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CMT Channel – A Brief Channel Overview

Owned by ViacomCBS’s division ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks, CMT (Country Music Television) is an American pay-TV channel that has been operational since 1983. CMT has earned itself the stature of being the very first local TV network that is exclusively dedicated to country music, concerts, biographies, and TV specials.

Fast forward to now, CMT’s original programming has undergone a few changes. The network now primarily airs reality TV shows and lifestyle programs centered on country music. CMT’s original programming has shaped popular reality TV titles like Racing Wives and Chainsaw Gang as well as music shows like CMT Crossroads and CMT Hot Twenty. The latest advancement CMT has achieved is Viacom acquiring Pluto TV, a free streaming service. In turn, Viacom launched CMT-based varied sister channels such as CMT Westerns, which is a movie channel dedicated to Western genre films.  CMT has grown quite remarkably over time. As of 2018, it was available to an approximate 92 million U.S. households and the figure is only expected to grow.

CMT Channel on Spectrum

If you have a taste for country music and you would like to follow the life and talent of budding country music stars, the CMT channel is the right pick. As it is an American pay-TV channel, varied cable providers and streaming services have included the network in their channel lineup. But if affordable quality televisual entertainment is what you seek, Charter Spectrum™ can be your ultimate cable TV provider pick.

What is so notable about Spectrum? You get to switch channel after channel from a massive channel lineup of 200 channels. The best part is that Spectrum TV does not only limit you to free cable TV channels; you get access to premium TV networks like HBO, SHOWTIME, and Cinemax as add-ons as well as part of high-tier Spectrum TV packages. You get sports-exclusive networks like ESPN, news channels, choices for family entertainment, and the very favorite of country music lovers, the CMT channel on Spectrum.

What Channel is CMT on Spectrum?

If you have been looking to add new country music to your playlist, follow country music stars and keep up with their music shenanigans, you do not have to tune in to any other channel. CMT has it all. Now if that entices you and you have a Spectrum TV subscription or are considering to, the next step is to find the CMT channel number on Spectrum. And we agree it can be a daunting task.

To find out the channel number of CMT, call 1-855-423-0918 or check Channel Lineup


What to Watch on CMT on Spectrum?

CMT’s programming offers a lot more to its viewers than country music videos. There is something for music lovers, reality TV show fans, lifestyle program followers, and more. The network’s programming is divided into several blocks. You get to binge on a programming block dedicated to music videos and the rest is secured by reality TV programs and syndicated programs like The Golden Girls, Reba, and The King of Queens.

Here is a flavor of the CMT channel’s current programming.

Original Programming Syndicated Programming
 CMT Music Awards (Music Show)  Mom (Sitcom)
 CMT Hot Twenty (Music Show)  The King of Queens (Sitcom)
 Racing Wives (Reality-TV)  American Housewife (Comedy, Sitcom)
 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team (Reality-TV)  Last Man Standing (Sitcom)
   The Golden Girls (Sitcom)
   Reba (Sitcom)


Entertainment galore with CMT

The network also has a few sister channels music lovers would love. CMT’s sister channels MTV and CMT Music are two great picks for all the music fanatics out there.

Have more questions to ask? You can contact Spectrum Sales Support at 1-855-425-0918 and know more about Spectrum and its services.


  1. Do I get the CMT channel in the Spectrum Select Package?

  2. CMT is a part of Spectrum Select’s channel lineup of 125 channels.

  3. What is the Spectrum customer Sales number?

  4. Contact Spectrum Sales Support at 1-855-423-0918. For Spanish customers, dial 1-844-487-2710, and a representative will get in touch with you.

  5. How can I view the complete Spectrum channel lineup?

  6. Head here to view the complete Spectrum channel lineup for all Spectrum TV plans.