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Paramount Plus or Paramount+ is a premium streaming service. Owned by Paramount Global, this subscription-based video-on-demand (VOD) service is in a league of its own. Operating under the Viacom CBS Streaming means that the Paramount+ library boasts a large collection of both CBS and original Paramount entertainment options. This plethora of handpicked and exclusive online content ensures that there is always something for everyone to watch and enjoy – no matter what entertainment option they are looking for.

Xfinity is one of the largest internet and TV service providers in the industry with a footprint across 36 states and millions of subscribers throughout the nation. As luck would have it, Paramount Plus is available on both Xfinity Flex and the X1. In this article, we discuss some of the details about Paramount Plus on Xfinity and all that you can enjoy with it!


Is Paramount Plus Free on Xfinity?

Paramount Plus is a subscription-based service, which means you do have to purchase the subscription for the service separately. starts at $4.99 per month for the Essential Plan while the Premium plan is available at $9.99 per month and brings forth a lot more variety with fewer advertisements.

Alternatively, if you have a subscription to the CBS All Access service, you can enjoy Paramount Plus without having to pay anything additionally. All you will need to do is register to the Paramount + account on your Xfinity Flex or X1, and you are good to go!


How to Access Paramount Plus on Xfinity?

Since Paramount Plus is available on both Xfinity Flex and Xfinity X1, you can access it with internet-only plans as well as Xfinity TV plans. Xfinity Flex 4K streaming box could be paired with all Xfinity internet plans which is why any plan will automatically qualify you for the Paramount Plus. Stream all your favorite titles as much as you want without a single worry in the world.

Paramount Plus is also available alongside the Xfinity TV service, although it does need an Xfinity internet connection to work since it is a streaming platform. The exuberant Xfinity X1 gets you the ultimate TV experience, complete with integrated streaming and so much more. Enjoy Xfinity TV channels, on-demand, and stream to your heart’s content with the Xfinity X1 and the Xfinity award-winning voice remote at your service.


How to Use Paramount Plus on Xfinity?

While Paramount Plus is supported on Xfinity, there are certain conditions to meet before you can use the service on your system. These include:

  • A compatible Xfinity Flex streaming box (Models: Xi6 or XiOne Streaming box) or,
  • A compatible Xfinity X1 TV Box (Models: XG2v2, XG1v3, XG1v4, XiD, Xi5, Xi6 Wireless TV box)
  • An Xfinity Internet service (Any level)
  • A Paramount Plus subscription

Once you meet all the requirements on the list, you are good to go. Do check the above-mentioned model numbers to ensure that your Xfinity system will support OTT platforms like Paramount Plus. Some TV box models, such as the RNG150, Pace Xi3, Samsung XG2v2, Arris XG1v, and Pace XG1v1 do not support the app.


How to Sign Up for Paramount Plus on Xfinity?

Here are a few steps you need to follow to sign up for this premium streaming service through your Xfinity system:

  1. Press the Xfinity button on your remote
  2. Go to Apps
  3. Select Paramount+
  4. Go to the Try it Free option
  5. Enter any relevant details. You will be sent an activation code.
  6. Enter the activation code provided to you on to complete the signup process
  7. All done! You can start watching anything you want on Paramount Plus!


How to Sign in to Paramount Plus App on Xfinity?

Already have an account with Paramount+ and want to bring it to your Xfinity? It is quite simple. Just use the following steps to sign in to your streaming application.

  1. Press the Xfinity button on your Xfinity voice remote
  2. Select Paramount+ on the apps menu (or use voice command for Paramount+)
  3. You will be given the choice to sign in through the web or your TV
  4. If you sign in through the web, go to and enter credentials. You will receive a code, which you will have to enter on the Paramount+ website through a desktop or mobile device
  5. If you sign in through your TV, you can enter your details through the TV
  6. Once you sign in, you will not be asked to do so each time, so you are good to go!


Watch Your Favorite Titles on Paramount Plus!

Once you have set up your Paramount Plus account, get ready for unlimited entertainment options on the platform. There is a large variety of things that you can enjoy on Paramount Plus. Including top sports leagues, NFL on CBS Live, live news round the clock, docuseries, and thousands of movies and TV shows. Some crowd-favorite titles that can be found on Paramount Plus are given as follows:

  • AFC Champions League
  • Evil
  • Star Trek Discovery
  • iCarly
  • Halo
  • Honor Society
  • Grease
  • South Park
  • Infinite
  • Interstellar
  • Bay Watch
  • Scream

There are plenty more titles that you can enjoy, falling within various categories. You can search for your favorite options genre-wise and take it from there.



Paramount Plus is a renowned subscription-based streaming TV service. It is available both on Xfinity Flex and Xfinity X1 and only needs a good internet connection and a compatible TV or Flexbox to function. However, you do need a Paramount Plus subscription to access the catalog of content it has to offer. Even so, the pricing is quite convenient and affordable, starting at a mere $4.99 per month.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Paramount Plus free on Xfinity?

Paramount Plus is not free on Xfinity since it is a subscription-based service and does need an active subscription to work.


Does Paramount Plus have a trial period?

Paramount plus does have a 30-day trial period, where you can enjoy the service for a little time before you get it.


Is Paramount Plus on Xfinity?

Paramount Plus is available on both Xfinity X1 and Xfinity Flex. All you need is a compatible TV or streaming box and an Xfinity internet plan to use the service.

For more information, call Xfinity customer service at 844-207-8721.