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What’s up, Doc? Can’t find Cartoon Network on your Spectrum Cable TV? Well, that sure is a difficult situation to be in. Don’t want the children to miss their favorites cartoons now do we? They tend to get a little fussy. Well, since you’re here you can put your worries to rest. The little tykes will be able to binge on their favorite shows in no time with our help, leaving you to enjoy some downtime.

Cartoon Network is a household name. There’s no adult around who hasn’t watched the classic, evergreen Tom and Jerry or laughed at the shenanigans in Looney Tunes. Since it was first launched by Warner Bros. Entertainment in 1992, the channel has brought joy to all who watch it. Up until 2018 that meant more than 89 million pay-tv homes in the country. That’s quite a number! But, it makes sense why. Good entertainment is hard to find, especially for young, impressionable minds.

About Cartoon Network

The channel primarily airs animated shows and movies geared towards kids. Exploring genres of action, suspense and of course comedy, the content is targeted towards kids aged between 6 and 11. The overnight daypart block, however, Adult Swim, is designed for young adults and is treated as a separate entity.

The channel is a good source of education and entertainment for children. Learning new vocabulary and moral lessons through their favorite characters are sure to stick in their mind. What’s more, content creation endeavors to thoroughly research topics to ensure children benefit.

Which Plans Offer Cartoon Network on Spectrum?

When subscribing to a new cable TV plan, people often make a point to enquire if Cartoon Network is included in the lineup. A plan without the network, no matter how perfect, is an option many let go of.

Since the availability of cable channel can vary depending on your location, if you don't see it in your lineup, we advice you to check with Spectrum customer support. You can also see if your zip code pulls up the network with its channel number on this page. Here it is worth noting Spanish speaking customers can enjoy Cartoon Network with the Mi Plan Latino TV plan.

What Channel is Cartoon Network on Spectrum?

Getting a new cable TV connection installed is a pain in itself, but the hardship doesn’t end there. Soon after, you’re plagued with the task of figuring out what number your favorite channels are on. This can take a while. Browsing the channels is not the best way to go. You can check the on-screen channel guide or check through your Spectrum voice remote, both of which should give you the right channel number.

For more details Visit Spectrum

Popular Shows on Cartoon Network on Spectrum

Cartoon network keeps on producing new content for kids to watch and learn from. This way it manages to remain relatable and keeps sparking their creativity too. Plus, some shows aired on Cartoon Network are simply ageless, for example, Tom & Jerry and the likes. Here are some animated shows that have been popular among kids and adolescents in more recent times.

Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart

A relatively new show on the block that premiered in July 2019, features Sheriff Mao Mao. The daring cat takes on the evil that threatens the citizens of Pure Heart Valley. Accompanied by sidekick Badgerclops and friend Adorabat, Mao Mao takes children on an adventure!

Apple and Onion

Just as animals can talk in cartoons, so should fruits and vegetables enjoy freedom. In Apple and Onion, you get to see this unlikely pair new to the big city trying to fit into the new environment. As they go about making sense of the world around them, they teach kids and help them grow.


Ninjas have inspired many works of art and cartoons are not to be left behind. Sensei Wu finds and recruits 4 ninjas and trains them so that they may find the four weapons of Spinjitzu.

We Bare Bears

The loving embrace of a teddy bear is comforting to kids, so it’s not surprising for the network to invest in animated bears. In this cartoon show, we follow the adventures of three brother bears as they awkwardly try to find a sense of belonging in a civilized human society. They make friends with humans, find food, and seek new ways to become famous on the internet—and struggle all the while due to their animal nature. The show has recently ended with the release of We Bare Bears: The Movie, which served as the series finale. However, chances are that you will be able to tune into the show on-demand with Spectrum Cable TV service and cater to the TV pangs of your little ones.               

Rick and Morty

This show has been on the air for around 7 years and we can see why children love it. The bond between a grandfather and grandchildren is a special one. As parents fuss over their kids, keeping them safe it’s the older generation that spoils them rotten and takes them on adventures. In this series we see Ricky move in with his daughter Beth. Her husband Jerry though is concerned, given Rick is a rather crazy scientist who conducts experiments in the lab in the garage. Alarming in itself, what really worries Jerry is that Rick takes the kids Morty and Summer on adventures across the universe. Well, you won’t find your adolescents complaining about sure and this will definitely boost their creativity so we say, let them watch! This animated sitcom however runs on the network’s late-night programming block, Adult Swim.

Before we conclude, here are more flavors from the current and upcoming programming. You can count on these shows on Cartoon Network on Spectrum TV to keep the young ones well-occupied the right way.  

Original Programming

Acquired Programming/Co-Productions

Upcoming Programming
(Original, Acquired & Co-Productions)


 Ben 10 (Animated Super-Hero Comedy)


 Apple & Onion (Animated Comedy)

 Craig of the Creek (Animated Adventure Comedy)

 Victor and Valentino (Animated Adventure Comedy)

 Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart (Animated Action Adventure Comedy)

 Teen Titans Go! (Animated Action Comedy)

 DC Super Hero Girls (Animated Action Adventure Comedy)

 Scooby-Doo and Guess Who? (Animated Comedy)

 ThunderCats Roar (Animated Action-Adventure)

Ninjago (Animated Action-Adventure)

 Power Players (Animated Action Adventure Comedy)

 Total DramaRama (Animated Comedy)

 Bakugan: Battle Planet (Anime TV Series)

 We Baby Bears

 Elliot from Earth

 Unicorn: Warriors Eternal


 Tiny Toons Looniversity

 Unlimited Squirrels

 The Heroic Quest of the Valiant Prince Ivandoe

 Lucas the Spider


The EndNote

So, that’s it. You now know exactly where to find the much-loved Cartoon Network on Spectrum. As you’ll come to see, with Spectrum TV there is help available everywhere you look. Thanks to its huge community, there’s no question that hasn’t been asked and no answer you won’t find online. If you need to change your Spectrum TV subscription to ensure inclusion of your favorite channels in your lineup, feel free to call our Spectrum Sales Support at 1-855-423-0918. You can connect with their trained staff ready to guide you regarding whatever it is you want to know.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Spectrum TV offer Cartoon Network?

Yes, Spectrum offers the coveted Cartoon Network with the Mi Plan Latino TV plan.

Is on-demand Cartoon Network free on Spectrum?

Yes. Spectrum On Demand library is available to all Spectrum TV subscribers at no additional charge. However, you can only watch on-demand content from channels that you are subscribed to in your primary Spectrum Channel Lineup. So, yes you can binge on your favorite childhood cartoons, perfect for families!