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Let’s be realistic- junk mail is something we all struggle with as soon as we open our inbox. You may see your email-box flooded with physical junk from different retailers, internet and wireless service providers, cable companies and more. At times, in bold red capital letters, the emails are stamped “ATTENTION”, “IMPORTANT ACCOUNT INFORMATION”, “IMPORTANT NOTICE”. When you see such messages, you deem it wise to open them, just in case there is a legitimate issue and your internet is about to be shut off by your provider. Instead of genuine account information however, you come across updates on new sales offers and advertisements attempting to get you to upgrade your current plan.

If one of the telecom companies inundating your inbox with unsolicited emails, thus clogging it, is Spectrum, you must know the option to simply shut down the constant pouring of marketing attempts is also furnished by the cable service provider. Usually, telecom service providers do not give you the option to get rid of marketing related emails. But, Spectrum cares about its customers, and gives you the freedom to opt for putting an end to the deluge of what you would call annoying junk.

What makes Spectrum stand out from the crowd, is the fact it offers an online form for subscribers (current and ex) to request the company to not send unsolicited emails/mail, make unwelcome telemarketing calls or come knocking at the door with different sales offers.

Yes, you read it right!

Albeit Spectrum’s mailing policy indicates the company deserves the right to market existing customers additional products and services at any time, the renowned provider allows you to opt out of all marketing campaigns conducted in any form. So, if you do not wish for Spectrum to use your personal information or data to target advertising towards you, go to the privacy page and pull out of all forms of unwanted marketing. Trust us, this will turn out to be highly useful in terms of cutting out unnecessary annoyance from everyday life. And, of course, Spectrum must be given some credit for that.

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Easy Ways to Pull out of Spectrum Junk Mail

To opt-out of Spectrum junk mail fill out an online form right here

Information You Will Have to Give Spectrum

In order to opt out, here is what you will be required to tell Spectrum:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your current address
  • Your existing phone number (in case, you are opting for: Do Not Call)
  • Your existing e-mail address (in case, you are opting for: Do Not Email)

Time to Pull out of Spectrum’s Marketing Junk!  

Not only can you take advantage of the opt-out service if you are Spectrum’s existing customer, but even if you are not a Spectrum Subscriber anymore. In case, you are currently using Spectrum Services (for ESP users please visit Numero de spectrum), pulling out won’t stop the provider from communicating to you about your Spectrum account; rather, it will just stop the company from sending you promotional material about new services and packages, while you continue to receive necessary account/service related information through these channels.

First things first.

As we mentioned a little earlier, Spectrum allows you to opt out of all forms of marketing material sent by the company, whether it is in the form of snail mail, door-to-door sales teams, telemarketing calls or e-mails.

To proceed with the privacy form, you will have to identify yourself either as an existing or ex customer and then fill out all the required fields that show up on the form.

Check the boxes in the Do Not Mail, Do Not Knock, Do Not Email and Do Not Call sections. Anytime you check one of these boxes you will get the option to add additional addresses (for mail, email, door to door sales) and additional phone numbers (for calls).

Before you jump onto the CAPTCHA and press the submit button, make sure you pause for a moment and look at the section headed “Additional Privacy Preferences”. This section appears right after the Do Not Knock section, and shows up only if your response to the question “Are you a current customer?” is recorded as “Yes”.

Bear in mind, it may take Spectrum 10 days to stop sending you sales and marketing related promotional material and up to 60 days to stop calling you or knocking at you door. So, you must know this is not a quick fix, and that you must remain patient until the prohibition placed by you goes into effect. Ultimately, when all your requests have been taken into account, you will get to have a lighter inbox, fewer calls, no one will come knocking at your door and your snail mail will diminish in volume too.   

Stop Spectrum from Using Your Personal Information to Target Ads

  • Go to the section “Additional Privacy Preferences” to opt out of allowing Spectrum to benefit from your personal info in order to send customized advertisements. Spectrum does claim it does not use your personal information nor does it share your personal data with third parties. However, if you are still skeptical about a privacy breach, you have the golden opportunity to put a halt to all sorts of marketing related usage of your personal information.
  • Make sure you opt out of letting Spectrum use your personal information (CPNI) that helps the provider target you with offers that you do not currently subscribe to. By doing so you will essentially pull out of marketing based on “location, quantity, type, technical configuration, destination, and how much you use the services offered by Spectrum, as well as information about your Spectrum phone service as available on your bill.”
  • You can pull out of advertisements where you are targeted with Spectrum’s advertisements on digital properties (e.g. websites, apps) owned by the telecom provider, or even third-party apps and websites, using your personal information that includes your usage of products/services, your existing subscription, ZIP code, or other demographic data. This data is used to promote Spectrum offers through advertisements. In case, you relocate, you will be required to re-submit this information.
  • Consider opting out of interest-based advertisements on TV and TV applications where a variety of advertisements that reach you have been distributed based upon subscribers’ location or other factors that Spectrum is already aware of.

The Final Thought

Certainly, Charter Spectrum™ reserves the right to market additional products and services to their existing, ex or potential customers, however, the fact Spectrum is so candid about letting its subscribers (current & ex) opt-out of receiving promotional material in any form tells the provider really values consumer rights. Usually, if you are a Spectrum Triple Play subscriber you will hardly get junk mail from the provider. But if you are someone who happens to have cut the cord, your mailbox is more likely to be graced by what Spectrum would call advertising but you would look upon as junk. If you do go ahead and let Spectrum know you wish to exercise your consumer rights and opt-out of all forms of marketing from the provider’s end, rest assured the quality Spectrum Services shall remain unaffected.