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What Should I Do If My Xfinity Internet Speed Is Slow?

Nothing gets your goat like a slow internet connection. No one wants to put up with a file taking forever to upload or an unwelcome wait in the middle of a great streaming session. It is better to deal with it right away.

Luckily, slow speeds on your Xfinity Internet are pretty easy to fix. In this blog, we will discuss some common reasons to help you figure out why your Xfinity Internet speed is slow and how to resolve the issue on your own.

Common Reasons for Slow Xfinity Internet Speed

Reasons for a slow Xfinity Internet can be traced back to two main reasons: provider issue or home WiFi network issue. Let’s talk about them in detail.

When is Speed Slow Because of the Provider?

If your Xfinity connection is displaying the following indications, then the issue is at the end of the provider.

  • The WiFi signal works with full bars on the signal meter on your device but the internet speed is still slow.
  • The connection slows down during peak hours.
  • The speed drop is consistent across all devices.

You may be experiencing poor connectivity because of maintenance outages, provider network congestion, exceeded bandwidth, etc. In such a situation, contact Xfinity Customer Service for a quick resolution to the problem.

When is Speed Slow Because of Your Home Network?

Sometimes Xfinity is blameless in the situation and the fault lies with your home WiFi Network. Here are some ways to identify this malfunction:

  • Devices on an ethernet connection work fine and devices with wireless connections have poor connectivity.
  • Speed suffers as the number of users or connected devices increases.
  • Speed improves after resetting the modem and dampens when not reset for a while
  • If a specific device shows repeated lag in connectivity.

If you notice some of the above indications in your Xfinity Internet connection, then you can surmise the issue can be outdated usage devices and/or internet equipment. Another reason may be that you need to revisit your WiFi router/gateway position. The problem may also be rooted in pending firmware updates or undersubscribing. It is advisable to run the speed test for a concrete diagnosis.

Test the Xfinity Internet Speed

One of the most reliable ways to confirm if your connectivity troubles are because of your home network or the provider is running the Xfinity Internet Speed Test.

If this test displays a speed lower than the one you subscribed to, then your connectivity issue is because of the provider. If the fault lies with the provider after diagnosing, the best way to fix that is to get in touch with Xfinity Customer Service representatives. They can help you troubleshoot the issue and give you a solution.

What to do When Xfinity Internet Speed is Slow?

If you conclude that the problem lies with your network, there are several methods you can employ to bring your subscribed Xfinity Internet speeds back.

Reboot the Modem

This is one of the most tried and tested methods and works more often than not. All you have to do is to restart your WiFi device. Most times your device is functioning sub-optimally because there are glitches hindering the performance. Restarting gets rid of all the glitches in your system.

You can manually turn your device off and on. If that does not produce any results, you can reboot your device via the Xfinity Account. Just log in and click on “Devices”. You will need to verify your password at this step. You will find the option of “Restart” on this menu. Click it and your router will restart itself.

Re-establishing the connection may take a few minutes. If you are still not getting the desired speed, you can head over to your browser log into your Xfinity account visit your Xfinity app, and reset your modem.

Make Changes to Your WiFi Network

A poorly managed home WiFi network can be a big reason for reduced speed. There are some steps you can follow to improve your WiFi capabilities for a faster speed. Avoid hiding away your router in places like a closet or the basement. Cramped spaces have obstructions that hinder the signal.

Construction materials like stone, concrete, metal, tiles, concrete, and water also obstruct signals which is why it is important to install your modem in an open and central space in your house so the signal can transmit to all devices uniformly.

There is also the issue of signal interference from other devices that emit waves like microwaves, automatic garage doors, or baby monitors. Avoid placing your router near such devices.

Insufficient Bandwidth

Commonly, people subscribe to Xfinity plans without realizing that the bandwidth does not suffice. This leads to signal congestion prompted by increased internet usage such as when one starts remote work or learning. You need to upgrade to a higher speed-tier plan to address this issue.

It is possible that you cannot accommodate the upgrade in your current budget. A workaround to this is scheduling your internet usage to carry out speed-intensive activities outside of peak hours.

Upgrade Old Equipment

Often the problem lies with router selection. It is advisable to invest in a router with a long range. You can also use WiFi extenders. As you can surmise from the name, they extend the WiFi signal so your device picks up a stronger one.

Routers and gateway devices have made vast strides in technology and protocols. Outdated devices are only good for only a couple of connected devices. Chances are that over the years the number of connected devices in your home has increased. If you are consistently facing Xfinity Internet speed slowing down, it may be time to upgrade your device by purchasing a new one or renting one from Xfinity.

Going for a WiFi 6 router is advisable for optimal range and speed. If you don’t want to rent, you can look for some Xfinity-compatible modem options. Getting rental Xfinity internet equipment saves you from a hefty down payment. If you are already renting one, you can get an upgrade to the latest xFi WiFi systems free of cost.

Update Dated Devices

You may experience that your Xfinity Internet speed is strong on some devices while only a few devices struggle with connectivity. In such situations, the connected device like a phone or PC may be outdated.

This happens when the device in question was manufactured before Xfinity launched a plan with your subscribed speed. If that happens, it is time to upgrade your device.

Factor in Network Outage

There are situations in which the signal meter on your device displays full bars but you are still experiencing zero connectivity. When this happens, you can chalk it up to maintenance-related network outages from Xfinity. Keeping an eye on upcoming outages helps because you can preemptively schedule your internet activity.

You can also confirm an outage through the Xfinity app or go to their web portal. Navigate to “Status Center”. An additional method of confirming network outages is through the DownDetector Xfinity offers on their website.

Run Firmware Updates

It happens often that the router is up to date but still transmits at a compromised speed. This is an indication that your router has pending updates. In this situation, all you need to do is connect your router to your PC and examine the update settings.

If there are pending updates, you may run them. After this, you may experience an improvement in your internet speed and quality. This is not only good for a seamless online experience but also improves your overall network security.

Prioritize Devices and Applications

In some of the latest routers, users have the option to prioritize some devices and apps. This allows them to take up more bandwidth and function more efficiently. You can choose to do so for more data-intensive activities like gaming, video calling, large-file uploads and downloads, etc.

If this troubleshooting indicates that your home Xfinity WiFi network is sound and the issue lies at the provider’s end, you can call Xfinity Customer Service. They will timely resolve it on their end and guide you about the next steps promptly.


How do I optimize my Xfinity for gaming?

If you want a lag-free gaming experience you may want to subscribe to a plan with Xfinity Gig speeds. A higher speed tier ensures a low ping rate and transmits data at great speeds.

Does Xfinity offer free WiFi boosters?

If you subscribe to one of Xfinity’s plans, you can secure a free WiFi Boost Pod. They help boost the signals by extending the router signals and eliminating dead zones.

What is Xfinity's highest speed?

The highest Xfinity speed comes with their Gigabit internet service. It has a WiFi download speed of 1000 Mbps (Up to 1200 Mbps in some areas).

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