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Let’s picture this: you are trying to catch up on your favorite series after a long day at work and you start facing delays and buffering issues. Chances are, you will be exasperated to the core. If you happen to live in a remote region where high-speed internet services like cable, fiber, and DSL are hard to find, Hughesnet satellite internet might be the best option for you.

If you have been using a satellite network for the longest time, you might probably already be familiar with latency issues. Satellite internet is certainly not the ideal internet for gaming as it has high latency times that make your streaming and gameplay experience quite irritating and unpleasant.  However, if there are not many options for high-speed internet at your address, you can still play games with satellite internet. If you are wondering how, then let us tell you that there are ways to reduce your Hughesnet Internet latency and improve your internet speed.

So, instead of scratching your head every time your internet speed slows down when you are gaming, use the following steps to get rid of latency.

What is Latency?

Latency is hard to notice but everyone has to deal with it at one point or another. If you are someone who indulges in heavy online activities like gaming, streaming, then you might be able to notice it instantly.

Latency, also known as ping time, refers to the time it takes for a packet of data to transfer between a computer or a server, and for its feedback. It’s measured in milliseconds. Needless to say, experiencing high latency in the middle of a game or movie can be very frustrating.

Steps to Reduce Satellite Internet Latency

Now that you know what exactly latency is, it’s time to move on to the tips to fix latency on satellite networks.

Use a Wired Connection

This step cannot be understated. A wired connection is much more efficient than a wireless one as it transmits strong signals throughout the house. When it comes to wired connections, they involve the use of Ethernet cables. Once you start using the Ethernet cables, you will notice that the quality of signal gets maintained as received from the satellite network.

While on the other hand, the performance of a wireless connection is more likely to be affected because of several obstacles like electrical appliances, penetration to the walls, and not to mention, multiple floors.

Ethernet cables are reasonably priced so make sure that you use them as they will significantly improve the performance of your internet. When you connect directly through the Ethernet cable, you will be able to play games and stream videos to your heart’s content.

In case, you happen to reside in an area where there are not any options other than Hughesnet Internet service, it is recommended to use a wired Ethernet connection to your devices. When you use a wired connection, there is a good chance that you won’t face any interruptions while doing different online activities.

Try Checking on Obstructions

If you do not have acrophobia, then you should consider setting up a ladder and climbing to the elevation where your dish is placed in order to examine if it is working fine. Check if the dish is clear of debris, fallen leaves, branches or otherwise. You need to be careful, especially if it’s wintertime because chances are the snow deposits will be covering the dish.

Frost can disrupt the stability of your satellite internet connection. This is why it is crucial to clear away any snow, debris or grime on the dish. In addition to that, it is also important to ensure that there are no cracks, chips or other damage to the dish. Also, try keeping the dish at a point where there will be no obstruction.

Check If the Cables are Loose or Damaged

Once you are sure that there are no hindrances to remove, it’s time to check the cables running from your dish/receiver into your home. Sometimes you may experience latency because of loose or damaged cables. Consider repairing or replacing any damaged part of the dish.

You also need to look at the stand holding the dish. If you notice that it is unstable or shaky, you should fix it as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will keep running into internet-related issues.

Place the Dish in the Right Direction

In some cases, the wrong placement of the dish leads to latency issues. There is a certain direction that your satellite dish must face for it to work properly. Sometimes wind could change the direction of the dish, therefore, you end up facing serious challenges.

This is the reason why you will need assistance from a professional installer to change the angle of the dish. Only they can give you the exact directions.

Restart or Reset the Modem/Router

Sometimes the dish or the outside factors are not the main sources of latency issues. Your router or modem could be one of the reasons behind latency. To fix your internet equipment issue, you should follow the old adage: Turn the modem/router off and then turn it back on again.

Sometimes, there is a bug or error in your internet device which may cause latency. So when you simply restart the router or modem, it may speed things up. But if this tip does not work for you, then rebooting the equipment might help.

What you need to do is locate the reset button. You are more likely to find it on the back of your router/modem. Once the device starts to reset, wait for about 1 minute. As soon as the configuration ends, connect to the internet and start doing different online activities to check if the speed has improved. You could also run a speed test to determine the exact speed you are getting.

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Update the Firmware

It is crucial to have an updated router/modem’s firmware. If you fail to keep it up to date, you will run into different internet-related issues such as slow speeds, latency, and more. To check for updates, you need to type your device's IP address into your search bar, which will direct you to the internal settings page.

Next, click the option to update the router’s firmware. Once the firmware is updated, the connection problem will be resolved in no time. When you update your router’s firmware regularly, you will not only reduce latency on satellite internet but it will also protect you from online threats.

Final Words

Satellite connection is, without a doubt, good for small households that indulge in light internet activities. One of the downsides to satellite internet is that it is prone to high ping times, which keep its subscribers from playing online heavy games and streaming videos on multiple devices.

Therefore, we do not recommend using satellite internet for online gaming. But if you have no option other than satellite internet in you area, you can use the above-mentioned tips to reduce latency and do what you love online. In case the aforementioned steps do not work for you, reach out to Hughesnet customer service at 1-855-349-9309, they will give you the assistance you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest download speed Hughesnet Internet offer?

Each Hughesnet Internet plan delivers up to 50 Mbps* download speeds.

What is the fastest upload speed Hughesnet Internet offer?

No matter which Hughesnet Internet plan you choose, you will get up to 3 Mbps upload speeds.
Stated speeds are not guaranteed