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Whether you are a TV buff who likes to watch primetime entertainment, news, sports, kids, family, global events or home improvement, Spectrum TV has everything that you need and much more to fuel your frequent binge-a-thons.

With its fun-packed TV packages, Spectrum TV brings you a choice of up to 200 channels to fully satiate your thirst for juicy TV entertainment without breaking the bank.

Paramount Network on Spectrum, for instance, is a popular entertainment network that brings the experience of the big screen to your TV screen.

By offering a plethora of immersive stories, the Paramount Network lets all TV enthusiasts enjoy cinema-like feels without needing to get all decked up to go to the movie theater or paying for the ticket.

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Paramount Network on Spectrum

Paramount Network is an American pay television owned by ViacomCBS that has been entertaining all TV fanatics to the max since 1983.

With over 90 million subscribers across the US, this channel is a binge-watcher’s best friend as it allows access to a world of premium entertainment that’s beyond all story-telling boundaries.

By subscribing to Paramount Network on Spectrum you will get to watch some of the most world-class series ever with skyrocketing IMDB ratings that will surely make you forget ‘Netflix and chill.’

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What Channel is Paramount Network on Spectrum?

Frankly speaking, there is nothing more infuriating then flipping through hundreds of channels to watch your favorite show on Paramount Network with a remote control in one hand and a warm bowl of snacks running cold in the other.

Since Spectrum TV comes with an exhaustive channel lineup, it can be very time-consuming to go back and forth hundreds of channels to find the one that you’re looking for.

However, luckily you have come to the right place because we are here to make channel-hunt easier for you. Here’s where you can find Paramount Network on Spectrum TV in a jiffy depending on where you live.

City/Town Paramount Network Channel Number
St. Louis, MO 71—HD 847
Triangle, North Carolina 69
Bowling Green, KY 43
Lexington Metro Area, KY 44
Louisville, KY 41
Jeffersonville, KY 31
Tampa, FL 43—HD 1285
Orlando, FL 68
Columbia, SC 64
Florence, SC 35
Los Angeles, CA 45
Greenville, SC 66
Montgomery, AL 54
Birmingham Area, AL 60
Dothan, AL 38
Bowling Green, KY 43
Cincinnati, OH 47
Cleveland, OH 43
Canton, OH 30
Petersburg, FL 48—HD 1285
Raleigh, NC 40
New York, NY 36—HD 16
Daytona Beach, FL 68
San Antonio, TX 59
Dallas, TX 74—HD 715
Park Cities, TX 74—HD 715
Ft. Worth, TX 74 –HD 715
Madison Area, WI 30—HD 649

Can’t Find Your City/Town on the List?

If you cannot find your city/town in the table given above then don’t worry as you can always open up your internet browser and search “what channel is Paramount Network on Spectrum” followed by your city name and you will find the answer.

Still no luck? No worries! Feel free to contact the 24/7 Spectrum Customer Service(for Spanish visit Spectrum servicio al cliente) in case you cannot figure out the exact channel number to watch Paramount Network on Spectrum.

However, it should be noted that the availability of channels on your Spectrum TV may vary according to the Spectrum TV package that you have subscribed to and your area of residence.

There’s So Much to Watch on Paramount Network on Spectrum!

Now that you have found the channel, there is a plethora of content to catch up with. Love sitcoms? Tune in to Paramount on Spectrum and laugh your heart out at “Two and a Half Men”!

Like digging into murder mysteries? Watch Detective John Cameron investigate unsolved murder cases and their connection with Ed Edwards—the serial killer in “It Was Him”.

Want to indulge in intense drama? Feast your eyes on Oscar-winning actor Kevin Costner starring as the patriarch of an influential yet tangled family of ranchers in Yellowstone.

The Paramount Network turns your TV lounge into a personal matinee theatre by letting you watch all this and much more to spend a fun evening when you are all by yourself or with family.

All you need to do is just grab some popcorns, turn-on your Spectrum TV and tune in to Paramount Network to enjoy a light-hearted TV marathon.

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In a Nutshell

Apart from Paramount Network, Spectrum TV offers you a whole roster of fun-filled channels that include countless premium channels, sports bundles, and international programming.

While choosing a Spectrum TV package you can always see if entertaining channels such as Paramount Network are included or not.

Even though you can only get your hands on Paramount Network if you subscribe to Spectrum Triple Play Gold, you don’t need to sweat as Spectrum bundles don’t rip customers’ pockets and offer great value at incredibly low rates.