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The world today is so heavily influenced by the internet that it is hard to imagine that there ever was a time without it. The Internet has revamped the way we see the world, business dealings, entertainment, and travel. Unless you lived a highly unconventional life under a rock, you have been exposed to the internet at some point. Internet – or better yet, Wi-Fi, truly is a wonderful thing that has turned the entire world around us into a dainty global village. All on your fingertips.

An ISP provides an internet connection to your residence, from where a router disperses it into Wi-Fi signals. So while Wi-Fi is closely related to the internet, they are not the same thing. Wi-Fi is a very important tech because most devices these days can only connect wirelessly to an internet connection. 

Xfinity Wi-Fi is one of the many internet services available in the United States. Xfinity internet or Comcast makes the list as one of the ten best ISPs in the country, according to the FCC fixed broadband report, especially when it comes to advertised and actual speeds. 

Xfinity Internet is a top-notch service that comes with an intricate xFi modem and router that make the experience more enjoyable. At a mere rental cost of $14 per month for the device, Xfinity internet plans allow you to tailor for your home networks, monitoring connections, 24/7 customer support, and plenty more. It also has a user-friendly xFi application that you can download on your phone. And there is a lot more where that comes from! 

Comcast Xfinity en Español also provides 24/7 assistance to Spanish customers!

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Merits of Xfinity Wi-Fi Modem and Routers  

The Xfinity devices, the xFi Gateway, and the xFi Advanced Gateway are quite a sensation. Easy to work with, and simple to rent from the Xfinity ISP for a small monthly charge, they get you months of stress-free work.

If you are a user of the xFi Gateway devices, you already know. The Xfinity Wi-Fi modem and router is not just a fancy-looking gadget, it has an elite software design that is hard to beat. Conveniently, it comes bringing a variety of benefits to its concerned users. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Easy installation and setup
  2. Automated updates 
  3. 24/7 unfailing tech support
  4. Simple to hook on to and works well with Xfinity Home devices
  5. Reliable connection
  6. Xfinity app that allows you to control the devices that connect to your network, in-built security, set parental guidance, and limit the screen time of your little ones

The Xfinity Mobile Application

The Xfinity mobile application can be found on both Google Play and App Store. Through the application, you can connect all your home devices, or disconnect them, hold speed tests, and troubleshoot issues. You can also set up family-friendly browsing for your children, parental controls, and gauge network coverage through your xFi pods if needed. 

The Xfinity Wi-Fi Pause

The Xfinity Wi-Fi internet comes with a neat little feature of Wi-Fi pause. With this feature, you can pause the Wi-Fi connection on some or all of the devices connected to your internet. This is quite a handy piece of well-used technology, especially for parents and caretakers who are trying to limit the screen time of their children.

The Xfinity Wi-Fi pause allows you to manage the downtime of your children without having to get into an argument with anyone. It is a perfect little tool for parents. But of course, this also works for devices other than your children’s. The best part about this pause is that on the other end, the receiver only gets webpages and applications that don’t fully load, so they just think that the internet is not working. So, you can trick your children into sleeping early at night.

The xFi Gateway modems-cum-routers also allow you to disconnect devices that you do not recognize on your network, which effectively keeps away freeloaders from hooking on to your home connection, slowing down the speed and exhausting data caps. 

Bear in mind however that this pause is only for your home network so any device you are pausing can still connect to other Wi-Fi hotspots or connections. So, there are ways to circumvent it if you are not being too careful.

Xfinity App and Device Status

The Xfinity application will also be let you view the status of all the devices connected to your home internet. This will help you identify device statuses and make any changes necessary.

  • A green dot: The device is actively using the internet
  • A pause symbol: This icon next to a device name means the network connection is currently halted for the device
  • A crescent symbol, clock, open book, fork, and knife: Any of these icons next to a device name means that the internet has been scheduled to pause for the device
  • A greyed-out texture symbol: This icon means that the device is not currently connected to the internet. It may also be because it is outside the network coverage of the network

The Other End of the Xfinity Wi-Fi Pause

Unfortunately, if you are on the receiving end of the Xfinity Wi-Fi pause, it can sure be unsettling. Luckily, for you, we have compiled some tips to bypass the Xfinity Wi-Fi pause if you ever find yourself in that bind. 

  1. Try Disconnecting and Reconnecting to the Internet  

While there is no official information about this on the official Xfinity page, many people on the Xfinity forums have highlighted this hack. If your device is on a Xfinity Wi-Fi pause, disconnecting from the network and reconnecting would lift the pause. It appears that plenty of people have discovered this little trick firsthand, and it is the normal parameters of the application, so it is a sure bet it works.

Whether or not Xfinity has worked around this loophole is still unknown but, it seems to be worth a shot.

  1. Changing Your MAC Address

A MAC address is a unique address that your device uses to log into a network system, whether it is your home network or any other connection. When the Xfinity Wi-Fi pause is functional, it can identify your MAC address and disrupt your connection.

In such scenarios, changing your MAC address will work quite effectively for you. Although the process is a little tricky to do manually, you can download an application that changes your MAC address for you. There are a few free versions available and work quite well.

Once your MAC address is changed, your network will no longer identify it as you, but as a new device. Hence, it will have no qualms about letting you connect to the network, with a steady, unhindered connection.

Unfortunately, this tip only works for Android users. Apple iPhone and MacBook users cannot bypass the Xfinity Wi-Fi pause by changing their MAC address because their system consists of a lot of randomization, which is hard to get by.

  1. Unpause a Profile from the Xfinity Application or Online

While this may seem like a painfully obvious solution, it may work if you have the login to the Xfinity application. You can simply log on to the application, search for your profile or device and unpause it to continue browsing again.

If you do not have the application, you can also do this step online. You simply log in to the Xfinity xFi Gateway admin tool, which is at http://10.0.01, and manually unpause your connection from there.

Final Word

Since everything is managed over the internet these days, it is difficult to manage even a day without it. While Xfinity internet plans offer you a great deal for your money, if your device is paused on the network, it cannot just work.

However, with our little guide here, we hope you will be able to bypass this feature if you are accidentally ever paused on this network. Once you try these three tricks, you are bound to get back full control of your Xfinity network connectivity.


  1. Why use the Xfinity Wi-Fi pause option?

People use the Wi-Fi pause option on Xfinity for several things. You can use it to limit the screen time of your children so that they are getting enough sleep and studying more.

Another reason people may pause devices is to reduce the load on the network and improve the speed. If you are struggling with internet speed, it may be time to get an upgrade on your plan With Xfinity, you can always get more than what you pay for.

  1. Where can I find my Xfinity Wi-Fi password?

To see your Wi-Fi passcode, log on to and enter your account. On the main page, you will find your Wi-Fi connection. Select the right arrow to see the network. There is an option to show passwords right there.

  1. Who is using my Xfinity account?

In the Devices section in your xFi app, you can see the devices connected to the Wi-Fi network at any point in time. If there are any devices that you don’t recognize, you can simply remove them right from this menu.

  1. Can I reset the Xfinity modem?

Yes, you can reset your Xfinity Wi-Fi modem quite easily.

i) Enter into a browser address bar

ii) When the admin tool opens up, login

iii) Navigate to the Troubleshooting option

iv) Select Reset/Restore Gateway

V) Finally, click Reset to start the reset process.