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If you are looking for powerful fiber internet, unlimited data, and no annual contracts in the West and Northwest U.S, you should give Ziply fiber internet a chance.

Ziply delivers lightning-fast internet and seamless phone service across 4 U.S. states—Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. Enjoy online gaming, HD streaming, and video conferencing—without making your wallet itch. The provider also offers 3 well-designed plans to let customers choose the speed that best suits their needs and budget.

In this article, we’re going to spill all the details about the 12th largest fiber-optic provider in America. Keep reading if you’re planning to make the switch anytime soon!

Ziply Fiber Internet Plans and Pricing

Whether you have a small family, a mid-sized family, or a large ultra-connected home, Ziply fiber offers you 3 standard speed tiers all over its various service locations. You'll find a speed-based plan that is ideal for your digital needs. The good news is that Ziply offers you a lower starting speed than other fiber internet providers, so you won't have to pay for speed that you don't use.

Take a look at the value-added Ziply fiber internet plans you can find at your address.

Ziply Fiber Internet Plans Max Upload/Download Speed Price Data Cap
Fiber 50/50 50/50 Mbps $20/mo.
for 12 months w/autopay and paperless billing discount. Price does not include taxes and fees
Fiber 200/200 200/200 Mbps $40/mo.
for 12 months w/autopay and paperless billing discount. Price does not include taxes and fees
Fiber GIG 1000/1000 Mbps $60/mo.
for 12 months w/autopay and paperless billing discount. Price does not include taxes and fees


Multi-Gig Ziply Fiber Internet Plans

Enjoy the fastest internet available for your Northwest home with Multi-gig Ziply Fiber internet—in addition to having equally fast download and upload speeds. If you create content online, play multiplayer online games, or work from home, Multi-gig speeds would work flawlessly for you. Eliminate buffering and escape latency & connection drops with Multi-gig Ziply fiber internet plans!

Multi-Gig Fiber Plan Max Upload/Download Speed Introductory Price What You Can Do
2 GIG Fiber 2000/2000 Mbps $120/mo.
w/autopay and paperless billing discount. Price does not include taxes and fees
Remote employees benefit from smooth video calls
5 GIG Fiber 5000/5000 Mbps $300/mo.
w/autopay and paperless billing discount. Price does not include taxes and fees
Gamers enjoy low latency and fast speeds
      Hi-tech households seamlessly connect as many gadgets as they want without any lags.
      Content creators can transfer large files transfer quickly and easily


Ziply Fiber Coverage and Availability

Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington make up the four states where Ziply's network and services can be found.  If you're having trouble determining whether you can find Ziply Fiber internet at your address, call 1-844-622-7230 at any time of the day, seven days a week.

Here is a list of cities and towns where Ziply offers the best coverage:

Top Areas Served Availability
Lynnwood 99.9%
Beaverton 97.7%
Bothell 96.9%
Gresham 96.2%
Hillsboro 93.2%
Everett 83.7%
Portland 16.7%


Why Ziply Fiber?

Ziply Fiber has a lot of fans vouching for its high-quality internet and exceptional customer service in the Northwest. If you belong to any town or city in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, or Montana, here’s why you should consider Ziply as your next go-to internet service

The Ziply Fiber Network is Unique

The only provider that works hard on creating and expanding a network that is precisely tailored to your needs is Ziply. Ziply's Fiber network is built and managed with additional capacity so you never experience service disruptions even during peak hours!

Lightning-Fast Symmetrical Speeds and Uncapped Data

Unlike cable, fiber upload and download speeds are symmetrical, so you never experience the frustration of dealing with buffering and lag while conducting video calls or playing games online.

Ziply does not use cable TV technology to bring high-quality internet speeds to users. For this reason, the provider does not need to limit your data usage, throttle the speed, or pay extra for excess data usage. Enjoy fast downloads, seamless streaming, smooth online classes, and lag-free video calls.

