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What do most of us need after having a long, tiring, filled with lots of work day? Of course, it must be something to relax and cherish our soul and body. Many people prefer to go to the gym to exercise or go swimming and yoga to relax whereas others like to take body massages and warm water showers to get rid of fatigue.

However, the rest either like to glue to the TV screen or play online games or chat with their loved ones. Such people usually go for perfect TV solutions like Xfinity TV. If you are among those who want nothing but to kick back whatever hardships or fatigue they have been through all day and just want to watch their favorite content to rejuvenate their mind then it’s fine to pay big bucks for the quality-based cable TV packages.

In contrast, it does not make any sense to pay off huge charges for any TV packages like Xfinity TV packages when you are not really into watching cable TV.  But still, most of you are bound to pay for the services or features you or your family are not utilizing.

We can understand how awful it may be for the breadwinners to take a hefty amount from their pockets every month to pay for something that they don’t even stream or watch. Considering this situation we have produced this blog to provide aid to those who are struggling with the same issue.

Although whatever tips and tactics we are going to address in this blog will work as a savior for the subscribers of Xfinity only. So, if you are one of them you have landed at the right stop which will take you to your destination smoothly.

We have tried our best to bring every single piece of knowledge that could help you to avoid the practice of paying Xfinity TV fees every month.

A Bitter Reality!

If you are already an Xfinity subscriber you must have witnessed that the ISP often unexpectedly charges you with an additional fee mentioned in your bills that you are bound to pay. However, commonly such an unexpected rise in monthly bills is the result of programming costs not the excessive usage of your cable TV package.

As you may know the broadcast fee you pay for any TV plan is the charge you are obliged to pay every month to local stations and affiliates of national networks such as CBS, NBC, Fox, and others that are broadcasting these channels. Xfinity has two options: either pay the local broadcast stations of these major networks or not carry their channels at all.

In the interests of the consumer, Xfinity chooses to carry these popular networks’ local feeds. However, that means the broadcast fee charges are passed on to you, the consumer.

The fee you pay includes charges from channels and broadcast stations. This can escalate the expected charges of your monthly bills to a heavy fee. Therefore, you should be well aware and focus on channels you or your family are streaming on regular basis throughout the month.

We would say that it is a cable TV service provider's responsibility to notify you in advance about any rise in customers' monthly bills because such increases will directly influence the availability and accessibility of channels.

Now let’s move back to the topic!

So, if you are an Xfinity cable TV subscriber and are on the same boat worry not because we have arrived to safeguard you from paying for the features you are not using. Want to know more? Keep reading this blog until the end!

Pro Tips to Get Rid of Broadcast TV Fee with Xfinity TV

Let’s start with the obvious! Yes. The very basic thing you can do on your way to get rid of paying broadcast TV fees is to cancel out all the services you have acquired in your TV package. We want to mention here that the key reason to bear the broadcast TV fee is your accessibility to local channels provided by your cable TV service provider.

Provided that you have subscribed to any TV tier you are bound to pay the fee for the TV service. Plus, NBC, CBS, and ABC are the most common local channels. If your TV plan’s channel lineup has these broadcast networks in your base package you will see the extra charges issued in your monthly bill.

Xfinity TV: Points to Remember

Most of you struggle to find the reason this extra fee is levied every month against your TV package but we would like to clarify that the federal or local government is not collecting the additional fee. Essentially, the Cable Television Consumer Protection and Competition Act of 1992 is the reason the broadcast TV fee exists on your bill. This Federal law obligates cable TV companies to carry the signals of commercial local TV stations.

The Corporate Eye

The broadcast fee you are paying every month in your bill is unjustified. If you are curious to get the answer you need to acquire in-depth knowledge. But we would like to warn you that the reality you will be exposed to by the end of your quest is unsettling.

Long story short, the broadcast TV charges you pay in your monthly bill are being passed onto you, the consumer despite being a cost of doing business for Xfinity. Instead of bearing the costs from its own revenue, Xfinity makes you pay the local affiliates of networks to deliver their channels to you.

The local broadcast stations, and affiliates of major networks are also making money unfairly. They’re broadcasting these signals over the air, for free, based on a frequency spectrum assigned by the federal government. Yet they want Xfinity to pay them to carry their networks.

Under the Act, the FCC obligates cable TV providers to carry local broadcast signals. Thus the cycle of the Broadcast TV fee is completed.

You can check out the charges Spectrum is taking from its subscribers and can compare them to the charges Comcast is taking from its customers right away. Therefore, we would like to advise you to always undergo thorough research work and read all the precise information mentioned on bills and contractual documents to prevent yourself from such nasty tricks of the corporate world before subscribing to any cable TV service.

Getting Rid Of This Fee

It is difficult thing to come up with a quick and practical solution to avoid paying the fee. However, we must say that there is still a glimmer of hope as Comcast has sued to charge additional fees from its subscribers, leaving no room for the cable provider to quit this unethical practice.

So, it is needless to say that sooner or later other cable TV service providers showing good faith will give up this practice before the government amends the Act, allowing providers to forgo carrying the local broadcasts of national networks.

Get Third-Party Services

We would like to recommend you all to coordinate with the customer service representative of your ISP or talk to a third-party service provider to get this issue resolved on your behalf such as bill fixer firms.

However, if you are an Xfinity subscriber, things will be much easier for you. How? Well! We know how perfect, cooperative, and active Xfinity Customer Service is. They will promptly resolve your issue but in case they told you that your bill is non-negotiable you should reach out to any bill fixer company to turn the tables on Xfinity.

The Cable Company Insights

You must have heard about the 2013 incident when a well-reputed internet service provider in the USA had come up intending to recover charges and losses from local broadcasters, titled the Broadcast TV surcharge. It was the company's initiative to follow in the footsteps of another company, DIRECTV.

DIRECTV had imposed the regional sports fee and depicted it as the compensation fee of sports channels.


Hopefully, you have now acquired enough information to understand the hidden realities behind the extra fee you are paying every month. Acknowledging the facts, you must have learned that the only way to get rid of the extra fee is to quit your cable TV network. Otherwise, you will be left with two choices: either keep bearing broadcast TV fees or drop all cable TV subscriptions.

The choice is yours!


How do I pay my Xfinity bill?

You can easily pay your Xfinity TV and internet bill both online through My Account or you can click here to gather the necessary information.

What is the cheapest Xfinity TV package?

Xfinity TV Choice is the cheapest package that is available for just $20/month. Keep in mind that this price may vary as per location and is applicable with no term agreement. Plus, paperless billing and automatic payments are required.