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Internet security is extremely important, and continues to be even more so, with how almost everything is done over the internet. This is exactly what makes a secure home network so vital when it comes to protecting all your internet-based activities from prying eyes and suspicious presence.

The Optimum Internet service offers a secure connection―as a new Optimum subscriber you’ll be happy to know the Optimum network now has built-in security to protect your online experience. There is no added cost for this safety measure designed to keep you secure from online threats such as malware, viruses and phishing. However this layer of protection at the root, does not undermine the importance of keeping your Optimum home network safe. You must ensure your Optimum WiFi password and network details are kept secure.

In this article, we discuss how to update your Optimum WiFi password, and network name, modify network settings, and more via the Optimum router. Let us get right in!

Change Your Optimum WiFi Password/Network Name

As a new subscriber it is critical that you update the default network name (SSID) and password that comes printed on the label at the back of your Optimum router. And, it is a healthy internet practice to keep changing your home WiFi password every 60 days. This helps keep away hackers who may guess your password, and freeloaders who may stream content using your network and slow you down in return.

While changing your Optimum WiFi password is important, it may be tricky, especially if its your first time. Here is a little guide on how you can change your network password on Optimum. You can do it on the online portal, through the Optimum Support app, and even through the Optimum One/ TV box.

Change Optimum WiFi Password through Online Portal

  1. Go to the Optimum website and sign in with your Optimum credentials
  2. Navigate to My WiFi network > More
  3. Enter your new network name and/or password and Save the updated info. Your WiFi network name can be up to 32 characters long―and it is case sensitive.

Change Optimum WiFi Password through the Support App

  1. Log into the Optimum Support app with your Optimum credentials
  2. Select WiFi and go to Settings
  3. Click on EDIT, enter your new WiFi password, and network name if required. SAVE the updated information.

Change Your WiFi Password through Optimum One/ Optimum TV Box

  1. Press the Home or Altice button on your remote to display the Main Menu.
  2. Go to Settings > Internet, and press SELECT
  3. Search for My Home WiFi, and press SELECT
  4. Next, highlight Password, and press Here you can change to a new password. And, in the same section you can update the WiFi network name.

Do remember once you’ve updated your network name and Optimum WiFi password, you must reconnect all devices―including any Optimum TV boxes―using your new password on each. This is a perfect way to get rid of intruders who you certainly do not want hanging around your network.

Can I Access and Modify Other Optimum Router Settings?

You can access your Optimum router settings to update information, such as your home network details, as we have outlined above. For complete control over the settings, you must use your own router in conjunction with the Optimum-provided gateway device. The wireless gateway you receive from Optimum only allows for limited access.

Troubleshoot Your Optimum WiFi Network

If your Optimum WiFi network runs into connectivity problems, you can always try to troubleshoot with some simple to follow DIY steps, before you start seeking Optimum customer support.

  1. Check if the problem is with one or more devices: The first thing to look for is if loss of connectivity is an issue with just one device, or all connected devices are facing a problem. If its all devices in your home, there is no wireless or wired connectivity at all, and your gateway shows no indicator light for incoming internet, it is likely there is an outage in the area. Otherwise, you can carry out checks on cables, connections, power outlets and circuit breakers―and also confirm you’re connecting to the correct network.
  2. Check for outages: Checking for an Optimum outage is easy―log into your Optimum account, and you’ll find the Support tab in the upper right hand corner. Click on Check for Outages in this section, and find out if there is a service disruption in your area. There is also an interactive map available for subscribers to check the service status in their area.
  3. Reboot your internet equipment: If there is no outage either, and all measures you’ve taken fail to work, reboot your WiFi gateway device. Just unplug it from the power source and wait for 30 seconds before plugging it back in. The reboot usually fixes minor problems, although if it is something bigger, you may have to contact Optimum customer support.

Optimum customer service gives you a number of ways to contact for support―find the channel of communication that suits you the best, and get in touch.


It is super easy to change your WiFi network name or password with Optimum. But if even after updating your network name and Optimum WiFi password, and/or troubleshooting wireless connectivity in your home, you believe you are receiving slower speeds than expected, and something or someone is bringing your network speed down, go for an Optimum Internet speed test. Often our internet consumption creeps up without us realizing, and it is only reasonable to determine whether it’s a slow connection or we’re in need of more speed. For information on an upgrade, call at 844-520-8978.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is my Optimum ID and password?

When you sign up for Optimum, you are provided with an account number that is printed on your billing statement, installation or store receipt. Using this account number you are advised to create your Optimum ID and password to help you manage services on your own. With an Optimum ID you can access and update your account information, view billing statements make payments, control WiFi settings, and more.

How can I change my Optimum WiFi password?

You can change your Optimum WiFi password online in three simple steps:

  1. Go to the Optimum website and sign in with your Optimum credentials
  2. Navigate to My WiFi network > More
  3. Enter your new network name and/or password and Save the updated info.