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Ready to get started with another big year of NFL?

Well, the NFL Kickoff Weekend is here, and so is the special offer on the purchase of NFL Sunday Ticket. Whether it is your first time considering to buy the Sunday Ticket or you’re an NFL devotee who is just trying to grapple with the change in TV coverage, this article is focused on helping you understand how the NFL Sunday Ticket now works.

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What Is NFL Sunday Ticket?

For beginners, NFL Sunday Ticket is a premium sports package that boasts around 200 out-of-market Sunday games in total from the National Football League (NFL) regular season.

For die-hard football fans, this prized access to all regional Sunday afternoon games, not telecast by your local Fox, NBC or CBS affiliates, means you get to watch your favorite team play even when you do not live in the said team’s locality. So, if you’re a Green Bay Packers fan but don’t live in Green Bay, you’d still be able to watch them in action with a subscription to the NFL Sunday Ticket!

How to Get the NFL Sunday Ticket

DIRECTV was the exclusive carrier of NFL Sunday Ticket for around 30 years―a subscription to CHOICE or a higher plan allowed new customers free access to the celebrated sports package for the term of the promotion. However, 2022 was the last year for DIRECTV to exclusively distribute the NFL Sunday Ticket with its satellite TV packages―DIRECTV's new-customer offer of free access to NFL Sunday Ticket ended with the 2022-23 season.

The National Football League is now in a multi-year agreement with Google. Starting this year, it handed over exclusive distribution rights of the Sunday Ticket to YouTube TV and YouTube Primetime Channels. And, the NFL Sunday Ticket is now up for grabs with a special offer that ends on 9/19/2023!

DIRECTV packages

Here is how you need to go about it:

Subscribe to the YouTube TV base plan and purchase the NFL Sunday Ticket as an add-on. The base plan would give you access to over 100 live channels! Else, you can opt for the NFL Ticket as a standalone à la carte add-on with YouTube Primetime Channels―if you want, add other channel favorites or just keep things simple with the Sunday Ticket. If you do add channels to your subscription, you’ll be streaming them too via YouTube, but at a separate monthly fee.

Either way, based on your location, the NFL Sunday Ticket will give you access to all out-of-market games that your local broadcast TV affiliates won't air―so you can catch your favorite teams’ play no matter where you are located in the U.S.

Essentially, the National Football League’s partnership with YouTube has further digitalized access to out-of-market NFL games, and made it easier.

What is Included in the NFL Sunday Ticket with YouTube?

As we said, football fans who subscribe to the NFL Sunday Ticket with YouTube TV, also get to enjoy over 100 live channels―like ABC, CBS, NBC and ESPN. This means in addition to all the out-of-market games via the Sunday Ticket, you’ll also have ready access to the national broadcast of games, and events such as the Super Bowl―all thanks to the diverse YouTube TV channel lineup.

On the other hand, if you subscribe to the NFL Sunday Ticket as a standalone à la carte package via YouTube Primetime Channels, you won’t have access to the live channels―rather a range of 40+ streaming services and other add-ons that are available for subscription and consumption via the YouTube App. This means, for your local games and the big events that are televised on national networks, you will still need access to a selection of live channels.

That is why subscribing to the NFL Sunday Ticket with YouTube Primetime Channels is a more suitable option for sports crazy families that already have access to live channels via Cable or a DIRECTV package.

Whether you opt for the YouTube TV package with Sunday Ticket or take the YouTube Primetime Channels route, you do get the option to add on the NFL RedZone® at an additional fee.

DIRECTV package

With all that said, there are lots of value-adding features and attractive benefits that make the purchase of NFL Sunday Ticket with YouTube TV worth every penny―for cord-cutters it’s an ideal combo that does not include annual contracts or hidden fees, and does not necessitate a satellite dish or cable box to be installed for you to start streaming your NFL games. Cloud DVR that comes included in your YouTube TV package at no added cost, is another big perk.

Whether you purchase the NFL Sunday Ticket with YouTube TV or Primetime Channels, you can enjoy a host of features such as―access to real-time stats and insights that keep you on top of your game; Key Plays View to catch up on the game’s best moments; the ability to watch up to four games at once; and viewing your Fantasy Football metrics―all that is readily accessible so you can make this your best ever NFL season!

Here it is worth adding, the one feature many die-hard fans, who have enjoyed the premium sports package with DIRECTV in the past, are likely to miss is access to NFL Media. As a subscriber to DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket, you could tune into NFL Media that includes around-the-clock cable channels like the NFL Network, and RedZone. With YouTube TV, the Sunday Ticket does not include access to NFL Media. If however you are buying it in combination with YouTube TV, and not YouTube Primetime Channels, the base plan’s channel lineup will give you access to the NFL Network.

