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In today’s era, it can be difficult to pick a reliable internet service provider. Finding and committing to an ISP might be difficult for Americans because there are countless localized and nationwide ISPs available. However, when it comes to internet service, Ziply Internet is a reliable and well-liked option. Ziply Fiber is slowly climbing its way to the top when it comes to trusted household names in internet services.

Just as the name says, Ziply Fiber uses fiber optic internet technology to provide you with some of the fastest speeds across the U.S.! Ziply is currently available across four states in the Western and Northwestern U.S. Its major footprints are in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana at the moment. However, the provider is working on expanding its fiber coverage across the Northwest states.

Enjoy Superfast Speeds with Ziply Fiber WiFi 6 Router!

Ziply is offering some of the fastest internet speeds in the United States, amplified with WiFi 6 technology! Ziply Fiber’s WiFi 6 router has been designed to deliver the fastest WiFi in the industry. So, whether you’ve signed up for Ziply Fiber internet plans or are planning to, now you can enjoy more reliable connectivity, faster speeds, and higher capacity for all your wireless devices.

The best part? The WiFi 6 Ziply Fiber router is available for rental when you choose a fiber internet plan. For more details, please call 844-622-7230 or visit here!

How to Set Up Ziply Fiber Router – 6 Easy Steps

You can use a Ziply Fiber router with your Ziply Fiber internet subscription if you prefer to keep everything conventional and straightforward with your equipment. But where do you begin?

Well, here are 6 easy steps to set up your Ziply Fiber router instantly without any hassle – let’s dive in!

  1. First things first – unpack your Ziply installation kit and find a sticker on your router that has the new WiFi Network Name and Password written on it. Consider clicking a picture of that sticker, as you might need those details later to connect your smartphone, laptop or other devices to Ziply WiFi.
  2. For signal stability and robust coverage, place your router somewhere in the center of your home. Also, if you plan to connect your smart TV to the WiFi as well, then place it somewhere near, or next to your smart TV or set-top box.
  3. Now, look for a power cord in your installation kit and connect it to the Power Inport on the back of your router. Generally, it is the last port towards the bottom of the device. Once you are done, connect the other end of the power cord into an electrical outlet.
  4. If you are using a fiber router (which you most likely are), find the Ethernet port on the router and connect the Ethernet cable to it.
  5. Finally, press the power button to turn on your router.
  6. If your Ziply Fiber router is connected properly, then you will see the lights on the front of your router blinking on its own, once it comes online. However, it might take a few minutes. Once the light on the WiFi symbol turns solid green, you can start connecting your devices to the WiFi.

Note: Just in case, you wish to check Ziply Internet speed at your location, do take Ziply speed test by clicking here. For more details on Ziply Fiber Internet, please call 844-622-7230.

How to Connect Devices to Ziply Fiber WiFi Router

Any WiFi-enabled device can connect to your Ziply Fiber wireless network. Depending on the make, model, and operating system of a device, there are various settings and menu options. To locate a wireless signal and connect it to your smartphone, computer, tablet, game console, or another device, refer to the manufacturer's instructions.

Normally, you'll begin by checking the device settings (menu or app).

  1. Locate the network or WiFi menu. Select the option to enable WiFi if it isn't already.
  2. Select your Ziply Fiber home network from the list of available wireless networks.
  3. Put in your network password. The name and password of your home network are printed on a sticker attached to your Ziply Fiber router if you haven't changed them already.

How to Troubleshoot Ziply WiFi Router

While setting up the  Ziply Fiber router is a breeze, there may be instances when you might face a few issues in the process. Luckily, we’ve got quick fixes for the most common issues listed right down below.

Issue: General Connectivity Issues


  1. Ensure that the coaxial (coax) connections between the fiber ONT, aka Optical Network Unit, and the router and home wiring are firmly established.
  1. Ensure that the Coax cables are firmly connected to the router and wall.

Issue: Internet Light Is Not Solid

Depending on the type of connection, the internet light on the router may not be solid if the cable is loose, damaged, or plugged into the wrong port.

DSL Solution

Check the cables and if they’re not suitably connected, then plug one end of the GREEN line cord into the wall. Next, ensure attach the other end of your cable to your router's GREEN Ethernet port called 'DSL'.

Ethernet Solution

Ensure that the red Ethernet port on the router is connected to the white Ethernet cable (not to the yellow LAN Ethernet ports)

Issue: Unable to Establish a WiFi Connection


  • Confirm that the WiFi network listed on the sticker on the router's bottom is the one you are connecting to.
  • Double-check your WiFi password entry (the password is case-sensitive; turn off Caps Lock)

Issue: I Don’t Have a Dial Tone


Ensure that the phone line cord is connected to the white port on the back of the router that is marked "Phone Line". Just in case, the dial tone is still not available, call Ziply Fiber phone number at 844-622-7230.

Restart Your Modem or Router

  1. Press the router's power button to turn it off, or unplug the power supply.
  2. Wait for 30 seconds.
  3. Press the power button again or plug the device's cord into the outlet to turn it on.
  4. The front-facing lights will flash as the device is restarting.

Rebooting is the only way to disable your modem or router. Other than that, make sure to constantly have this equipment plugged in and turned on to ensure optimal operation of your Fiber services.

To Wrap It Up

Well, there you go!

We hope this brief guide helps you set up your Ziply Fiber router quickly and easyily! Just in case, you still need assistance or have any questions, get in touch with Ziply Fiber customer service at 844-622-7230.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I restart my Ziply Fiber Router?

  1. Press the router's power button to turn it off, or unplug the power supply.
  2. Wait for 30 seconds.
  3. Press the power button again or plug the device's cord into the outlet to turn it on.
  4. The lights will flash while the device is restarting.

For more details, please call 844-622-7230 or visit here!

My internet light is not solid. What should I do?

If it’s an Ethernet connection, make sure that the red Ethernet port on the router is connected to the white Ethernet cable (not to the yellow LAN Ethernet ports) and if it’s a DSL connection, plug one end of the green line cord into the wall. Next, attach the other end of your cable to your router's green Ethernet port called 'DSL'

How do I personalize my router?

Enter "" into your browser to start the router’s main status page, where you can modify your settings like your Wi-Fi name or password.

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