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The Walt Disney Company, as old as quite a few generations, is perhaps best known for creating legendary animated characters. In the days gone by the likes of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy gained iconic life, while during the more contemporary times animated wonders brought to life by Pixar Animation Studios—such as Nemo, Buzz, Woody, and Edna—have continued to carry the legacy of the great Walt Elias Disney—the undisputed pioneer of the American animation industry.

There is no second thought to the statement that Disney has been a leader in the entertainment industry worldwide for a very long time—in fact, for as long as 97 years. However, despite holding such a legendary status, not many know exactly how expansive the concern is. The company still considers animation studios and TV productions for the young audience as its flagship brands. But, over the passage of time, the Walt Disney Company has endeavored to diversify its content in a bid to engage a more mature audience as well. For this reason, it acquired networks like ESPN, ABC, Marvel, A&E, Lucasfilm, Lifetime, FX, and the History Channel among others.

While there is a lot to know about the Disney Media Empire—worth an estimated $130 billion—we will try to confine today’s article to finding the Disney channel on Spectrum and giving you a flavor of what to watch next. 

But, a Little about the Disney Channel First…

The Disney Channel commonly known as Disney was founded in 1983 under the umbrella of the Walt Disney Company with the slogan “The Best Place to Be”, as an American pay-TV channel. The channel is available to over 94 million pay-TV households across America.

Disney was launched as a nationwide premium channel with a 16-hour programming schedule, and within the space of 2 years, it hit the popularity mark with 1.75 million subscribers. Original first-run TV series, theatrically-released, and original made-for-TV movies, as well as third-party content, were marketed towards families initially, but by the 2000s extended to a younger audience. Today, Disney Junior carries content for children 7 years of age and under, while the Disney Channel’s original programming aims to reach youngsters between 6 & 16 years of age.

Not only in America Disney wields a powerful influence on TV watchers, but all over the world—with Disney TV shows, films, and animated content becoming an inseparable part of millions of lives—so much so that it is perhaps impossible to imagine a time when there were no wizards casting spells in Waverly Place or no twins running around Mr. Moseby’s lobby.

Access to Disney’s televisual content is therefore as much of a necessity today, as ever before—the popularity gained by the network that includes sister channels like Disney Junior and Disney XD is immense. That is why for any TV service provider in the U.S., it is imperative to carry the Disney Channel.

What Channel Number is Disney on Spectrum?

Keeping up with schedule leaks of new shows and movies can be pretty tiresome. While we may think it is easy to just Google and find out which show or movie is due to air next on the Disney Channel, it is not as convenient as tuning into your cable TV and getting an update in one go. 

Well, guess what! With a subscription to Spectrum cable TV service, you can take care of your entertainment needs without having to face hassle.

Spectrum, one of the largest cable TV and internet service providers in the U.S., is a go-to source for affordable entertainment for over 15 million video subscribers. And, as you would expect, the Spectrum channel list carries the Disney Channel as well as sister channels Disney Junior and Disney XD. 

With a footprint that spans over 41 states, Spectrum stands its ground as a popular industry name. Carefully designed offerings from Spectrum, make it one of the top choices for people looking for an affordable yet quality cable TV service. Spectrum TV gives subscribers a choice of two channel lineups—Select Spectrum TV Signature, and Mi Plan Latino. For a more advanced and richer entertainment experience, you can also opt for the Spectrum TV Select Plus that is available in select areas.

Select Signature offers access to more than 150 channels, with HD programming included, and serves the purpose well if you are a modest TV watcher. While the Spectrum Select Plus offers 160+ channels, including some premium networks too. The value-rich Spectrum Mi Plan Latino comes with over 145 channels, brings you a wealth of premium Spanish and English content all included. However, the good news is, whichever plan it may be, each plan from Spectrum TV includes the Disney Channel. As for Disney Junior and Disney XD, you can watch these sisters Disney channels with Spectrum packages.

The Disney Channel number on Spectrum may vary from one location to another. To find its channel number in your area, use the Spectrum on-screen guide for a thorough overview of all the channels included in your subscription. 

To find out the channel number of Disney on Spectrum, you can also call 855-423-0918 or check Channel Lineup

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What not to Miss on Disney?

The Disney Channel has always been a hot favorite for young teens because of its entertainment mix—animated and live-action TV series. And has been equally appealing for more mature viewers—young adults—since the channel began to emphasize the creation of content that catches the attention of a more mature audience as well as. Here are a few shows if you wish to enjoy some refreshing family time:

Big Hero 6: The Series

The series shows the amazing adventures of Baymax and Hiro Hamada after the events showcased in the Big Hero 6 movie. Baymax is a robot, who unlike other robots can feel, has emotions, and is compassionate. This robot was created by Hamada’s older brother but is now accompanied by 14-year-old Hamada who is no less than a genius himself. 

Hotel Transylvania: The series

The widely popular animated show, Hotel Transylvania is based on a hotel in Transylvania, which is run by Count Dracula ad his teenage daughter Mavis—they run it for the Monsters. The series is one of the ingredients that make the super-popular animated movie franchise with the same name as the series. 

It shows the adventures of Mavis, who is the young daughter of Count Dracula. As a teenager, she was thirsty to see the world outside the hotel, which she cannot experience when her overprotective father is around. Count Dracula believes his daughter is only safe until she remains away from the outside world and continues to manage the hotel with him—a sanctuary for the Vampires and Monsters.

They show is popular among young as well as grown-ups for its excellent animation and bellyaching laughter moments.

Mickey Mouse

How can we stop talking about the Disney Channel without mentioning the longest-running cartoon character? Mickey Mouse has been long watched on Disney Channel in all its glory. In 2013 the animated TV series premiered on the Disney Channel—and the same year it brought 3 Emmy Awards to members of the production team—Paul Rudish, Jenny Gase-Baker, and Joseph Holt. 

While the animation of this legendary cartoon show has changed vastly, the all-time loved characters are still the same. The good news is the show airing on Disney channel also has different storylines so you can enjoy the epic Mickey Mouse show with all the love and curiosity.

On a Final Note

It will be hard to find a channel and cable TV service that entertains all ages. While you can try searching for the next big thing after Disney Channel, we suggest you give Spectrum cable TV plans a shot to fulfill all your televisual needs and more. We recommend you call Spectrum phone number for expert advice on how to go about a subscription.


  1. Which Spectrum TV plans have the Disney channel?

Disney Channel is available on all Spectrum packages, even the basic Select plan.

  1. How can I subscribe to Spectrum TV plans?

Our website will guide you by displaying all its different packages, and once you are comparing, you may click any one of the add-ons according to your preference. 

  1. How can I subscribe to

Using the bundle Spectrum webpage, you will be able to browse through all available options; if you require further assistance, you can always contact Spectrum sales support.

  1. What is the Spectrum customer support phone number?

Spectrum sales support has a 24/7 toll-free phone number, 1-855-423-0918. You can use it to resolve any queries you may have regarding its services.