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Xfinity is a leading U.S. internet service provider with an extensive countrywide service network. The internet services of Xfinity are outstanding because of its coaxial cable-based internet connection. Moreover, its services have coverage over 97% of residents of Washington and 85% of residents of Massachusetts. Yet, Xfinity is the biggest residential cable service provider in the USA offering the largest coverage in Illinois, Florida, and California. Xfinity’s reputation rests on its broadly expanded and massive customer market in the US with seamless connectivity utilizing its hybrid fiber-coaxial infrastructure.

It is a provider that delivers whatever plan or package you have dreamed of. Because all the Xfinity bundles are perfectly designed considering customers' needs and varying affordable price tags. 

Apart from achieving excellence in internet services, Xfinity has shown impressive performance in its cable TV services as well. Xfinity TV packages offer you to access premium HD channels and various other perks at reasonable price tags. That's the reason it is earning a great reputation in the industry and meeting the satisfaction level of customers.

If you are new to the world of Xfinity TV and seeking to set up everything on your own this blog is your right pick. As we have brought a thorough and simple instruction manual that you can follow to set your Xfinity remote TV.

So, grab your Xfinity remote, and let's learn how you can pair it with your TV.

How to Pair Xfinity Remote?

The process for pairing any Xfinity voice remote with either the Flex TV Box or X1 TV Box is very simple. All you need to do is to spot the Voice button on your Xfinity remote and speak "Program Remote". Immediately after processing your command, some instructions will appear on your screen instructing how you can pair Xfinity remote with your TV. Isn’t it the easiest and quickest way to pair your Xfinity remote?

The Alternate Method for Pairing

Well! Just in case this method does not work for you don't lose hope. Because we have added an alternative procedure that you can use when the voice feature trick failed to work for you. So, let’s check out that alternative method.

It is a bit lengthy but a simple procedure that does not require you to go through any technical means to pair your Xfinity remote with your TV. First of all, try to keep the box clearly in the field of view of the Xfinity remote while using it. Then, press the A button on the Xfinity remote. Further, search on your TV the Remote Setup, and when you find the option to select remote to control your TV, click Yes for Xfinity remote.

The moment you click on Yes you will get notified showing that the Xfinity remote has paired now for voice control (only if this feature is accessible for you). Now, click “Yes” to approve your willingness to control your TV with the Xfinity remote. After that, a menu will appear bearing the names of all TV brands. However, you will choose only your TV brand from that list. This action will pair your TV with your remote.

But to confirm it your need to click OK or by regulating the volume key. For instance, your problem does not get resolved even after following this method it is suggested to repeatedly follow the process until you get your Xfinity remote pair to your TV.

How to Pair Xfinity Remote to Box Using Online Code Lookup?

Well! For that, you can simply follow the official Xfinity remote support page. When you get to the website you will get an instructions manual that will help you to pair Xfinity remote using online code lookup.

To proceed, you need to click on continue. In case you are unable to discover the code with this link, worry not because we also have a solution to assist you even in that situation as well. What to know the solution? Keep reading the blog until the end to master your skill of paring Xfinity remote to Box with code lookup.

Instructions to Follow

Get your Xfinity remote and push the Settings button on it first. Now turn on your TV and hold the Setup button on your remote until the right light turns green on your remote. As the light turns green enter a code of 9-9-1. You will see that the green light will flash two times after you enter this code.

After that, you press the CH^ button continuously until your TV turns off. And the moment it happens again press the Setup button. This action will lock in this code. Congratulations! You have successfully paired your Xfinity remote with the box using coding. However, to check whether the remote is working, press the Power button on your Xfinity remote. 

Instructions to Follow When Your TV Does Not Have a Setup Button

R15 remote for X1 or Flex does not have a button for setup therefore the instructions mentioned above will not work for such TVs. If you are encountering the same situation, we present alternative instructions that will help you to overcome this issue. So, without any further delay let’s get right into it.

First thing first, turn on your TV and hold for five seconds the Xfinity & Mute buttons. This action will turn your remote’s red light into green. Now, research your TV code which is a five-digit code, and then enter it through your remote manually. Once you enter this code the green light on your remote will blink twice showing that the code you have entered is correct.

If you enter an incorrect code your remote’s indication will turn green and red. If it happens you need to enter other codes until you got the one that works for you. Once you’ve got the right code it will make the green light blink two times on your remote.

Now check out the workability of your remote by pushing the Power button. If the TV turns off it means the remote has paired successfully. So, turn the TV on again and check out how sound the remote is working using the Mute and Volume buttons.

How to Pair an Xfinity Remote with Sony TV?

It is also an easy task that you can do without the supervision of an expert just by following our instruction manual.

Don't forget to keep your remote in the line of the box as it will help in the clear transmission of signals. Then press the A button on your Xfinity remote. Find on your TV the menu for the Remote Setup then click the Yes key against the notification to control the TV with the Xfinity remote. It will confirm that you will control your TV using your Xfinity remote.

After pressing the Yes button you will get another notification declaring that the remote has now been paired with your TV. If the voice control feature is available on your TV you can control your TV using your voice commands as well.

Again, click on “Yes” confirming that you want to control your TV with an Xfinity remote. Then you will see a list of TV brands on your TV and as you have a SONY TV select this brand from the menu. Through this action, your TV will get paired with your Xfinity remote. Now click on the OK button to confirm pairing.

For further assurance, you can also adjust the volume of your TV using the Xfinity remote. Repeat the process if it does not work until it gets paired.

In a Nut Shell

These instruction manuals are also workable for pairing your Xfinity remote with Xfinity My Account App. So, download this app either from the Play Store or iOS App Store and follow the instructions to successfully pair the Xfinity remote with the TV and box.

For more information, call Xfinity customer service at 844-207-8721


How do I get a new Xfinity remote?

You get a universal Xfinity remote upon request with no additional cost. Albeit, if your remote is damaged and you want to replace it you can visit an Xfinity Store near you to swap your old remote with a new one.

Where is the setup button on the Xfinity remote?

It's a little grey circle or square-shaped button on the bottom left of an XR2, XR5, or XR11. Some Xfinity remotes additionally have a setup button in the upper right corner.