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Most of us are acquainted with ADT and its security systems, but the company offers a few unique solutions. One such fantastic invention is the ADT control app.

Getting Started

The ADT Control app was released in 2020. The app is ADT's next-generation security package for smart homes. However, millions of ADT Pulse customers who already use the service can continue to do so without switching or upgrading.

This article is a comprehensive user guide to assist you in getting the most out of your ADT Control App. Customers frequently inquire about the distinctions between ADT Pulse and ADT Control.

The Difference between ADT Control and ADT Pulse App

ADT Control is a smart home system that provides all the newest cutting-edge features and advantages. The ADT Command security panels pending future installations will run on the ADT Control App, which is a replacement for the older ADT Pulse App.


ADT has been a leader in home security for many decades. With a smartphone, you can now access the security status of your house even while you're away. In addition, you ensure your family members are safe and protected.

The ADT Control app helps you track who has access to your ADT home security system and whether it's been changed.

You can manage your ADT account and stay on top of your security from anywhere with your smartphone. The following are some of the benefits of my ADT app:

My ADT Works with iOS

Description of ADT Control on Apple Devices

The new ADT Control software, which was just introduced, upholds ADT's goal of offering new and inventive ways to safeguard what matters most.

ADT Control is a home monitoring system built on a cloud-based architecture that consists of multiple smart apps and associated ADT Control mobile apps. It's more than just an app; it's a new interactive service that seamlessly connects the primary devices on one platform in customer homes, so they work better together. For example, customers may use ADT to control a single home's security system, locks, lights, garage doors, and thermostats.

My ADT Works with Android

Description of ADT Control on Google Play

As inhabitants of the age of cutting-edge technology, we're reliant on it to improve our lives. A superb example is the Internet of Things. The ADT app builds on the concept of delivering a more intelligent security and automation system; let's refer to it as IoT Security.

ADT Control combines at-home, at-work, and mobile smart security and automation into a seamless experience. It allows you to use your ADT Command home or business security system globally, extending its efficiency. Beyond safeguarding what is most important to you, it provides a high level of security for your property or company.

So, What is ADT Control?

ADT Control is the most advanced application and software for home security management.

The ADT Control app lets you control your security through an automated system:

Create Scenes and Schedules to Bring It All Together

You can use the ADT Control software to build sequences and timings that give you complete one-touch control of your smart home or commercial security and automation.

Set up automation for arriving or leaving home or business

Download the App: ADT Control App Navigation

How to Use the ADT Control App?

The ADT app is straightforward to use and highly user-friendly. We'll go through some of the highlights, provide screen captures using the ADT Control mobile app, and share tips to optimize your experience of the ADT Command System. Let's have a closer look at the innovative software.

ADT Control App Main Screen

It includes the following:

ADT Control App Navigation Menu Bar

Menu Bar includes:

ADT Control App Selection

You can manage many ADT Security System commands under one account. This feature is excellent for people operating from several business sites, either working from home or having a workstation.

You may switch between systems you are in charge of in two ways. First, a drop-down menu or swiping through different systems you manage is available.

ADT Control App History of Recent Activity

You'll see a list of recent activities, with timestamps based on your choices. Click the filter icon to change the type of events you'd want to view and the timeframe.

Click the History Filter button to change the list of activities you wish to see.

ADT Control App ARM/DISARM and Security System Status

You can access the following features from your screen:

ADT Control App Scenes

Pressing the Scenes icon prompts the display of options for the different scenes you've created; here's an example of four scenes that you can create:

  • Away Scene: A moment to savor when the last member of our family is exiting
  • Home Scene: When everyone arrives back in the house
  • Sleep Scene: When everyone is going to sleep
  • Wake-Up Scene: When the smart home system starts its functions

You can also add custom stages.

Select Scenes from the ADT Control Home Screen, or choose it from the navigation bar on your automation device.

To ADD a SCENE... Click the button: Add Scene. You'll be taken to a screen where you can name the Scene and select the Devices option to add the devices you want to target. Devices available are:

ADT Control App Setup for Push Notifications

Your ADT smart home stays connected with you via customized alerts. The following may be notified using the ADT Control App:

Final Thoughts

We're enthusiastic about ADT Control since it enables you to manage everything from one single app—no more switching between numerous programs. It also works with ADT's new high-tech equipment.

My ADT platform continues to expand communication with more smart home devices. We're genuinely thrilled with how robust this software platform is while still making it easy to use.

As of October 2023, the ADT Control app has over 100,000 reviews on Google Play Store, with an impressive user rating of 4.8/5. Likewise, on the iOS App Store, it has a rating of 4.9/5 by over 470,000 users. This demonstrates that it gets the job done, and then some!


What can you do with My ADT Mobile App?

ADT's free mobile applications allow you to remotely control your smart security and home automation gadgets, connect with smart home platforms available on App Store or Google Play, and even use ADT security when you're on the go.

What is the Difference between ADT Control and ADT Pulse App?

ADT Control is a smart home system that provides all the newest cutting-edge features and advantages and is a replacement for the older ADT Pulse App.

Can I set up the ADT alarm on my phone?

ADT access control gives you remote monitoring on your smartphone, web-enabled computer, or iPad to ensure that your alarm works properly. It also allows you to be automatically contacted by email, text message, or mobile phone in case of any security issue.

Can you view the cameras on the ADT control panel?

ADT is very concerned with your privacy. Therefore, only approved users may view live videos or examine clips and photos. No one can access the photographs without your authorization.