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Ziply Customer Service: Refreshingly great!

At Ziply we value our customers and make sure they feel heard. We bring fast, reliable fiber internet and excellent customer service to communities across the West and Northwest. Through multiple channels, we strive to provide a safe space for all our customers to connect with us around our products and services. Connect with Ziply Fiber Customer Service any way you want!

Ziply Phone Number

Sales support

For sales support―to check availability of Ziply services & offers, place an order, track order status or installation appointment, and general inquiries, reach out to a Ziply Customer Service representative at 844-622-7230.

Ziply Phone Number

After-sales support

For after-sales support―related to billing concerns or bill payment, account status or management, and other service related inquiries or issues, reach out to a Ziply Customer Service representative at 1-866-699-4759.

Ziply Live Chat

If you are short on time or just don’t feel like making a call, you can always take the chat route!

Ziply offers subscribers a live online chat option. All you need to do is visit the Ziply contact page, and look for the “chat bubble” in the bottom right-hand corner. Here you can also share service related concerns and get technical support.

Ziply Facebook Account

If you wish to communicate about service related matters, or just about anything Ziply that needs a solution, you can seek help from Ziply on Facebook ― get the latest updates on services, watch videos, and share your concerns to have them addressed by Ziply professionals.

Ziply Twitter Account

Do you want to know current service related information and other real-time news about the provider? Follow Ziply on Twitter and stay updated with the latest news and offerings at Ziply.

Ziply YouTube

Do you prefer watching educational videos and would like to learn more about Ziply Fiber Internet? Subscribe to Ziply on YouTube and learn how to make the most of Ziply services.

Ziply LinkedIn

If you are looking for a go-to platform for Ziply career opportunities and corporate activities, follow Ziply on LinkedIn and stay connected with the latest happenings at Ziply.

Ziply Email

Do you want to report any issues you are experiencing to Ziply executives? Send an email to to get support from professionals.

Ziply Fiber Construction Feedback

Do you want to report your concerns or feedback about fiber construction on your property? Feel free to send an email at to receive special assistance.

No Contracts. No Credit Checks. No Deposits. Get Ziply Fiber!

Ziply Fiber Customer Support: We are here to help!

Ziply Fiber Customer Service is open and welcoming to all. Our goal is to allow for healthy and constructive conversations and support a ‘Q&A environment’ around Ziply Fiber, its products, and services. If you are a Ziply customer, you are in luck. Because, Ziply takes its customers seriously. So, when you have any issues or concerns related to your internet service, the Ziply fiber customer support staff will be ready to help you out!

Need help with account management?

Reach out to Ziply Fiber Customer Service anyway you prefer and let professionals walk you through any account issue you may be facing―better still visit the Ziply Fiber Help Center and do it on your own!

  • Learn to create your Ziply ID
  • Find out how to make changes to your account information
  • Resolve account-related issues
  • Learn how to create and change your passwords
  • Find out about how to track trouble tickets online

Confused about how to pay your Ziply Bill?

Ziply makes bill-payment process incredibly easy and hassle-free!

  • Pay Online ― use your Ziply Fiber log-in and pay your bill online ― you can access your Ziply account via the web or myZiply app―download the free app from Google Play or Apple store!
  • Pay via automated phone system ― call at 1-866-947-5955 and follow the prompts to complete your payment.
  • Pay your bill in-person ― visit the Ziply retail store near you and walk in to make your payment.
  • Pay your bill via snail mail ― you can go old school and send your payment with the payment stub to Ziply Fiber at P.O. Box 740416, Cincinnati, OH 45274-0416.
  • Set up Autopay with Ziply ― pay your bill automatically and securely every month without fail―you can set up autopay via your online Ziply account― and enjoy the monthly discount!

Wondering how to troubleshoot your Ziply services?

If you are looking for assistance with troubleshooting a problem, you can seek help from Ziply Fiber Customer Support via any channel of your choosing―the Ziply Fiber Help Center is also a great place to learn about fixing minor issues on your own.

  • Find instant help to resolve issues with your Ziply service(s) via the Support Wizard―its an intelligent automated troubleshooting tool from Ziply!
  • Get troubleshooting advice and installation & service guides for Ziply products and services― maximize your home network's performance

Looking for Information about Ziply Internet?

If you are looking to subscribe to Ziply Internet service or have questions about a deal you saw online, Ziply offers 24/7 customer support!

  • Check for Ziply offers available in your area
  • Get pro advice about which Ziply plans and packages may be the best fit for your home
  • Track order status or get info about your installation appointment
  • Check for new bundle offers or options to upgrade

Contact Ziply Customer Service at 844-622-7230 for all your answers!

Looking to explore Ziply services?

Ziply Fiber customer service staff is available around the clock to offer phone support and help you resolve any problems. Get answers to questions on billing issues, account management, products and services, internet set-up, and more.

Even if you are not a Ziply customer yet, you can always call the Ziply Fiber customer number for information about what interests you. Subscribing to Ziply can be the beginning of an extraordinary experience. Become a customer today!

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“Is Ziply Fiber available in my area?”

Ziply has its network infrastructure spread across 4 states—Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. If you are struggling to find whether or not your address is serviceable by Ziply, call 844-622-7230 at anytime, any day of the week.

Top Ziply Fiber Cities

City/State Network Coverage
Bothell, WA 97%
Beaverton, OR 97.7%
Edmonds, WA 100%
Everett, WA 83.7%
Gresham, OR 96.2%
Hillsboro, OR 93.2%
Kirkland, WA 96.5%
Lynnwood, WA 100%
Marysville, WA 74.6%
Redmond, WA 70.6%

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A Ziply customer service representative is always available at 844-622-7230 to take orders, provide information, and guide you regarding services. You can chat with them at any time.

If you prefer to email your concern you can send Ziply an email at

Ziply Customer Service is available 24/7. You can call at 844-622-7230 any time.

You can call at 844-622-7230 and a customer representative will determine Ziply offer availability in your area as well as guide you to the best possible package for your home.

Ziply Fiber allows subscribers to pay the bill in more than one way. You can pay online using your Ziply account via the web or the myZiply app. And you can also use the automated phone system, pay via mail or in person at a retail store.

Yes. Dial the Ziply Fiber customer number i.e. 1-866-947-5955 to make the bill payment. The automated system will prompt you to pay your bill in just a few steps. A $3.50 convenience fee may be applicable.

Yes and no. Ziply is a new company that inherited Frontier Communication’s network in its northwestern service regions. Ziply is using the same network as Frontier, but has invested heavily in making improvements. From the customer’s viewpoint the only difference is that of branding and billing―as most customers won't notice much technical difference in their connection.

You can browse Ziply packages and call Ziply Fiber Customer Service at 844-622-7230. They will ask you a few questions and suggest the package most suitable for your online activities and household size.

Ziply Fiber is worth considering for its economical internet plans, service quality, and reliable customer service. To determine if Ziply offers are available at your address call at 844-622-7230.