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Astound Broadband powered by RCN is a popular cable provider in the US, available in nine states with most of its coverage in Illinois, Massachusetts, and the District of Columbia. While pure fiber connections are not accessible everywhere and are expensive, many internet providers are offering hybrid-fiber coaxial networks. Astound Broadband powered by RCN also offers fast and reliable gigabit internet speeds over a hybrid fiber-coaxial connection.

From contract-free plans to unlimited internet, RCN is an excellent choice if you are looking for a reliable internet service. In this article, we look at how you can get in touch with RCN customer service. Let us get into it!

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How to Contact Astound Broadband by RCN Customer Service

Reliable customer service is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting an ISP. For this reason, Astound Broadband by RCN offers 24/7 available customer service. Here is how you can get in touch with RCN Internet customer service.

RCN Customer Service Phone Number

The easiest and quickest way of getting in touch with RCN customer service is by calling its phone number 844-343-1374. Available 24/7, RCN customer support staff is always there to help you. From selecting an internet plan to answering questions about TV network lineups, RCN customer service can help you with all your service related inquiries.

RCN Social Media

If you are a social media user, you can connect with RCN online through its social channels. RCN has Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts where it posts about the latest plans, company news, service updates, and more to keep customers updated. You can even post questions, raise queries, and interact with the rest of the RCN community on their social media accounts.

Live Chat

If you prefer texting to calls, you can live chat with an RCN customer service expert. The Live chat is the most hassle-free and convenient option for those of you who spend most of your day working from your laptop or phone.

Store Visit

If you would prefer in-person interaction with a customer service representative to a virtual session, you can visit an RCN store. From Boston to Chicago and Delaware County (PA), RCN has several stores and payments across its service map. You can visit the one nearest you for an in-person consultation. Click here to learn about the RCN store nearest you.

Before You Call The RCN Customer Service

It is best to keep your information handy before you get in touch with RCN customer service to save time or you will be scrambling on the call to collect the information needed. Make sure you note down your zip code, account number, the phone number associated with the account, social security number, banking details, and proof of previous correspondences before you call RCN customer service.

Additional Astound Broadband by RCN Support Features

RCN offers some incredible self-support features for its customers so they can solve minor internet-related issues on their own. Here are some of them:

Self-Service Feature

From managing your subscription to paying your bills and tracking your technician’s arrival, you can do it all with RCN’s self-service feature. All you need to do is register for a free account and you are good to go.

Knowledge Centre

RCN offers an extensive library of support information for its customers to consult in case they need help resolving minor internet issues. From equipment and bill payment options to password setup, this library offers you helpful guides on various topics.

There You Are!

From selecting the right internet plan to answering questions about bundles or services, your internet provider’s customer service plays a huge role. RCN realizes this and offers a quick, convenient, and reliable customer service experience that is second to none.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I contact RCN customer service?

The quickest way of contacting RCN customer service is by calling the RCN Customer Service Number. You can also get in touch with support staff via live chat or by visiting an RCN store.

How do I report RCN Internet outage?

RCN offers 24/7 locally based customer service that you can reach out to for all your internet woes. From updates on plans to internet outages, RCN customer support is at your service. You can call 844-343-1374, live chat with a representative, or connect with staff on social media.

How do I pay my RCN bill?

  • Log in to your RCN account and pay your bill. You can also set up autopay here.
  • Sign in to the RCN mobile app to pay the bill.
  • Make the payment by mail at P.O. Box 11816, New Ark, NJ 07101-8116
  • Pay your bill through RCN’s automated phone system.
  • Make an in-person payment at a nearby RCN retail store.