Contract-Free Internet Plans

 Ziply is confident that you wouldn’t want to leave, which is why it doesn’t hold you captive with any annual contract. Plus, in case you’re liable to pay an early termination fee from your current provider—and that’s the only thing stopping you from switching to better services from Ziply—don’t worry about it. Ziply helps you with up to $200 in contract buy-out. There’s no possible reason why you shouldn’t try out the best services to improve your online experience.

30-Day Refund 

Ziply is dedicated to bringing you the most reliable internet connection in your area. The provider has worked hard to make sure it delivers the highest level of client satisfaction. And Ziply believes in the value of its services, which is why it offers its customers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Ziply Fiber Apps

With its many mobile apps, Ziply offers you the resources you need to stay up to date. The provider gives you complete control, so that your experience is as flexible and convenient as possible.

Keep track of all account and service-related details with the myZiply app, which also allows you to reboot your internet equipment. With Ziply Device Safety & Password Manager, you can secure all usernames, passwords, and credit card information while also keeping your devices safe from internet dangers.

Make and receive calls, send and receive files, and chat using a pc, tablet, or smartphone with Ziply Communicator.

Ziply Fiber Extra Fees

The good thing about Ziply in terms of money is that its service fees don’t add up to as much as other ISPs’ fees. No one appreciates long bills anyways, so that’s great. However, there are a few one-time and monthly fees that Ziply Fiber can charge you:

  • Installation fees: Ziply Fiber currently provides free professional or Self-installation for both fiber and DSL services
  • Equipment fees: $10/month for equipment lease and whole-home Wi-Fi package. However, this is a limited-time offer. The regular price is $20/mo.
  • Late-payment fee: $9 is charged for each late payment.
  • Early termination fee: Considering that Ziply Fiber plans are contract-free, there is no early termination fee.

Ziply Fiber Customer Service

Ziply values its customers and goes out of its way to make you feel understood. The provider serves communities all over the West and Northwest with quick, reliable fiber internet and top-notch customer service. Ziply also makes sure to create a safe space through a variety of channels for all its customers to get in touch with experts regarding its products and services. You can contact Ziply Fiber customer service however you like—

Ziply Phone Number

Call 1-844-622-7230 to speak with a Ziply customer service agent about checking the availability of services and offers, placing your order, tracking the status of an order, scheduling an installation, or making general inquiries.

Ziply Live Chat

You can always use chat if you're pressed for time or just don't feel like making a call. Subscribers have the option of live online chat with Ziply. Visit the Ziply contact page and search for the "chat bubble" in the bottom right corner to start a conversation.

Ziply on Facebook

If you want to talk to someone regarding customer care issues or pretty much anything Ziply that needs solving, check out Ziply on Facebook.

Ziply on Twitter

Do you wish to learn about the latest service-related information as well as other current provider news? Stay up to speed with Ziply's latest headlines and services by following Ziply on Twitter.

Ziply Email

Do you want to inform Ziply executives about any problems you're facing? Contact to speak with a professional.


To Wrap It All Up

Well, there you have it!

Because of its affordable internet rates, high-quality service, and reliable customer support, Ziply Fiber is a provider that is worth considering if you're looking for a smooth and satisfactory online experience in the Northwest. Plus who doesn’t appreciate unlimited data and unlimited freedom from a service provider? It’s a reliable provider that gives you more choices!

Call 1-844-622-7230 to find out if Ziply internet plans are available at your address.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest Ziply Fiber plan?

The cheapest Ziply Fiber plan starts from $20/mo. for the first 12 months and delivers up to 50 Mbps of symmetrical upload and download speeds!

Is Ziply Fiber available in my area?

Ziply Fiber is available in towns and cities across 4 major states – Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Montana. You can call 1-844-622-7230 to find out if Ziply Fiber services are available at your address.

Can I get unlimited data with Ziply fiber internet?

Ziply Fiber internet plans are contract-free and come with no data caps, which gives users an unlimited amount of data to enjoy without paying an extra penny!

Is Ziply Fiber internet cheap?

Ziply Fiber’s prices are hard to overlook. Ziply Fiber packages are quite affordable for the speeds and quality they offer, plus they come with no annual contract and unlimited data which makes the deal even sweeter!