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If you signed up for a Cox Internet plan, as it was the most reasonably priced cable broadband option in your vicinity, but a year later things look very different, take heart! What you should know is you are not the only one in these uncomfortable shoes. And Cox Communications is not the only ISP which puts up the price after the promo term ends.

This is a common industry practice. A vast number of internet service providers offer discounted deals to new customers, that last 3, 6, 12, 24 or 36 months. While during the promo term it feels all hunky-dory, as soon as the promotion ends, the internet bill becomes a lethal blow to your monthly budget. Especially if you did not take the time to understand the fine print, or read through the offer details that outlined the price hike following the end of promo term, when you signed up.

But again, you are not the only one to have erred. Many customers make this mistake. And, are likely to feel exceptionally disappointed when it comes to paying at the significantly higher standard rate. But given how the internet market works, most continue with the service. Because for one, it maybe difficult to get the same service type with another provider in the area. Plus, it may be hard to get a service which delivers as well as does Cox Internet despite the price hike.

Our today’s article intends to outline a few simple and straightforward ways that can help you continue enjoying Cox high-speed internet, but with a lower monthly bill, so read on.

Start by Analyzing Your Cox Monthly Bill

If you are looking for ways to cut your monthly charges on Cox bill, start by analyzing it. Take out your billing statements for previous months, and ensure you are being billed for the offer you subscribed to. Cox bills customers in advance for the monthly service charges. And usage based costs, such as Pay-per-View or long-distance phone calls, show up the following month. Do take a good look at each cost that reflects on the statement to make sure you are paying for what you have consumed. This scrutiny will eliminate the chances of getting mistakenly billed for a Cox package or service that you did not purchase.    

Understand Your Needs & Eliminate What is Not Needed

Assess Your Need for Speed

Most people sign up for an internet plan without even analyzing their speed and data needs beforehand.  When they do so, either they end up getting a service that is not enough for their needs or they do not utilize what the service has to offer to the fullest.

That is why it is necessary to have a fairly accurate estimate of internet consumption level in the household. Make sure you take into account the number of devices and users which would connect to the internet. Get an idea of what type of online activities your family uses the internet for. The bandwidth must cover all users and devices at once. And, speeds must be fast enough for activities like streaming and gaming, if that is what you love to relax with.

Once you are well-aware of the internet usage pattern in your household, you’ll be able to judge speed and data requirements better, and purchase only what you need. If over the period of your subscription to the current Cox Internet plan, you’ve realized the speed is too much for your needs, consider a downgrade. There is no point in paying for what you do not consume.

Monitor Data Usage

If you have noticed any data overage charges on your billing statements, start monitoring your data consumption on a regular basis. You can do so via the Data Usage Meter which is accessible through My Account. Or use the Cox app to get to access monthly data usage details. If you have not paid attention so far, start making use of Cox alerts sent via text message and/or email when you pass certain data thresholds during any given cycle. You can also ensure video streaming formats are chosen prudently when streaming, as this is one of the major culprits behind excessive data usage. 

Does Your Home Need a Big Bundle?

Now, if you are subscribed to a Cox bundle with internet, TV and home phone, reassess your requirements. Internet is a utility without which it is no longer possible to run your day-to-day life. Your home must have a fast and steady broadband connection. But, if at all you can cut the cord, and let go of that home backup phone line at home, do it. Yes, you’ll miss the unlimited nationwide talk time, but it will take a good chunk off your bill.

Cox Internet is one of the top-ranked broadband services for video streaming. And, Cox also offers the Contour Flex 4K streaming device for $5/mo. if you are subscribed to Internet Essential or a higher plan with Panoramic WiFi. With Cox Contour Flex you can enjoy content from a variety of streaming services (separate subscription required), as well as Peacock Premium, which is included at no added cost. Cox also allows you to add your favorite channel packs, with Starter and Economy, so you don’t miss your broadcast and cable essentials when you cut the cord. So yeah! Lower your bill if you think such a streaming TV arrangement would work for your home. Its innovative and cheaper.

Buy Your Own Equipment for Cox Internet

Every internet service provider offers you equipment on lease at a rental charge that adds onto the recurring monthly service charge. While on average the equipment cost amounts to $10 with some give and take, and Cox Panoramic WiFi is a bargain at $12/month, as it combines the modem and router in one advanced device. But, if you need to lower the bill, you’ve got to think of alternatives. Do some homework or get help from a friend who is more tech savvy. Pick a device that is approved by Cox Communications as compatible with your Cox Internet plan, as well as other leading cable broadband services so that your investment is future proof.

Bringing your own device to the table can actually slash off over $140 from your annual bill. And if you do take this route, make sure you arrange to return Cox equipment the proper way.

Negotiate a Better Deal with Cox

While the promo pricing is available to new Cox customers only, you never know there maybe post-promotion deals for customers who are not happy with the price hike and want to opt out. You can call Cox or pay a visit at a nearby retail store to argue the case based on your good standing account. There may just be a customer-retaining special discount awaiting you!   

The Endnote

Cox Internet prices are sure enticing, and the service is one of the best. But if you missed out on the post-promo pricing info at the time of signing up, there are ways you can lower your Cox bill without having to compromise on your needs. There is no escape for taxes and other fees, state or regulatory. But, you can sure reassess what exactly your home needs and work a way to stick to the Cox high-speed Internet service, if you are satisfied at the quality front. We hope our discussion today helps you pinpoint exactly what would work in your situation.  

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Cox available in my area?

Cox Communications offers cable broadband, TV and home phone services to residential customers in 18 states with the most widespread coverage in Arizona, California and Virginia. To determine Cox offer availability in your area call at 1-855-349-9316.

Does Cox offer deals for existing customers?

Cox does not offer any promotional deals for its existing customers. But at times, there maybe post-promotion deals allocated for customer retention which you maybe able to negotiate your way to. If negotiating with the customer service representative does not help, you should cancel unnecessary Cox services to lower your Cox Communications bill.