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Xfinity Home System is a one-in-all security solution that brings you home security and smart home automation all in one place. The system works seamlessly in your home, always connected to your xFi Gateway device. The large assortment of smart home and security devices that come with Xfinity Home allows you to monitor everything even from a distance via the Xfinity Home App. You can choose to go for professional monitoring if you want or even get self-protection. Check the live video feed at any time, access older camera recordings, and check everything right on your TV screen through your award-winning Xfinity Voice remote.

While Xfinity usually does not make its own devices, there is a large range of compatible devices that work like a dream with the Xfinity Security system. But using the system for the first time can be confusing. What do you do when your Xfinity Home security devices run out of battery? The battery replacement process on your Xfinity home devices is fairly simple. In this article, we discuss how to replace the battery on some of the most popular Xfinity Home devices.


Replace the Batteries in Your Favorite Xfinity Home Security Devices

When you decide you want to replace the batteries in your Xfinity Home devices, the process is usually not too difficult. However, there are a couple of things that you will need at hand before you start with this work. These are:

  • The Xfinity Home system
  • Access to all Xfinity Home devices, touchscreen, and app
  • System in the disarmed state
  • Flat-headed screwdriver (Small)
  • Phillips-head (cross) screwdriver (Small)
  • Replacement batteries
  • Double-sided tape (to mount back some sensors, keypads, and more)

Once you have assembled everything you need to replace batteries in your Xfinity home device you can proceed from here on out. Here are some of the most used devices with Xfinity Home and instructions on how to replace the batteries in them.


1.  Kwikset SmartCode 916 Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt Lock

To change the battery on one of these locks in your home, follow the steps below.

  • Use the Allen wrench provided to you to remove the screws holding the battery cover. You can do so by placing the wrench on top of the different screws on the lock and turning the screw counterclockwise until it comes loose. Remove all the screws around the lock.
  • Remove the battery cover by pulling it away from the interior setup
  • Pull on the battery pack to loosen it and ultimately remove it from the interior assembly
  • Insert four new, non-rechargeable AA batteries into the separate slots given on the battery pack
  • Find the program button and it hold for about 5 seconds
  • Reinsert the battery pack into the interior section. Allow the "DOOR" arrows printed on the top of the battery pack to point towards the door
  • Wait for one long beep and one short one, followed by the green indicator light flashing once
  • The lock should reappear on your list of connected devices
  • Replace battery cover


2. Yale Assure Lock SL Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt (YRD256)

To change the battery on this particular lock in your home, follow the steps below.

  • Use a Philips Screwdriver to loosen and remove the screw on top of the battery cover
  • Remove old batteries
  • Insert four non-rechargeable AA batteries into the individual battery slots given in the battery pack. Follow the positive and negative signs as instructed on the pack.
  • The device should reappear on your list of active devices
  • Slide the battery cover back in place and screw it as was before


3. SMC, SMCDW01-Z Door/Window Sensors

Follow the steps below to change the batteries on this model of door and window sensors.

  • Find the small tab on the sensor. Depending on the make, it may be on the top or the bottom of the sensor.
  • Press down on the tab using the index finger of one hand. Simultaneously, pull away the cover from the body of the sensor using the other hand.
  • Insert or replace a CR2 battery into the battery slot. Place it so that the negative (-) end of the battery touches the spring at the bottom of the compartment. Press the positive (+) end so that it rests against the green circuit board.
  • Align the tab with the sensor body and gently click it into place so that the sensor body closes.


4. SMC SMCGB01-Z or SMC SMCGB02-Z Glass Break Sensor

Replace the battery on your glass break sensor using the following steps

  • Gently hold the glass break sensor in both hands and pull away the cover with one hand
  • Remove old batteries
  • Insert one CR123 battery into the battery slot. Position the positive (+) end of the battery towards the circuit board
  • Align the cover back onto the surface of the sensor until it snaps into place to close.


5.  SMC Keychain Remote

To install or replace the battery on the SMC Keychain remote, follow the steps below

  • Find the tab on the bottom of the keychain remote and separate the halves using your finger
  • Remove the green circuit board from the keychain and insert one CR2032 battery into the battery slot; the positive side should face away from the circuit board
  • Place the circuit board back into the keychain shell, with the battery facing the back of the remote
  • Align the top tab with the slot on the bottom of the keychain remote and press the halves together until they close properly


6. Visonic Targeted Motion Sensor

If you have this motion sensor, follow the steps below to replace the battery on it.

