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The past couple of years have made the significance of having a steady internet connection at your home absolutely clear. Along with finding the right Optimum internet package, you'll also want a dependable Optimum internet box managing your in-home wireless connection.

The good news is once you sign up for an Optimum internet plan, the provider will give you the option to lease a wireless gateway modem device with the router built-in. While the model you get depends on the plan you select and the network type, select Optimum plans may come with a Wi-Fi 6 router, which can offer better performance than older routers.

That said, there may come a time when the Optimum wireless gateway device that you are connected through comes to a halt—leading to webpages that won’t load, videos that keep buffering, and blood pressure that continues to shoot through the roof. Running an Optimum speed test will allow you to get a detailed look at the connection's issues. The most common solution in such situations is to reset your Optimum internet box to get back on track.

First Things First: Complete All Preliminary Checks

If connectivity issues are the primary reason why you are resetting your Optimum equipment, use this checklist for the most effective results:

  1. Check if all cables are properly plugged in. Loose connections weaken the signal. A good rule to go by is "finger-tight” connections to both the wall outlet and the equipment. Ensure the equipment is powered on, and no fuse has blown in the power outlet. Plus, also look for any worn-out wires, and replace them if necessary.
  2. Make sure the equipment is placed as close to the center of your home as possible—away from all hindrances such as metal objects, electronic devices, concrete walls, etc.—because these can interfere with the Wi-Fi signals. The wireless signal must not face any physical obstructions upon transmission from the Optimum gateway device. If it does, you may not get a dependable connection on your Wi-Fi-enabled device(s).
  3. Verify that you are trying to connect to your Optimum network with the correct credentials. Meaning the correct network name and password. If you forget your network info, you can get it from net/router.

Reset Your Optimum Internet Box

If you don’t find anything out of place from the checkpoints listed above, it is finally time to go ahead and reset your Optimum internet equipment.

Modem & Router/Gateway

Whether you are using a single wireless gateway device or two separate pieces of equipment, follow these steps to reset your device(s):

  1. Power off your Optimum gateway device or modem & router by removing the power cord that is plugged in at the back.
  2. Once the connection disconnects, all status indicator lights should go off. If this doesn’t happen, your device may have a battery power supply, which you’ll need to remove.
  3. Wait for a couple of minutes before you reinsert the battery. And, reconnect your device(s) to the power source.
  4. Be patient, and let your modem take its time to power up. Once it’s done, all status indicator lights on your device(s) will become stable—indicating that it is now powered and connected to the internet.
  5. Once your equipment has properly rebooted, check if all your wireless devices are back online and test your internet connection.

When to Reset Your Optimum Internet Equipment?

You may think it’s wise to reset your modem & router or the gateway device every time you have a lag in connectivity, and you’re not wrong. Resetting your internet equipment is one of the first things to try if you are facing connectivity issues. While there is no definite rule on the matter, a simple reset will often restore your internet connection quickly and get you back to your normal load times in a minute or two.

We would suggest you do this once every two months to easily maintain a stable internet connection and effortlessly wipe out any router impairments. We would say this is one habit you must try to cultivate. And, if you think you may forget the task, you may set reminders.

There You Are!

Who doesn't need a smooth in-home connectivity experience along with well-functioning equipment that Optimum internet offers? Of course, all of us have a dire need to get a robust internet connection to perform our daily online activities. But nothing can be more terrifying than not being able to take full advantage of the Optimum internet speed you’re paying for—just because of some issue in your Optimum internet box.

Therefore, we would recommend you reset your Optimum gateway device whenever your internet performance is not up to the mark or you feel your home is not properly blanketed in wireless internet signals. And if, however, at some point you wish to speak to an Optimum customer service representative, call at 1-844-520-8978. For services in Spanish, reach out to an expert at 1-844-527-5633 for pro support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1.  How do I activate my Optimum modem?

Visit and follow the instructions that appear on the screen to activate your Optimum modem. For this, you will need to have your 13-digit Optimum account number—mentioned on your Optimum bill.

  1.  Can you buy a router and use it with Optimum internet?

Yes, Optimum is one of several providers that allows you to use your own equipment. That said, using your own Optimum compatible modem and router will limit service upgrades and technical support.

  1.  How do I reconnect my Optimum WiFi?

The best way to resolve this problem is to reboot your Optimum equipment. If that doesn’t fix the issue, you may have to look for other probable causes. Maybe, your router needs a firmware upgrade. Or, you may need to update the wireless adapter driver on the device which is facing issues. And if faulty hardware is causing the problem, then you should replace your router.

  1.  How do I refresh my internet connection?

First, turn off your computer. Then, turn off your router and modem. Wait for about 15 seconds. Plug in your modem and wait for a couple of minutes. Repeat the same for router. And then, turn on your computer. This simple trick gives your devices a much-needed break and refreshes your internet connection.

       5. How do I fix my internet box not working?

If your Optimum internet box is not working, reset it by removing the power cord from the back of your device, and wait for a couple of minutes. After that, reconnect it to the power source. Wait until all lights on the modem turn on and become stable.