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The internet has become an indispensable need in the world of today. Whether it is a home or a small local business, the internet is a vital component of any place. At home, the internet contributes to almost everything – from work to entertainment, to shopping, and has even paved the way for smart home automation. Services like Xfinity internet not only get you the best internet experience possible but also plenty of perks at a price point that few in the industry can match.

Using a Wi-Fi extender is ideal when you have a larger house with multiple stories to ensure you not only get the desired wall-to-wall coverage at your residence but also enjoy seamless connectivity and the best speeds. In this blog, we talk about the importance of using Xfinity Wi-Fi extenders and how you can boost the performance of your network through them.

What is An Xfinity Wi-Fi Extender or xFi Pod?

A Wi-Fi extender is an easy enough concept – it catches on to the signal of your Wi-Fi router and boosts it to expand on the area or reach of the wireless signal. It is usually placed at a location that is somewhere in between the base router and the farthest possible area you want coverage in. Depending on the size and area of your home, you may need more than one extender to allow full network coverage at your residence.

While there are multiple Wi-Fi extenders or repeaters available on the market, the best Wi-Fi extender for Xfinity is the Xfinity xFi Pod. While ‘Wi-Fi extender’ is the broad term that carries the idea of the xFi pod, the latter is a slightly different system altogether. Along with the xFi Gateway device, the pods create a mesh network that is more reliable, adaptive, and can be managed much better.

How Does an xFi Pod Work?

An xFi Pod works pretty much similar to what you would expect from any Wi-Fi extender. As mentioned before, it takes on the Wi-Fi signals and repeats them over and over to cover a greater area of your home. It works courtesy of the tri-band Wi-Fi system, which allows one band to take care of the maintenance of the Wi-Fi system whereas the other two can work on extending the signal out.

However, it is important to understand the limitations of your Xfinity xFi pods. Since they do still operate wirelessly, the pods are affected by physical obstructions such as glass windows, walls, and other such structures. And, they are also affected by the distance from the Gateway, which is why it is recommended to have them not too far apart from one another. This means that for larger homes with multiple stories, just one xFi pod may not cut it. You may need more than one xFi pod for complete wall-to-wall coverage for such a house.

Benefits of Using the Xfinity xFi Pod

While there are multiple extenders that you can use with your Xfinity network, to extend the coverage throughout your home, the xFi Pod is the one that goes with it best. It is the best companion to your Xfinity internet plan, and there are several benefits using an xFi pod over other compatible Wi-Fi extenders.

  • Creates a seamless mesh network throughout your home. Eliminates dead spots and ensures a more consistent connection with wall-to-wall coverage
  • Easy and convenient self-installation. Simply plug into a power socket and you are good to go. No lengthy setup operations or other things to worry about
  • A compact and attractive design means that the xFi pods can be used in any place and would go perfectly well with the aesthetic of any room
  • Self-optimized mesh network guarantees the fastest Xfinity internet speeds reaching all corners of your home boosting network performance
  • Tri-band support allows for more consistent and faster speeds due to three Wi-Fi channels available in comparison to dual-band Wi-Fi devices
  • Complete control of your Xfinity Gateway device and all xFi pods with the Xfinity App. Control, manage and regulate your home network as required from the comfort of your mobile screen
  • All xFi pods come in-built with the same Advanced security protocols as the xFi Gateway so you can rest assured that all your online activity is private and secure

You can get the xFi pods when you get the Xfinity internet plan and the gateway device, but it is also available for a separate purchase. So, if you moved into a larger house or are the sharing internet with other people you can easily get the Xfinity xFi pods at any time. One xFi pod is priced at $119, but if you get two, you can enjoy a reduced price with both for $199 as a one-time charge.

Bear in mind, however, that the xFi pod is particularly crafted for the Xfinity system so it will not work with any equipment other than the Xfinity xFi Gateway.


When it comes to internet services, Xfinity is one of the best on the market. Xfinity packages come with competitive pricing plans, generous data allowance, FREE access to millions of out-of-home Wi-Fi hotspots, and unlimited streaming. Xfinity is perfect for homes and fits all family sizes, with its wide array of internet speeds.

For larger homes, Xfinity offers the convenience of the xFi Pods – connected to and powered by the Xfinity xFi Gateway. Say hello to convenience with the easy and simple design, create a seamless mesh network in your home, and secure, manage, and control your home network all from the comfort of your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to connect an xFi Pod to Xfinity Wi-Fi?

If you have the xFi Gateway device, connecting an xFi pod is pretty simple. All you have to do is plug the pod into a power socket and install it into your Xfinity App. Once done, the xFi pod will automatically connect to your xFi Gateway device.

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Is Xfinity Internet available in my area?

Xfinity internet service is available in 41 states across the U.S. To check for Xfinity coverage and the best plans in your area, please call our representatives at 844-207-8721.