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Whether you are a news aficionado, sports freak, or a movie-buff, if you have an Optimum TV subscription, you would know that it provides a well balanced channel lineup, not just hundreds of channels. The mix is such that it works for everyone in the family, not only for one or two members.

And, when we talk about news, America loves one of the long-time famous big three news channels i.e. CNN. CNN boasts availability to approximately 90 million U.S. households with a pay-tv subscription. The network is only surpassed by FOX News, while MSNBC ranks #3. CNN is not confined to the United States. In fact, CNN International is accessible to over 2 billion viewers in 212 countries across the globe, and reaches more than 400 households and hotel rooms worldwide.

CNN on Optimum TV

Transforming Living Rooms into News Rooms in a Blink!

While CNN is all about staying updated with the latest happenings from around the world, Optimum is all about transforming your televisual experience into a modern, convenient and flexible one. And, this makes for quite a duo.

The CNN broadcasting schedule makes it an early bird. The network broadcasts the first news program of the day i.e. CNN Newsroom with Rosemary Church at 4am ET followed by the Early Start with Christine Romans and Laura Jarret at 5am ET. But, Optimum does not let you miss out on anything. It allows you to set your favorites for recording, and also pick right from where you left off last. So, if you like to give a listen to these early morning news shows when you start your day, you can catch up with ease by tuning into your Cloud DVR.  

Regular CNN programming through the day includes editions of the rolling news program CNN Newsroom, mixed with other current affairs, business and sports related news shows. If you love to share Jake Tapper’s fast-paced take on a variety of serious and light subjects, or hate to miss Wolf Blitzer in The Situation Room, you can always set up DVR recordings—even remotely via the Optimum App.

CNN primetime focuses on more in-depth analysis with the likes of Erin Burnett and Anderson Cooper, while the day usually closes with Don Lemon on CNN Tonight—with a summary of what made headlines during the day. Overnight programming during the 24-hour broadcast schedule consists of reruns of the primetime lineup. And also includes an overnight simulcast of the CNN International version of CNN Newsroom.

All in all, CNN stays true to its standing, and satisfies your news related curiosity. While features of the Optimum TV service make it possible for you to catch on any CNN show at any time of the day!  

Channel Number for CNN on Optimum TV

Talking about subscribers, if you have recently opted for Optimum TV, it is very normal to feel overwhelmed with hundreds of Optimum TV channels. And, locating CNN among other cable TV favorites can become somewhat of a hassle. After all you wouldn’t want to miss on the latest news update while you are surfing through the extensive Optimum Channel Lineup looking for CNN.

But, you don’t need to start stressing whether or not CNN is included in your subscribed Optimum TV package. Because the Optimum TV Guide tells you CNN comes included with each Optimum TV plan and package. And, you also get to watch CNN Headline News—which originated as a spin-off of CNN and ran as CNN2 before being rebranded—first as HLN and then CNN Headline News. CNN Headline News offers you a great mix of regional headlines, entertainment stories and true crime programming.


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Optimum Cable TV Gets You a Modern All-round TV Experience

Optimum TV service has quite a few remarkable features to it, because it makes the best use of available technology to enhance your TV-watching experience. The extensive channel lineup and the variety in which Optimum TV packages are available is sure one great feature of the service. But, there is much more that makes it a perfect modern day cable TV service.  

Optimum TV Channels & On Demand

Among hundreds of cable networks, all tiers of Optimum TV carry channels that America loves to watch. Local networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and more are included in all TV tiers, not just the Basic cable. While higher tiers like the Core, Select and Premier comprise of local, popular and premium networks in a varying ratio. That is why the Select content is available in 4K UHD as well.

Optimum TV service lets you customize your primary lineup with premium add-ons like STARZ®, HBO Max™, SHOWTIME®, Cinemax®—pick any depending on what your preference is, and make your primary lineup more exotic and fun. Sports packages come with sought-after networks like the NFL RedZone® and the MLB Network, and can take good care of the sports-obsessed.

Cloud DVR, Streaming Apps, Smart Search & More!

The Bottom Line

Optimum TV service features promise flexibility and comfort in your in-home entertainment regime.  There cannot be anything better than a digital TV service which offers all your entertainment avenues in one place. Plus with intelligent technology in-built, it is possible for Optimum equipment to give you the most upgraded features.

So, if by any chance you are not yet subscribed to an Optimum TV package, we’d recommend you check out Optimum TV plans and packages, and also take a look at the Optimum channel guide. When you bundle Optimum TV with high-speed internet from the provider, you get the best value for your money.

Starting at $64.99/month, Optimum internet and TV double plays present the most value-rich bundles for residents of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. If you wish, you can top up with Optimum home phone service for just $10 more. A 3-in-1 Optimum bundle will not only bring you a great return on your investment, but make your monthly bill payments easier. Because, you will get a single bill for all three home services. The good news is you do not find yourself tied up by annual contracts.

Give Optimum TV Customer Service experts a call at 1-844-520-8978. They are available 24/7 to take your questions, and give you pro advice. What Optimum delivers to its customers is nothing less than optimal. For the Spanish speaking, they can reach out to Servicio al Cliente Optimum at Telefono de Optimum i.e. 1-844-527-5633.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Channel Number is CNN on Optimum?

You can catch CNN on Channel number 59 on Optimum Core, Select and Premier TV plans!

Can I get Cinemax with Optimum TV?

Along with an incredibly vast channel lineup, you can also get access to premium networks like STARZ, HBO Max, SHOWTIME and Cinemax with Optimum TV service. To know more about Optimum TV plans and prices, get in touch with Optimum customer service.