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When there are multiple devices to connect, Ethernet connectivity does not suffice anymore. Whenever installing your new internet connection, you make sure to set up your Wi-Fi so wireless device connectivity is possible.

It sounds very simple. You subscribe to a new internet plan, pay for professional installation, and get the internet activated. But your Wi-Fi should give you full command over who is online, to view the connected devices, and when to disable them. All of these next-gen features are available with Xfinity Wi-Fi xFi.

Xfinity xFi – Two in One

Imagine the procedure to install a new internet connection. You open the self-install kit in front of you and find a few coaxial cables, a power cord, a modem, a router, and some other essentials. With

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, you do not need to separately connect a modem and router. The xFi Gateway comes integrated with the functionalities of both devices.

You do not even have to doubt the wireless coverage and signal strength. You probably will not need a wireless range extender. The wireless connection would be strong enough to reach all the dead spots in your home. How so? It is because the xFi Gateway comes integrated with Wi-Fi 6 support and can confer high internet speeds to multiple devices at once.

Is it free? It is not and that is the only minor con to the xFi Gateway. There is a monthly fee for the Gateway priced at $14/mo. If you do not deem it fit to pay the amount monthly, you can opt-out of the xFi service and use Xfinity-compatible modems and routers instead. It is all up to you, however, you want to connect your Xfinity Internet.

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But before you make any decision, we would like to highlight all the pros and perks an xFi Gateway has. Keep reading!

The Pros of Xfinity xFi

If you go for any random router & modem, you will miss out on the wide-ranging perks of Xfinity’s xFi Gateway. One of the most common features is family controls. You get to manage all the connected devices, control who is online, and turn off connectivity for any chosen device whenever you want to. This is a great feature for all the households that want to limit internet connectivity for their kids. Device personalization is another great feature and it is a rare one. Not every internet service provider has this feature integrated into their in-home Wi-Fi device.

xFi Personalization

It is a given that you can customize your Wi-Fi network name and the password or security key. But did you know that it is also possible to create user profiles and assign names to all connected devices? Well, with xFi you can. It does not have to be in a numeric form anymore. You can name all the connected device users just like you set up your Netflix family account! Smart and easy.

Profile Management

The same profiles that you created on xFi can be monitored and managed by you, the Gateway owner. This includes limiting Wi-Fi access, knowing the activity time, setting up curfews, and checking up on whoever is online.

Parental Controls

Xfinity xFi lets you set up varied parental controls. You can create bedtime schedules so children can access the right content at the right designated time. The same feature can also be used to limit connectivity while the kids study or when they have dinner. You can even view the overall activity of users for the day.  


There is no denying that one can not always stay safe from online threats and hacking attempts. It is just not possible. When you connect to a public Wi-Fi hotspot, what you only care about is your online privacy as public Wi-Fi is mostly built on an insecure network. Despite having a private wireless network the chances of a hacker infiltrating your smartphone or PC are still there. You can upgrade to xFi Advanced Security for $5.99/mo. and never worry about malicious threats ever again.

Xfinity Internet – Self-Installation

When choosing to install your Xfinity internet, you have two options. You can either pay extra for a professional installation or you can install it yourself as the installation kit comes free with every Xfinity internet plan, be it standalone or an Xfinity Bundle.

The kit comes with a comprehensive instruction manual that has every step carefully outlined. You go step by step to align each connection piece by piece and voila! You are done with the installation. Once done, you head to the activation phase and have your new connection activated to use!

Well, we admit that summarizing the activation process in a few lines can be confusing and we do not intend to leave it just there. BuyTVInternetPhone has already accumulated a thorough guide on how you can self-install your Xfinity Internet without leaving out any crucial step out.

If you are headed towards the installation & activation phase, you can take a look at the guide here and give self-installation a quick try.

To conclude

So now you must be fully aware of how Xfinity’s xFi Gateway is a lot more than your conventional router & modem. It gives you full control over the connected devices, limits usage time when needed, and also keeps your wireless security levels up to the mark. So tell us, why would you not want to invest in an xFi gateway? It has all the pros and perks a standard router & modem would fail to confer to you!

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How much does Xfinity xFi cost?

xFi is usually priced at $30/mo, but they occasionally have deals that offer prices up to 70% off. xFi Complete is usually $25/mo.

What is Xfinity xFi?

Xfinity’s in-home Wi-Fi provides a secure connection for its users to freely surf the internet with complete security from online threats.

Is xFi better than WIFI?

xFi comes with some perks that normal Wi-Fi may not be able to provide, for example, top-notch Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home with an xFi pod included if recommended.

Which Xfinity equipment is eligible for xFi?

Commodity devices like RTL8812au, CC2650, and SX1280 are fully compatible with xFi. You can also look for Xfinity’s partners online to learn more about what routers and modems you can use xFi with.