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Formula One (often known as Formula 1 or F1) happens to be the biggest brand of international racing for open-wheel and single-seater formula racing cars. It is an international championship with some of the best racers from around the world.

The formula in Formula One racing refers to a set of fixed regulations that all participants’ cars must abide by. The Grand Prix uses a point system to determine two championships in these races – the drivers and the teams. Formula One is not just the fastest road-course racing ever but also one of the most thrilling with millions watching around the globe.

As the Formula One season for 2023 begins, we find ourselves looking for the best ways to catch the elite racing events on TV. Here is everything you need to know about watching Formula One in the U.S. in 2023!

Which Channels to Watch Formula One Racing On?

If you have access to a cable TV service in the U.S., you can basically watch all of the Formula One races on it. All you should have is an active TV subscription and an HD TV to enjoy the full experience of the excellent racetracks!

Quite a few channels air live Formula One races. These channels include ABC Channel, ESPN channel, and ESPN 2. This is offered via a simulcast of Sky Sports Grand Prix broadcast, which is free of commercials and lets you thoroughly enjoy the heat of the moment. Depending on the upcoming race, ESPNU OR ESPNEWS channels may also broadcast the Formula One practice runs before the main event begins.

For Hispanic viewers, Spanish commentary is available on ESPN Desportes with ESPNU and ESPNews carrying extra programming from F1 including practice sessions.

Which Streaming Services Carry Formula One Racing?

If you are not a fan of live TV or one of the many cord-cutters around the U.S. but want to enjoy the Formula One races, here is what you can do. Plenty of streaming platforms are now offering access to watch Formula One racing online – as part of live TV channels included with the service. If you are looking forward to enjoying the races this season without a TV subscription, here are some of our top picks for you!

Best Value – Sling TV

Sling TV is a very popular streaming service that offers entertainment in multiple genres. You can enjoy lifestyle shows, movies, TV series, programming for kids, exclusive sports, and a whole lot more on this service. Sling TV also offers live access to Formula One racing via the ESPN family of over Sky Sports simulcast. This programming is hence commercial-free, which is a very big plus in a world where almost every sport is interrupted by commercial breaks.

Sling TV is one of the best value streaming services in the U.S. market for all that it offers. Sling Orange, which is the starter plan for Sling TV, is priced only at $40 per month and comes with ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3. and a whole selection of other networks to keep you sated with loads of entertainment.

Best for the Full Formula One Experience: F1 Streaming App

The F1 App gets you the full Formula One experience whether you are at home or on the go. Relish your favorite races with the latest news, standings, real-time stats, Grand Prix schedule, results, technical analysis, live blog updates, and exclusive commentary on the F1 App. Transform your smart TV screen into an in-home cinema and watch all the cars in HD quality as if they are whizzing past your house!

The F1 streaming App is available in two tiers of service. The F1 TV Access is priced at only $3/month ($27/year) and comes with previous race stats, schedules, etc. However, it does not offer live programming of the races. If you do want to access that, you can subscribe to the F1 TV Pro for only $10/month ($80/year) and get all the special content you desire including live race streams.

Best for Formula One Racing & More: DIRECTV via Internet

If you are into streaming but looking for something with a unique twist, DIRECTV via Internet is a well-rounded service that gets you a taste of everything. You can enjoy premium and live Formula One racing with all the stats and commentary you wish to see.

Besides that, you can watch the F1 programming on ESPN and other networks that offer the racing championship. These channels are included in the DIRECTV via Internet plans and other than sports and F1, also get you a ton of other entertainment options.

DIRECTV via Internet plans start at $74.99 and the service is perfect for your home, especially if you own a cable TV plan. Watch all you wish to see and then some with DIRECTV via Internet and choose whatever plan you like best.

Best for Watching Formula One On the Go : ESPN+

If you're looking for an over-the-top subscription service to watch F1 races, there's none better than ESPN+. This platform has 25 million subscribers across the United States, and F1 is among the live sports featured regularly on this video service.

If you want to watch races from anywhere, go for the Hulu + Live TV package that comes with Disney+ and ESPN+. This way, you get access to 18 out of the 2023 season's 23 races live on your mobile device.

The iconic SportsCenter program will host pre and post race analysis for each event. What more could a motorsport fan wish for!

Formula One Racing: 2023 Schedule

Now that you know of all the channels and platforms that you can access the races on, let’s take a look at the packed and fun 2023 schedule of Formula One. This way, you can plan on days you want to block out on your calendar and only indulge in the racing goodness!



Time (E.T)


Bahrain Grand Prix

March 5, 2023

9:55 AM


Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

March 19, 2023

12:55 PM


Australian Grand Prix

April 2, 2023

12:55 AM


Azerbaijan Grand Prix

April 30, 2023

6:55 AM


Miami Grand Prix

May 7, 2023

3:25 PM


Emilia Romagna Grand Prix

May 21, 2023

8:55 AM


Monaco Grand Prix

May 28, 2023

8:55 AM


Spanish Grand Prix

June 4, 2023

8:55 AM


Canadian Grand Prix

June 18, 2023

1:55 PM


Austrian Grand Prix

July 2, 2023

8:55 AM


British Grand Prix

July 9, 2023

9:55 AM


Hungarian Grand Prix

July 23, 2023

8:55 AM


Belgian Grand Prix

July 30, 2023

8:55 AM


Dutch Grand Prix

August 27, 2023

8:55 AM


Italian Grand Prix

September 3, 2023

8:55 AM


Singapore Grand Prix

September 17, 2023

7:55 AM


Japanese Grand Prix

September 24, 2023

12:55 AM


Qatar Grand Prix

October 8, 2023

9:55 AM


United States Grand Prix

October 22, 2023

2:55 PM


Mexican Grand Prix

October 29, 2023

3:55 PM


Brazilian Grand Prix

November 5, 2023

11:55 AM


Las Vegas Grand Prix

November 18, 2023

12:55 AM


Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

November 26, 2023

7:55 AM


Information accurate as of publish date.

The Checkered Flag

If you are a live TV fan with an active TV subscription, ABC, ESPN, and ESPN2 channels are all you need to watch Formula One races this season. Practice runs and races are available on ESPNU and ESPNEWS with exclusive Spanish commentary on ESPN Desportes for the Spanish audience.

However, if you are more into live streaming of sports and races, DIRECTV via Internet, Sling TV, and the F1 App are what work best. Enjoy top-of-the-line programming with Formula One on these platforms with pricing starting as low as $10 per month. Streaming TV does require high-speed internet so make sure you have an internet plan that supports it and you should be good to go!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Formula One available on Amazon Prime Video?

Formula One is not available on Amazon Prime Video. However if you do want to enjoy the races on a streaming platform, Sling TV, DIRECTV via Internet, and the F1 App are the best picks. ESPN+ is also offering access to full Formula One programming this season so if you have a subscription, that would work as well.

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What internet speed do I need to live stream Formula One racing?

If you are looking to stream live TV to watch Formula One, you should have an internet speed of at least 10 Mbps with 4K streaming taking up to 20 Mbps of internet speed.

Check if your internet speed is good for streaming or call 855-349-9328 to upgrade your plan!