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Sports telecasts on TV have always been a big deal for Americans. In 2016, a survey conducted on sports enthusiasts revealed that 90% of the respondents would willingly pay for sports programming subscriptions. On the other hand, 63% of the respondents expressed an interest in subscribing to Over-the-top sports channels to catch up with live sporting events. Let’s face it, both of these numbers indicate that Americans have an ever-flourishing predilection for sports content.

Therefore, new channels had to be introduced, in a bid to provide an extensive coverage to all sorts of sporting events that Americans prefer watching – something that Fox Sports 1 turned out to be.

In 2013, Fox Corporation launched a new sports channel focused on airing an extensive array of sporting events, known as Fox Sports 1, or FS1. FS1 was launched to replace its predecessor – the Speed Network. This is the reason why FS1’s programming lineup is a mix of programs that aired on the Speed Network, as well as some freshly produced content. As of September 2018, more than 83 million American households have a monthly subscription of Fox Sports 1, all thanks to leading providers such as Optimum TV.

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Optimum is an American cable TV, internet, and telephone brand primarily focused on serving the denizens of New York Tri-State area. If you’re someone that prefers TV in its most splendid form, then we’d suggest you give Optimum TV a chance. Optimum offers TV coupled with Optimum internet. Let’s face it, standalone TV plans surely are good, but can they ever top what Double Play bundles with internet offer you? Certainly not! Optimum Double Play bundles with Internet TV offer you an internet connection that guarantees you nothing but speeds and consistency, whenever you want. Plus, the star of the show, Optimum TV offers you an entertainment-packed array of your favorite TV channels, combined with dozens of additional features. Got you tempted to know more about Optimum TV, didn’t we? Let’s see what have you been missing all this time.

Optimum TV – Breathing Life into Your TVs with Nation’s Favorite Channel Lineups

Gone are the days when you had to sift channel after channel in search of shows that you and your family would actually want to watch. From popular TV shows, to critically acclaimed movies, breaking news and live sports events on FS1 – on Optimum you get to enjoy it all! Besides the channels that would turn you into a guaranteed TV buff, Optimum TV brings you a plethora of other features as well. Let’s just say, these features will reel you in for an elevated televisual experience, which you’ve never had before.

Personalized Entertainment

Search for your favorite newly released or classic TV shows, record them for later, catch up on your favorite vlogs on YouTube or stream Netflix; the chances of living your life to the fullest will emerge once you become a part of Optimum TV.

Video On Demand

From TV shows, movies to so much more, Optimum’s Video On Demand is no less than an entertainment-packed wonder. Whatever your mood tells you to watch, just grab your remote control and start browsin’! Optimum’s On Demand is packed with suggestions based on what you mostly watch, so you’ll be in for a definite treat.

Voice Remote

Optimum also brings you a Bluetooth-powered voice remote, which activates on your voice. Using the voice-remote, you can ‘tell’ your TV to switch channels, find you what you want to watch and turn your TV into your very own assistant.

Apps on TV

Of course, smartphones and tablets are where it’s at. But, what do you think of streaming your favorite content on big screen? Sounds compelling, doesn’t it? Without leaving the embrace of your comfy couches, you can stream content from Netflix and other streaming services right on your TV and have the time of your life!

Grab Your Remote Control Because Here’s FS1 Channel Number on Optimum TV

To watch FS1 on your Optimum TV package, you need to know what is the FS1 channel number on Optimum TV. The good thing for all existing, and potential Optimum TV subscribers is that it has FS1 available on three of its channel lineups. So, let’s wait no more and find out what digits can help you unlock FS1 on Optimum.

The channel number for FS1 on Optimum may vary depending on your region. For this reason, you must use the Optimum TV guide to find and verify the FS1 channel number in your area. You can use the My Optimum Account to find a complete guide to the channel lineup you are subscribed to. 

Keep Your Eye on the Ball with FS1 on Optimum TV

If you want to stay ahead of every game that airs on TV, then FS1 has your back. Fox Sports 1 – nicknamed as FS1 is dedicated towards airing live sporting events, collegiate sporting events from Big Ten Conferences, soccer matches from all major soccer leagues including Liga MX, Copa Libertadores, and Bundesliga, USGA championship events, motorsports, as well as a variety of combat sports. Besides a ton of sporting events, you can also catch various sports-based reality shows and documentaries on FS1 as well.

FS1 essentially operates as a broadcast division that serves as a counterpart to Fox Sports, which was launched in 1994. FS1 gave the sports division a devoted cable presence and set itself as a competitor to ESPN. Before FS1, Fox Sports Media Group had already established itself as a goliath in the realm of cable sports programming, given that it had niche sports channels as Fox Soccer, Fuel TV, Fox Deportes, and Fox College Sports under its belt.

FS1’s programming lineup consists of live telecasts of the following major events:

  • Major League Baseball events
  • Junior NBA World Championship
  • Premier Boxing Champions
  • Professional Bowling Association Tours
  • Collegiate Sports related to NCAA football and basketball
  • XFL
  • FIFA Futsal World Cup (exclusive coverage for 2016, 2020 and 2024)
  • United States Golf Association Championships
  • Horse racing events
  • Motorsports events from ARCA, Formula E, NASCAR and NHRA
  • Major League Rugby events
  • FIFA World cup and CONCACAF events

Besides televising events from the aforementioned leagues and sporting associations, FS1 also airs a variety of shows involving debates and analysis. If you’re big on gossip related to athletes, then FS1 airs TMZ on weekdays. On the other hand, if you’re into debates and talk shows, then FS1’s current programming is packed with shows like First Things First, Speak For Yourself, Skip and Shannon: Undisputed and a whole lot more. It would suffice to say, being the sports’ buff that you are; FS1 on Optimum will keep you hooked to your TV sets. By making most of all the features that Optimum TV brings you, you can watch and then re-watch your favorite sports moments, whenever you want.

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What’s better than a cable TV service that brings together everything entertaining at one place? Of course, nothing! So hurry up and become an Optimum subscriber today. Optimum cable promises to bring your favorite TV shows, movies, news and sports under one package, along with dozens of features that you wish you could enjoy with your previous provider. Plus, when you bundle Optimum TV with the internet, convenience is all that you’ll experience.

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to an Optimum double play bundle or take your experience up a notch by adding Optimum phone to it. You won’t find yourself shackled by contracts or hefty price tags. Moreover, with Optimum Customer Service experts being available to you just a call away, you can always find an instant solution to bottlenecks in your connection. Overall, what Optimum delivers is no less than its name. To explore Optimum deals in your area, call now at 844-520-8978.