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With a service footprint that spans 36 states, millions of hotspots dotting the country, and fiber-level high-speed internet, Xfinity is a giant in the U.S. broadband industry. Xfinity offers a ton of benefits to its users including a promotional pricing period, value-added perks, and a whole lot more. With Xfinity, you can always rely on high-speed internet in a variety of available speed tiers and top-quality services at some of the best prices in the market.

While Xfinity by Comcast service is definitely one-of-a-kind, Xfinity internet latency can be a common problem if you do not set your network up well. Here is a small collection of all the important things you should know to best optimize your Xfinity Wi-Fi network and cut back on latency issues.

Tips to Optimize Xfinity Internet Speed and Reduce Latency

Once you set up the Wi-Fi network in your home, the rest is pretty simple. You can sit back and relax, connect as many devices to the internet as you want, and enjoy. However, sometimes, a few basic things can affect your Xfinity internet speed — external factors that can easily be modified. This lag is often a cause of connection issues at the user’s end and is called network latency. It does not mean that your internet provider is getting you lesser speeds — just that your home network is falling short of supplying it to your devices. This can be a problem especially when you are paying quite a lot for internet service each month for the best experience possible.

Let us take a quick look at some of the things you can work on to improve the Xfinity Wi-Fi speed at your residence.

1. Use An Ethernet Cable To Connect High-Bandwidth Devices

One thing that can quickly hog up your internet speed and lead to increased latency is the wireless connection of bandwidth-heavy devices. Therefore, if and when possible, it is best to connect bulky and stationary devices to the internet via an Ethernet cable. Most router devices come with multiple LAN ports and you can connect devices, such as gaming consoles, smart TVs, and even video streaming devices, directly to your router via a cable. This way you not only get the best speeds for the connected device but it also takes the load off the wireless network, therefore allowing faster speeds for other Wi-Fi-enabled devices.

2. Reboot Your Wi-Fi Equipment Regularly

Restarting your modem, router, or gateway device is an extremely understated way to get your internet speeds up. Rebooting all your Wi-Fi equipment allows the system to reset, download recent software updates and get rid of unnecessary cache. If your Wi-Fi is showing signs of lag and increased latency when nothing seems to be a problem on the surface — you should try turning it off and on again.

Who knows? The problem might disappear altogether. Restarting Xfinity Wi-Fi equipment is a great way to reset your Wi-Fi network, especially if you have not done so in a couple of weeks.

3. Reduce The Distance Between Your Internet Router & Wi-Fi Devices

The location of your router and ultimately, the distance between it and your Wi-Fi devices is another factor that can lead to internet latency. It is best to have your router device out in the open, preferably in your living room or den. This way, the signals can equally distribute to all Wi-Fi devices without any walls or other barriers obstructing the way.

Moreover, since the router is closer to a Wi-Fi device so there is little latency and you can enjoy a seamless internet connection. Cable internet connections usually have very low latency and taking this small action can help you reduce the lags and delays even further.

4. Use The xFI Gateway Device

Finally, one way to squash all latency issues, increase internet speeds, and enjoy seamless internet is to live through the Xfinity xFi experience. The xFi Gateway is a 2-in-1 modem and router combo device that brings the very best Xfinity internet experience to your doorstep. Choose a smooth internet connection with the xFi Gateway with enhanced coverage, complete network control, advanced online security, parental controls, and even 24/7 technical assistance. All of this for as little as $14 per month rental of the device and no headaches.

In case you do not want to get an xFi gateway or deal with a rental cost every month, you can even buy your own device (BYOD). All you have to do is pick an Xfinity-approved gateway device and set up your Wi-Fi network through it.

In the End

There are many ways to reduce the latency on your Xfinity Wi-Fi network as you mentioned in the discussion. You can try removing extra devices idling on your network if there is high latency or rebooting your Wi-Fi equipment. Connecting devices that use up extra bandwidth directly via an Ethernet cable to the router and using the xFi gateway device, gets you the best possible internet speeds and eliminates latency issues.

If latency issues continue even after you have tried all the hacks, there may be too many users on your network and the speed may be falling short of the need. In those cases, you may want to consider getting a higher Xfinity Internet speed plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Wi-Fi network latency?

Network latency (lag) is a measure of the time delay of any data to travel between two networks. It is a major problem that can be caused by a number of reasons and often significantly affect users on the network.

What is the latency of Xfinity from Comcast?

According to the FCC, Xfinity has a latency between 15 to 20 ms, which is quite good for cable internet service. Learn more about Xfinity services, or call now at 844-207-8721.