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Houston, one of the largest and most populous cities in the state of Texas, and the fourth most populous in the U.S. is undoubtedly one of the most diverse you can find in the country. Located in the South East of Texas, Houston is in close proximity of the Galveston Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, and shapes the core of the Greater Houston Metropolitan area. The seat of the second-most Fortune 500 headquarters after NYC, is also a regional hub when it comes to manufacturing, energy, transportation, aerospace, and healthcare industries.

But when you move to Houston for better job opportunities, you are in for much more. Living in Houston can be a fascinating voyage you’d come to love. Gorgeous views of its uptown and downtown skylines, hundreds of parks, green spaces, miles-long hike-and-bike trails, impressive theatre, and live performances, distinctive music, famous museums, vibrant festivals, delicious cuisine, and of course the Bayou Place entertainment complex with zillions of attractions. There is everything you’d want to soak in. What’s more, Houston is a sports hub and boasts teams for all major professional leagues with the exception of the NHL.

The point is for movers, Houston offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy a quality life. And the city also has a befitting answer to the one problem that gnaws at the mind of all new movers i.e. which internet service provider to trust for your new home?

Our article today explores one of the most worthy choices available in Houston i.e. Xfinity from Comcast. And given its wide network coverage around Houston, you’ll need to know what Xfinity has to offer, so you can compare better and pick the plan that is right for you.

How well does Xfinity Internet compete in Houston, Texas?

A city as large and populous as Houston is rightfully served by over 20 residential internet providers. Over 95% of the residents thus get access to multiple wireline services at their address, and Fiber to is available to over 55%. The city depicts coverage by DSL, cable, fiber, fixed wireless, and satellite broadband networks. Albeit if you are not part of a community that lies outside the reach of wired infrastructures, you’d not really need to consider Fixed Wireless or Satellite.

The Xfinity Internet network covers 94% of Houston residents, and it is the most prevalent cable broadband service in the city. Spectrum, Suddenlink, and Astound Broadband by Grande, also have a footprint in Houston, but it is pretty limited to select neighborhoods. In most vicinities, you are likely to find Xfinity competing with AT&T, which is accessible to around 91% of the city’s population.

But, AT&T broadband types are totally different. You’ll get high-speed DSL for the most part, and Fiber, which is available in select neighborhoods. Whereas Xfinity’s Internet service is primarily delivered over an advanced hybrid Fiber-Coaxial network. And access to pure Fiber (up to 3000 Mbps) is limited to select service locations. So beware as to which internet type will work better for your needs. AT&T Fiber is sure a serious contender, but its high-speed Internet service works better for homes that don’t need more than 100 Mbps downloads. On the other hand, with Xfinity, you get a wide variety of speed tiers to pick from.

Both Xfinity and AT&T allow you to bundle Internet with TV and home phone, but Xfinity also provides one of the fastest-growing smart home security services. So if you are convinced about the worth of a home security system, Xfinity bundles will get you better value overall.

What do you get with Xfinity Internet service in Houston, TX?

Xfinity Internet plans offer a good deal of perks. Some of the choicest advantages that you get with the Xfinity Internet service in Houston are listed below:

Fast downloads

Xfinity offers a wide range of internet speeds, making it easy to choose a plan that fulfills your home needs and falls within your budget. With downloads ranging from 50 Mbps to 1200 Mbps, small to large households with modest to bandwidth-extensive usage, and multiple devices to connect, get plenty of choices. Surfing, shopping, banking, working from home, virtual learning, streaming video, and online gaming - all activities routinely conducted in American homes are well-supported.

Plenty of data

As for data, Xfinity offers a 1.2 TB allowance in Houston. While the idea of a data cap may not be to your liking what you should know is 1.2 TB is more than enough from the viewpoint of standard internet consumption and then some. Also, while it is unlikely that you’d breach the limit if you do Xfinity does not charge you an overage fee for the first time in a 12-month period. In any case, you can always go for unlimited data with the xFi Complete package, which includes the xFi Gateway and Unlimited data along with many other perks, and gets you great value for your money.

Secure in-home WiFi with xFi

The state-of-the-art sleek xFi Gateway comes as an add-on for $14/mo., but gives you a super-connected home along with enhancing the esthetic of your living room. The xFi Gateway is easy to set up, supports multiple devices, gets you a strong signal around the house (with Xfinity xFi pods if recommended), and above all makes your entire home network safe from cyber threats with built-in Advanced Security.

And when you subscribe to Xfinity Home security, the xFi Gateway takes you a step closer to your dream smart home!

A big plus is you can manage and control the entire home network via the Xfinity app or the xFi website anytime from anywhere.

Xfinity Flex 4K & Streaming

Xfinity Flex 4K streaming TV box with the award-winning Xfinity Voice Remote could be paired with your internet plan. For cord-cutters, it is an ideal way to access TV entertainment. You’ll find all your favorite streaming apps built-in and easily accessible from the same platform. Plus you get to enjoy free access to content from services like Xumo, Tubi, Pluto, and more.

Hook up the Xfinity Flex 4K streaming box with your TV, and the whole family can enjoy thousands of hours' worth of quality content.

FREE access to Xfinity WiFi hotspots

Secure out-of-home Xfinity WiFi hotspots make it easy for you to connect on the go. Xfinity has over 20 million hotspots nationwide that help you save on mobile data, and also from the hassle of finding a secure public connection.

Flexible terms

Xfinity allows customers to choose from plans that come with a term agreement or none. While there is a discount to be enjoyed with promotional offers, you may need to sign a term agreement for up to 2 years. With non-contractual plans, you pay a higher rate, but you won’t find yourself bound to the service plan for the fear of incurring an early termination fee.

Since you best know about your plans, choose wisely. Xfinity accommodates your preferences with how it designs its offerings.

