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If you reside in California or Arizona, you must be familiar with Cox Communications. Ranked the 3rd largest cable provider in the U.S., Cox Communications provides cable internet and TV services across 18 states. The provider has a monumental footprint in Arizona, California, Virginia, and Nevada.

That is some tidbits of ISP jargon, which tell us about Cox corporate standing. But one of the key reasons that make Cox Communications so special for consumers is that the provider has not let its cable services go stale. By upgrading its network infrastructure, and bringing it up to par with the latest in networking tech, Cox has greatly improved the quality of its internet services. And on the same lines, the provider has endeavored to introduce the modern face of cable TV to nationwide audiences. That is why despite the rising popularity of streaming networks in the U.S., Cox cable TV is still relevant!

To say the least, Cox is not your typical cable TV provider. Rather the service gives you many new-gen options to fulfill your televisual cravings. You are never left solely limited to your TV set.

So what does Cox TV have on offer? A lot!

The Cox lineup maxes out with over 250 channels. The service comes with several add-ons that you can use to customize your TV plan. If you are tight on budget, you can subscribe to the Cox streaming service - Contour Flex - alongside Cox Internet. Cox also gives you a DVR service to record shows & movies and watch on your own timeline. There is a Cox Contour App, which lets you stream On Demand titles, watch Live TV as well as access programming from channels included in your Cox cable TV plan. Network and streaming apps are also available. Last but not least comes the intelligent on-screen TV guide. Together with the voice remote, the guide makes it a piece of cake to navigate through all your options from one platform.

All this makes Cox TV service a concoction of the traditional norms of cable TV and the modern standards of convenience.

Today, however, we would like to keep our agenda simple. You stumbled upon this article because one, you are a sports enthusiast, and two, you are itching to watch the NFL matches and replays. But either ESPN is lost among the countless Cox channels on your subscribed Cox lineup. Or you are a potential subscriber as of yet and are just exploring.

In any case, let us get to the gist of it!

What Channel is ESPN on Cox San Diego?

Talking about the real deal – ESPN Channel on Cox San Diego. Well, Cox TV plans are divided into three tiers – Local, Essential and Ultimate. The Local lineup is basic, and as the name suggests, it revolves around local programming. The Essential lineup is middle of the road and tends to include quite a variety of local and popular American networks. The Ultimate lineup is lavish and comes with everything included - even the premium networks and most channel Paks.

ESPN – the widely popular American sports network – is one of the main highlights of the Cox channel lineup. The flagship channel ESPN and a bunch of its sister channels are all part of the Cox Contour TV Essential and Ultimate lineups. Some of these are also included in the add-on mini packages, such as the Sports & Info Pak and Latino Pak.

The taxing part is searching for each channel, and trying to find what number it is. To help you make things convenient, we have listed these channel numbers in the table below.

Channel Channel Number Included in Cox TV Starter Included in Cox TV Essential Included in Cox TV Ultimate Included in Sports & Info Pak(Contour TV)
ESPN 3 No Yes Yes No
ESPN2 28 No Yes Yes No
ESPNU 322 No No Yes Yes
ESPNews 323 No No Yes Yes
ESPN Deportes 325 No No Yes Yes
SEC Network 316 No No Yes Yes
SEC Network 2 317 No No Yes Yes
ACC Network 336 No No Yes Yes

Cox TV subscribers can also find ESPN Deportes in the Latino Pak on channel number 419. The Latino Pak is an optional add-on offered by Cox San Diego for the Spanish speaking.

What to Watch on ESPN?

ESPN is a match made in heaven for sports fanatics. You are not limited to a single spectrum from the sports arena. Rather you get to watch and explore telecasts of NFL, NBA, Wimbledon, and so much more. There is something for every sports lover on the network.

So many leagues to follow, so little time. Selecting a favorite show might leave you confused however, no telecast, news show or original series will do you wrong. Here is a list of some popular ESPN shows:

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Current ESPN Programming

Game Telecasts

  • ESPN College Football Primetime
  • ESPN Megacast
  • NBA Wednesday
  • NBA Friday
  • Monday Night Football
  • Wimbledon
  • Professional Bowlers Association
  • Big Monday
  • WNBA Tuesday
  • Super Tuesday
  • Saturday Primetime

Sports News & Analysis       

  • NFL Primetime
  • NFL Live
  • NFL Rewind
  • NFL Matchup
  • College Football Final
  • Sunday NFL Countdown
  • Monday Night Countdown
  • NBA Countdown
  • Baseball Tonight

Talk & Debate           

  • Outside the Lines
  • Around the Horn
  • First Take
  • Get Up!
  • High Noon
  • Always Late with Katie Nolan

If you do not want to miss out on the latest sports updates, analysis and telecasts, stay updated with the ESPN network schedule for all the upcoming shows, replays, and Live content.

Cox TV Packages in San Diego, CA

You now know which channel number ESPN is on Cox San Diego. You also know which shows and sports telecasts to follow. But, if you are not yet a Cox subscriber, you must pick the ideal Cox TV plan. And if you are already subscribed to Cox, and want to upgrade to a higher TV plan, again you must make an informed choice.

With the information about ESPN channels on Cox San Diego that we shared earlier and key features of Cox TV packages mentioned below, we hope you will be able to make a wise choice.

Plan No. of Channels Main Features Price
Cox Contour TV Essential 140 Channels ? Local & Essential networks with free HD programming
50 Music Choice channels
Parental Controls, on-screen Guide & Voice Remote
On-Demand & Pay-per-view
Stream via Cox Contour TV app
Add-ons such as TV Paks & DVR service
for 12-months
Cox Contour TV Ultimate 250 Channels ? Local & Essential networks with free HD programming
50 Music Choice channels
Parental Controls, on-screen Guide & Voice Remote and on-screen Guide
Channel Paks included
Stream via Cox Contour TV app
Add-ons such as TV Paks & DVR service
Available when bundled


Already subscribed to Cox TV Starter? Satisfied with the variety of local and popular American networks you get for only $25/mo., but you cannot help missing the ESPN sports gala? Well, we would recommend you upgrade to Cox TV Essential. By moving up a step, you will also become eligible for subscribing to the Sports & Info Pak, in case you want the entire variety of ESPN channels to watch.

Another way of watching all the sought after ESPN channels are to subscribe to Cox Contour TV Ultimate. There are two really good things about doing that. One, it comes bundled with the internet and if you want, phone as well. That means, you get more than one service but you get them at discounted rates. Second, Cox TV Ultimate includes all TV add-ons so you get the entire variety from the ESPN network in your lineup.


ESPN is a nationwide favorite and it is a real steal if you are getting the flagship ESPN channel and all sister channels at an affordable price from Cox San Diego. If you are not subscribed already, do give it a thought. You will not regret choosing Cox as your entertainment partner!

For more details contact Cox Customer Service (Spanish customers can visit cox servicio al cliente) at 1-855-349-9316, and speak to an expert for suggestions. 



1. What channel number is ESPN on cox cable?

ESPN is available on channel 3 for Cox San Diego.

2. Is ESPN on Cox cable?

ESPN is a streaming platform rather than a channel, and it can be accessed on your TV through any browser or the app itself.

3. How can I watch ESPN Plus on my TV?

Download the app on any supported players to watch ESPN on your TV. This can be done on your laptop, smartphone, TV, etc.

4. How do I get the ESPN app on my smart TV?

You can normally get it through the TV Provider option, click Subscriptions, and then follow the required steps to get the channel on your TV.