Communications has fused the essence of conventional cable TV with modern-day streaming apps, live TV, and On Demand selections, which is why Cox continues to soar high by earning the title of the 3rd largest cable provider in the U.S. Cable TV with Cox is not merely limited to a basic TV, rather it is a complete on-screen experience.

You get a lot with Cox TV plans 250 channels, an optional DVR service, premium TV networks like HBO®, EPIX®, SHOWTIME®, channel packs for sports fanatics, and blockbuster movie fans, On Demand choices, and much more.

Now you know the gist of Cox Communications and its new-gen cable TV services, but amid the 250 channels offered by Cox, there is one channel that simply stands out— it is the FX Network. As of 2018, the channel was available to over 89.2 million U.S. households, which makes 96.7% of American households with cable. That is not a small figure so there must be something special about FX. You get sitcoms, docuseries, comedy shows, and anthology shows that are worth a watch.

What Channel is FX on Cox Las Vegas?

Going through the list of Cox cable packages, you will find that you have plenty of options to choose from. From basic TV plans to cable packages encompassing premium TV networks, Cox has everything in the store.

You get to choose from three TV tiers: Starter, Essentials, and Ultimate. Cox TV Starter plan confers 75 channels inclusive of local programming and free HD programming. Moving further, you get Cox TV Essentials that brings you 140 channels and the option to include premium TV channels and Cox channel packs as add-ons. The crème de la crème of Cox cable Las Vegas is unmistakably Cox TV Ultimate that gets you 250 channels, premium channels like Cinemax®, HBO®, SHOWTIME®, and EPIX®. You also get Cox channel packs like the Movies Pak and Sports & Info Pak at no additional cost.

FX channel is a part of both Cox TV Essentials and Cox TV Ultimate along with a few other channels by the FX Network. If you are looking for the exact channel number for FX, you can type in ‘FX Channel on Cox Las Vegas’ on Google, but we wanted to make things easier for you, and for so we have jotted down the following table.

Channel Channel Number Included in Cox TV Starter Included in Cox TV Essentials Included in Cox TV Ultimate Include in Movie Pak
FX 24 No Yes Yes No
FXX 95 No Yes Yes No
FXM 298 No No Yes Yes


You can check the Cox channel lineup to view the complete channel repository for Cox Las Vegas.

What to Watch on FX?

Most TV networks stay true to their original roots but FX chose to experiment with new flavors and successfully. The channel that primarily rebroadcasted classic movies and TV shows now have a programming lineup inclusive of American Horror Story, American Crime Story, and some former favorites like Better Things, Justified, and The Shield. Even though it is not an American premium TV network, FX stays up to par with premium TV-level content through its quality production, writing, and direction.

Watch Channel FX now on Spectrum Select Package

Here are some TV shows that can be your new favorites on the FX channel:

Current FX Programming

Comedy Corner

  • Better Things
  • Breeders
  • What We Do in the Shadows
  • Atlanta


  • The New York Times Presents
  • The Weekly

Drama Series

  • Mr. Inbetween
  • Snowfall
  • Pose
  • Mayans M.C.


  • American Horror Story
  • American Crime Story

Upcoming FX Programming

  • Shogun
  • Cat’s Cradle
  • Pride
  • Hip Hop Untold
  • A Wilderness of Error
  • Black Narcissus
  • Hue 1968

Under Development

  • The Wanted
  • Space
  • Why Visit America
  • Crimetown
  • Heist 88
  • Welcome to Night Vale

So many TV shows to binge-watch on the channel, no? Well, if you do not want to miss out FX channel’s weekly schedule, head to the FX website to stay updated.

Cox TV Packages in Las Vegas, NV

So have you noted which TV shows sparked your interest on the FX channel? Of course, other than American Horror Story since it is a must-watch on the channel. In case you are not currently a Cox TV subscriber and were looking to pick a TV plan, you can pick from the following two.

Plan No. of channels Key Features Price
Cox Contour TV Essential 140 ? Local Programming
Free HD Programming
50 Music Choice channels
Parental Controls, On-screen Guide & Voice Remote
On-Demand & Pay-Per-View
Stream via Contour TV app
Optional add-ons Premium networks, Channel Paks & DVR Service
for 12-months
Cox Contour TV Ultimate 250 ? Local Programming with free HD Programming
50 Music Choice channels
Parental Controls, On-screen Guide & Voice Remote
On-screen TV apps like Netflix & YouTube
Stream via Contour TV app
Add-on channel Paks & Premium networks included
50 Music Choice channels
Available when bundled


Cox TV Starter is economical, has free HD programming, a Contour TV app, and local channel favorites like NBC, CBS, FOX, and ABC. You get all of that for $56.00/mo. But the Local (Starter) plan does not have an FX channel in its directory of 75 channels. So if you are already subscribed to Cox TV Starter but want to switch to a higher tier TV plan by not breaking your bank, you can upgrade your TV plan to Cox Contour TV Essentials. Once subscribed to the plan, you are also eligible for Cox Channel Paks. The Movies Pak has FXM so there is another FX network channel added to the list.

What is left is the Cox Contour TV Ultimate, which is mainly the ideal selection for Cox TV subscribers. Cox Contour TV Ultimate offers 250+ local and cable channels with premiums. As Cox lets you customize your services, you can add any internet & phone service or both services to your plan to get more value for money. Once you land a subscription, you get the complete channel lineup of Cox TV Starter, Cox TV Essentials, all premium TV channels, and Cox Channel Paks.


You now have a new channel to add to your list of favorites! Knowing which Cox TV plan to choose and what to watch on FX, surely you will not be skeptical to subscribe to Cox Contour TV. Head here and make a selection straightaway!

For more details contact Cox Customer Service (Spanish customers can visit Cox servicio al cliente) at 855-349-9316, and speak to an expert for suggestions. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does Cox have FX?

Yes, Cox does have FX, but only in two of its TV packages - Cox TV Essentials and Cox TV Ultimate. FX is on channel 24 on both of these packages.

2. What genre of channels does FX have on Cox?

FX channel has a wide range of genres for you to watch, such as Comedy, documentaries, drama series, an anthology. Some shows are still under development for you to look forward to.

3. What TV packages are offered by Cox in Las Vegas, NV?

Currently, there are two TV packages offered to customers in Las Vegas, NV - Cox Contour TV Essential with 140 channels and Cox Contour TV Ultimate with 250 channels.

4. Which Cox TV package is the most budget-friendly?

Cox TV Starter package is best for people who are on a budget. It is one of Cox’s most economical packages that also offers HD programming and some of your favorite local channels, at just $56.00 a month. However, be sure to check out if this package is offered in your city.