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Have you forgotten your Cox wifi password? Or you need to set or change a password for your network for the first time? Needless to say, your Wi-Fi network without a strong password allows hackers to steal your personal and sensitive information. And, not only does your sensitive personal information become vulnerable to hackers, but they can access the sites you frequently visit, what you post online, which links you click on, and more. What is worth paying heed to is that you can end up inviting hackers with an unprotected network, even if you have the best internet connection in place.

Moreover, when your Wi-Fi password is weak, you are likely to have strangers in range accessing it, leading to unexplained network congestion, data consumption and slower speeds.

So, if you genuinely wish your Cox wifi network doesn’t make it easy for intruders to penetrate it, it’s high time you secured it.

Wondering how you can do that? Well, to start with you sure need to set a strong password since it is a major component of your network security. And, to help you do exactly that today we’ll walk you through the process of changing your Cox wifi password.  

Let’s First Find Your Default Cox wifi Password

The first thing you need to do is to find the default password to your in-home Cox Internet network―that is if you never got around to resetting it so far. And, here is how you can locate it:

    Change the Cox wifi Password via Router Interface

    There is more than one way to change your Cox wifi password―let us first outline how you can do so by logging into your router’s interface:

      Change the Cox wifi Password via My wifi Web Portal

      Are you using any of the following wireless devices provided by Cox with your Cox Internet subscription?

      Arris DG2460 | Arris TG2472 |Arris TG1682| Cisco DPC3825 |Cisco DPQ3925 |Ubee DDW365 |Ubee DDW366 |Ubee DVW326  

      If yes, you are eligible to access My wifi―My wifi provides a comprehensive view of your Cox wifi network, and as a Cox account holder you can manage your in-home wireless network via

        Change the Cox wifi Password via Panoramic wifi Web Portal & App

        The Panoramic wifi web portal allows you quick and convenient management of your in-home network, connected devices, profiles, parental controls and more. So if your Cox Internet subscription came with a Panoramic Gateway like the Arris TG1682 or Technicolor CGM4141/CGM4331, take these steps to change the Cox wifi password:

          Cox Cable Internet subscribers, who are using the Panoramic Gateway, can change their Cox wifi password via the Panoramic wifi app as well―the process you need to follow is the same as with the web portal above:

            Tips for Creating a Strong Password

            Internet has been a part of our lives over a decade, yet we haven’t learned our lesson about online security. In order to protect yourself from data breaches, it’s crucial to set a strong password―it does not only help you keep your personal info safe, but protects your emails, files, and other content.  

              Reach out to Cox Customer Service

              If you encounter an error and cannot change the password even if you follow the above steps, you can always reach out to Cox Customer Service. Cox representatives will guide you to a resolution as necessary.

              Whether you need help with changing your Cox wifi password or you are looking to switch to Cox internet service, explore Cox internet packages and deals, the Cox customer service staff strives to make your pre & after sales experience hassle free.

              With that said, we hope you find this article helpful when you set out to changing your wifi name and making your in-home network as secure as can be!