DIRECTV package

Live NFL Sunday Games on Your Favorite Devices

With the NFL SUNDAY TICKET you can stream on a range of devices compatible with the YouTube & YouTube TV App―depending on which way you’ve purchased the Ticket, a variety of options are available to you.

For instance specific models of streaming devices such as Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast with Google TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, and PlayStation are compatible with the YouTube TV app. And you can also stream your game on select makes and models of Smart TVs, Android phones and tablets running on Android 5.0 Lollipop and above, as well as iPhones and iPads running on iOS 11 or later.

As for the YouTube App that you’d need to stream the NFL Sunday games if you’ve subscribed to the Ticket via Primetime Channels, the range of compatible devices is only wider.

NFL Sunday Ticket with YouTube gives you unlimited simultaneous streams at home and 2 more for family members who may be on-the-go.

How Much Is NFL Sunday Ticket with YouTube?

With all that goodness packed inside one sports package, you must be wondering about the NFL Sunday Ticket price. Well, with YouTube TV it can feel pricey, considering you are required to subscribe to the YouTube TV base plan which costs $72.99 a month, and then add on the Sunday Ticket that is estimated to cost around $350 annually―and if you choose to go via YouTube Primetime Channels option, the annual cost is around $450. A monthly payment option is available in both cases which helps bring the upfront cost down, but it is not offered in all service regions.

With that said, the current promotion from YouTube earns you $50 in savings―if you sign up by September 19, 2023!

The good thing is students can subscribe to the streaming version of the NFL Sunday Ticket at a significant discount.

DIRECTV package

Is YouTube NFL Sunday Ticket Worth It?

As we said, until the 2022 season, NFL Sunday Ticket was exclusively distributed by DIRECTV and the top ranking satellite TV provider offered it free to new customers with all its packages except the starter―you could enjoy the entire season with DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket at no added cost. This was the biggest perk of having the NFL Sunday Ticket with DIRECTV―which we is no longer available.

With YouTube as the new exclusive carrier of the premium sports package, the NFL Sunday Ticket price may seem like a lot if you pay the lump sum. But, it is a bow-wrapped package for every hard-core football fan that gives you access to all Sunday games in one place. You get to celebrate the season with bowls of popcorn, beer, hotdogs, and the company of family and friends, straight from the comfort of your home.

Ways to Save on YouTube NFL Sunday Ticket

If you find the new arrangement of NFL Sunday Ticket with YouTube pricey check out these options:

Are you located in the WOW! service area, and also looking for reliable fiber-backed internet? This is the offer just for you. Combine any WOW! Internet speed tier with YouTube TV and save $10/mo. on your TV subscription―if you do it before 9/19/23 you can also enjoy the NFL Sunday Ticket add-on for $50 less!

And if you’d rather buy the NFL Sunday Ticket add-on with YouTube Primetime Channels to complement a DIRECTV package subscription, you can earn up to $400 in Visa Reward Cards! All you need to do is provide the proof of purchase of the NFL Sunday Ticket from YouTube, when you sign up for any DIRECTV package.

That is a bargain deal!

In addition to the out-of-market games with the YouTube NFL Ticket, you’ll enjoy all the perks and benefits DIRECTV plans have to offer―plus ready access to national broadcasts of NFL games and events such as the playoffs and Super Bowl with the versatile DIRECTV sports channel lineup.

The Endnote

While the DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket came free for new customers, and fans could enjoy a host of other value-adding perks alongside, its distribution moving to Google’s popular live streaming platform has not taken away from its worth.

It may feel pricey but for football fanatics, it’s never about the price tag of the NFL Sunday Ticket. They see right through the cost and focus on the heart of the experience―unlimited access to all NFL games! And the NFL Sunday Ticket is practically the only legitimate way football fans can watch their favorite teams play outside of their locality.

Now that you do understand how the NFL Sunday Ticket works with YouTube, take your pick of how you want to subscribe to it―with YouTube TV or via YouTube Primetime Channels―and place your order TODAY so you can make the best of promotional offers from YouTube and DIRECTV.


What is NFL Sunday Ticket?

NFL Sunday Ticket is a premium sports package that gives you access to over 200 out-of-market games from the National Football League regular season. You can get this package as an add-on with YouTube TV or as a standalone package with YouTube Primetime Channels.

How much is NFL Sunday Ticket price?

The YouTube TV NFL Sunday Ticket price is around $350 when you add it on to the YouTube TV base plan, and about $450 if you buy it à la carte with YouTube Primetime Channels.

How to get NFL Sunday ticket?

You can get NFL Sunday Ticket by purchasing it as an add-on for the YouTube TV base plan that costs $72.99/mo. and offers over 100 channels. And, you can also purchase it as a standalone package with YouTube Primetime Channels.

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