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The internet is undoubtedly one of the most important innovations in the history of mankind. It has singlehandedly facilitated the growth and evolution of the world around us. Plus, it also ushered in the digital revolution that has brought us to where we are. But that’s not it, the internet has also gone through several evolutions over time.

Among the many evolutions that the internet has gone through, one of the most exciting is MiFi. This article will expound on the concept of MiFi, what it is, how it works, its uses, and its limitations. So, let’s get right into it.

What is MiFi?

MiFi is a portable internet router. Similar to a wired router, a MiFi can connect several devices to it and provide them with broadband. A MiFi router is no bigger than a bar of soap but it packs enough power to run multiple devices simultaneously. These portable internet devices take the power of wireless internet and make it portable.

Read on to learn more about MiFi and how it has changed the world.

How Does MiFi Work?    

The MiFi is a battery-powered portable internet router. It uses 5G or 4G cell networks to connect to the internet and allows portable internet for hours on end. The MiFi connects using a cellular modem, allowing other devices to connect to it. Once a phone, laptop, or any compatible device is connected, it will provide internet just like a tabletop router would.

Similar to regular routers, there are different factors that affect the internet speed of MiFi. These include the internet speed itself, the number of users connected to the MiFi, and connections to cellular networks. Picture this to be similar to how your signals work on a cellphone. MiFi devices have gained popularity by virtue of the value they offer users. Being able to have ultra-fast internet on the go sounds too good to be true – luckily, it is.

MiFi Device Advantages  

When you consider a MiFi device, It is important to know how it benefits the user. While there are several, we have listed the most prominent ones. 

Battery Saver

Mobile devices connect to the MiFi similar to how they connect to a Wi-Fi router. You turn on the Wi-Fi on your mobile device, connect to the MiFi, and you’re good to go. Wi-Fi provides a stronger, more consistent signal that requires less power to remain connected to. This saves a lot of battery when compared with cellular data which drains the battery incredibly quick.

Connect Multiple Devices Simultaneously

MiFi is a portable router, which means it allows several devices to connect to it at any given point. One MiFi hotspot device can connect 4-10 devices, depending on how much bandwidth is available. It could even be more than this if you have enough bandwidth. This can help students working on a project, office workers traveling for a conference, or an outdoorsman using a few gadgets while on a hike.

Get High-Speed Internet Anywhere

A MiFi device offers the same internet speed as a regular router. This means you can have high-speed internet even when you are out. As a result, you never have to worry about not having access to fast speeds on the go.

Common MiFi Internet Device Uses

Portability and high-speed internet are an incredibly powerful combination. It opens doors to several use-case scenarios that include:


When traveling, having a MiFi device gives you internet access in a foreign land. It can be used for directions, information about the location, finding Ubers, booking hotels, and much more. It gives you high-speed internet access in places where it is needed the most.


MiFi gives internet access to students at home or in the classroom. During the pandemic with remote learning, a portable internet device offered immense value for a student studying from home. It allows them to write assignments, submit them, take online classes, and do much more. Beyond school or college students, MiFi can also help individuals hoping to learn a skill or take a course online.


One of the best MiFi use cases is with business. It allows employees to remain connected to the internet regardless of where they are. The modern business environment is heavily reliant on the Internet for almost everything. MiFi makes remote work a lot easier whether it is from home or out in the field.

One of the more conventional uses for it is with delivery drivers who need internet connectivity at all times.

Limitations of MiFi

For all the good that comes with MiFi, it is important to also talk about where it falls short. The most prominent ones are:

Battery Life

When using a MiFi device, it is important to remember what makes it portable – the battery pack. This batter is finite and needs to be regularly charged. Many MiFi devices come with decent battery life but once it finishes, it is no more than a brick. When it isn’t in use, remember to plug it in so you have a full charge whenever you need it. 

Data Usage

MiFi devices use large amounts of data. If you have a limited plan, it is important to monitor your usage, so you don’t end up red-faced without internet when out and about. One way to prevent this is to always connect to a Wi-Fi network whenever you have the chance. Only use the MiFi when away from a regular router or when it isn’t doing the job. There are various apps that allow you to track data usage, so you can remain in control.

Signal Strength

A MiFi device uses cellular network signals to get internet. As a result, if some place doesn’t get a strong enough cellular signal, your internet will be affected. Areas with weak or patchy connectivity will directly result in inconsistent internet speeds.


For all the value that MiFi offers, it does come at a premium. In some instances, using a MiFi might end up costing you more than regular internet.

Final Thoughts

In a world where demand for on-the-go connectivity is increasing at a rapid pace, what’s better than an all-in-one access point for all your internet needs? That’s exactly the purpose MiFi serves!

MiFi is one of the most exciting internet advancements in recent times. Being able to have high-speed internet on the go with a MiFi hotspot can make solve a lot of problems. It enables users to get a lot more work done and this can elevate the overall experience of using the internet as a whole.

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