Xfinity Internet in Houston, TX: Plans & Pricing

Xfinity Internet delivers a high-speed connection which brings you the advantage of cutting-edge Fiber via a hybrid network. You get faster downloads and more bandwidth compared to typical cable broadband. This means more devices can connect simultaneously without a lag in connectivity.Here are the Xfinity Internet promo offers available in Houston:

Internet Package Download Speed Up to xFi Advanced Security Introductory Price Call to Order
Connect 150 Mbps Included with xFi Gateway $19.99/mo Call to Order
Connect More 300 Mbps Included with xFi Gateway $25/mo Call to Order
Fast 500 Mbps Included with xFi Gateway $50/mo Call to Order
Superfast 800 Mbps Included with xFi Gateway $65/mo Call to Order
Gigabit 1000 Mbps Included with xFi Gateway $75/mo Call to Order
Gigabit Extra 1.2 Gbps Included with xFi Gateway $80/mo Call to Order

Prices, speeds, and package availability may vary from area to area.

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Bundle Xfinity Internet in Houston, TX for more value

Xfinity Internetis a great service on its own, but bundling with other Xfinity services gets you more value for your money. As we said, Xfinity offers TV, home phone, and smart home security services too. You can bundle the Internet with any of these depending on what your home needs. After all, it’ll only make sense to subscribe to different services under one roof and cut out the hassle of paying multiple utilities every month - especially when you can earn some good savings with discounted bundle rates.

Here is a quick walkthrough of other Xfinity services you can bundle with Xfinity Internet:

Xfinity X1 TV

For Cable-watching homes, the Xfinity X1 TV service is a great way of enjoying TV entertainment with the flexibility, convenience, and mobility that is otherwise associated with streaming services only.

The X1 set-top box is one of the most advanced and innovative in the market and comes complete with the Xfinity Voice Remote. Make your search smart and quick, discover new favorites, and enjoy integrated access to live TV, On Demand, DVR, and streaming apps. Record up to 6 shows simultaneously, and make your own library with 150 HD hours worth of storage on the hard drive. You can also implement parental controls and make it a safe viewing experience for your kids.

The Xfinity channel lineup gives you the room to pick a service tier that matches your needs. If streaming dominates the TV regime in your household, go for the Choice Double Play and stay in touch with the local broadcast TV feed. Want cable networks favorites? Include the Popular or Ultimate lineup in your bundle - you’ll have plenty to keep you hooked.

Xfinity Home Phone in Houston, TX

Xfinity home phone is a VoIP-based digital service that gives you a reliable connection with advanced calling features. The multi-purpose xFi Gateway also acts as a voice modem, so your hand-set just needs to connect to it to deliver the service.

In Houston, Xfinity bundles include Voice Unlimited Select. You get unlimited local calling and many popular digital calling features to make your everyday communication hassle-free. Plus there is saving to be enjoyed with a bundle discount.

Xfinity Home Security in Houston, TX

Xfinity Internet in Texas makes a great combo with Xfinity Home security services.

Xfinity Home comes with the added benefit of award-winning monitoring stations and fast response times. Service plans offer smart security solutionsthat allow you ease of mind with a 24/7 professionally monitored setup. And you can also add the Self-Protection plan to your internet subscription if you don’t want to opt for pro monitoring.

The Xfinity Home security equipment is hi-tech. You can choose from 3 available systems depending on your requirements and budget.These systems include a touchscreen controller, door/window sensors, pet-friendly motion sensors, a wireless keypad, indoor and outdoor security cameras, yard signs, and a whole range of add-on smart gadgets also available for you to customize your security system.

The best part is you get complete control of your home security system even remotely via the mobile app!

Popular Bundles with Xfinity Internet in Houston, TX

Xfinity bundle deals can be much more lucrative than picking standalone services. Especially when you don’t shy away from a contractual plan - because the term contract discount adds onto the multi-product discount helping you save more. Whether it is a double, triple or quad-play deal that works for your home, there is plenty of choice with Xfinity.

Here are some popular bundles you can subscribe to with Xfinity Internet in Texas.

Internet & TV Packages Download Speed Channel Count Promo Price*
Fast Internet + Popular TV 500 Mbps 125+ Channels $85/mo
For 12 months with 1-yr agmt.
Superfast Internet + Ultimate TV 800 Mbps 185+ Channels $110/mo
For 24 months with 1-yr agmt.
Gigabit Internet + Ultimate TV + Voice 400 Mbps 185+ Channels $130/mo
For 24 months with 1-yr agmt.
Prices, speeds, channels, and package availability may vary from area to area.

Concluding words

Xfinity is the largest cable service provider in Houston and a worthy choice to consider if you want to get dependable internet service. We hope our discussion of the different Xfinity services and how you can make the most of its offerings, helps you make your decision a tad bit easier. In terms of quality and perks, you’re likely to get more value for your dollar with Xfinity cable services relative to the competition.

For more information, call Xfinity customer service at 844-207-8721


Is Xfinity Internet available in Houston, TX?

Yes. Xfinity is the largest cable provider in Houston, TX. 94% of the city’s population is able to access Xfinity services. You can check for offer availability in your area here.

What is the maximum speed offered by Xfinity Internet in Houston, TX?

Xfinity Internet offers up to 1,200 Mbps with its Gigabit plan in Houston, TX. This plan is widely available. However, Xfinity delivers its fastest internet speed up to 3,000 Mbps with the Gigabit Pro plan which has limited availability.

Does Xfinity have any hidden charges?

Xfinity strives to remain transparent with its pricing. Internet and TV equipment are priced separately from the monthly service charge for your chosen plan, and Xfinity also tells you the rate you’ll pay after the end of the promo term. Just make sure you read through the Pricing and Info details when shopping.