  • Use a Philips screwdriver to loosen the screw on top of the motion sensor.
  • Pull away the top of the cover from the base of the sensor. The battery slot is in the circuit boards.
  • Remove the old batteries.
  • Install a CR123A battery into the slot on the circuit. Align the positive (+) and negative (-) ends of the battery as with the indicators on the circuit board.
  • Wait for the red indicator on the circuit board to light up.
  • Slide the battery cover back on the sensor and close gently.
  • Use the screw to secure the two halves in place and test your motion sensor to see if it is working.


7.  SMC SMCSM01-Z Smoke Detector

Replace the battery in your Xfinity security SMC smoke detector. Follow the steps listed below.

  • Turn on test mode on your alarm system.
  • Turn the detector counterclockwise and pull away the cover from the body of the sensor.
  • Remove old batteries with your fingers.
  • Put two CR123A batteries in the slots. Position the positive (+) and negative (-) ends of the batteries as instructed on the detector.
  • Wait until the red lights blinks to light up. This detector should now show up on your list of paired devices.
  • Replace the cover and remount it back in place if previously unmounted.


8. Zen Thermostat

Replace the batteries in your Zen thermostat by the following steps.

  • Gently grip the thermostat display on both sides and pull away from the wall mount to break the hold of the magnets
  • Insert four AA batteries into the battery slots on the thermostat
  • Align the four screws on the thermostat cover with the magnets on the wall mount
  • Slowly ease the thermostat display back into place until the magnets connect with the screws
  • The display will become active and the thermostat will appear on the list of connected devices


9.  Visonic MCT-550 SMA Water Detector

Replace the batteries on your Visonic Water Sensor with the following steps.

  • Locate the screw on top of the sensor and use a Philips screwdriver to loosen it
  • Remove the cover from the sensor and the old batteries within
  • Place a CR2 battery into the slot taking care to match the positive (+) end of the battery to the positive (+) indicator marked on the slot
  • Once the battery is placed correctly, the red indicator will light up
  • Slide the cover back in place and screw to close
  • The sensor should appear on your touchscreen list of devices
  • Test the sensor to ensure that it is working as intended


10. CentraLite Wireless Keypad

Follow the steps given below to replace the batteries on your CentraLite Wireless Keypad.

  • Slide the keypad up to remove it from the wall mounting
  • Find the horizontal line on the battery cover and push against it until it moves
  • Remove the battery cover
  • Remove the old batteries
  • Place two CR123A batteries into the battery compartment
  • Align the cover as it was and slide it back in place
  • The keypad buttons and indicators will light up if the battery is in place
  • Arm and disarm your system to confirm that the keypad is working as intended
  • Reattach the keypad by sliding it into the wall mount


11. Sercomm XHS2-SE Door/Window Sensor

You can replace your Sercomm door/window sensor through the following steps.

  • To prevent a false alarm, disarm your security system.
  • Place a finger on the sensor cover, and slide it off horizontally.
  • Use your fingernail or fingertip to extract the spent battery.
  • Wait for five minutes. This is to clear any tamper alerts due to opening the sensor cover.
  • Insert the CR2450 battery, making sure to keep the negative terminal facing down.
  • Align the cover as it was and slide it back in place
  • If the battery and cover are properly replaced, a green light will appear on the sensor.
  • Confirm that the sensor is appearing as connected on your touchscreen or Xfinity Home app.


Xfinity Home Security is the perfect security solution to complement your home. It takes care of everything from home security solutions to home automation and everything in between. Keep in touch with your Xfinity Home devices to ensure that they are working properly. Most devices do let you know when the battery is low or if they need servicing, so you do not have to worry about missing something on your Xfinity Home system.

For more information, call Xfinity customer service at 844-207-8721

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. What is Xfinity Home security?

Xfinity home is an advanced home security and automation system. It brings you home security solutions as well as smart home automation services in one place, powered by the powerful xFi gateway device.


2. What sort of security services can you get with Xfinity Home? 

Xfinity Home offers security services of two types. You can either choose to get self-protection or professional monitoring of two different types. Pricing varies from plan to plan, you can see them here or call 1-844-207-8721 for more information.


3. How to change battery on my Xfinity home devices?

Different components of your Xfinity Home have different battery-changing processes. General steps involve removing a cover, replacing the battery while taking care of terminal alignment, and reattaching the cover and tightening any screws.