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As one of the leading service providers in the US, Spectrum has been rigorously working toward becoming all-digital. It has successfully kept up with the fast pace advancements of digital technology. From high-speed Spectrum internet to affordable Spectrum cable TV packages, it is no surprise that they have also jumped on the bandwagon and now offer its subscribers the facility of a cable box. The Spectrum cable box allows you to watch your favorite digital content such as your favorite TV show on Netflix on your television set.

However, accessing Netflix and other apps on the cable box is sometimes unclear for many new users. If you are one of them, then this guide on how to get apps on Spectrum cable box will help you out.

How Does The Spectrum Cable Box Work?

If you wish to stream digital content via Spectrum internet on your non-smart television set, then a cable box is a must. Regular or older models of TV sets require a cable box to translate digital signals into analog signals that are readable by the TV. Meanwhile, smart TVs have this feature built-in them, so an external cable box is not needed. With a Spectrum cable TV plan and a smart TV, you do not necessarily require a Spectrum cable box.

Spectrum has made efforts to make things less complicated for you. They provide you with cable boxes that are compatible with their cable TV services and can be installed with your TV set. You don’t need to buy the device separately, you can just rent it out and pay a certain fee to Spectrum. You can get these Spectrum-compatible devices with your Spectrum cable TV plans and packages.

How To Add Apps On Spectrum Cable Box?

You deserve to enjoy a top-notch TV experience with your Spectrum cable TV. Here are 2 methods you can use to access and enjoy Netflix on your cable box and stream digital content seamlessly with Spectrum internet.

  • Method 1
  1. Use the Spectrum remote, and open the Menu option on your TV screen
  2. Go to Apps or Applications
  3. Search for the Netflix app that comes pre-installed in the cable box
  4. Sign in to or Sign up for your Netflix account
  5. Let the app launch, and start streaming your favorite content


  • Method 2
  1. You need to access Netflix by either channel 1002 or 2001
  2. Select the channel with the Spectrum remote
  3. From the channel, select the Netflix app and press OK
  4. Sign in to or Sign up for your Netflix account
  5. Wait for the app to launch and start streaming

How To Exit Netflix Without Logging Out

As new users, you may not find it easy to sign out every time you close the Netflix app. This can get pretty annoying as you have to sign in every time you wish to use the app. We have a fix for that too!

Here is how you can close or exit the app without having to log out.

  1. Go to the Netflix home page/main page
  2. Press the Back or Return button on your remotes. Some models have a reverse arrow displayed instead
  3. A gear icon will appear on the side panel.
  4. Select Exit
  5. Press OK, wait for the app to close

While you are using Netflix on your Spectrum cable box, there are a few features and versions of the app that may or may not be compatible with the cable box. Therefore, here is a list of Netflix features that you can enjoy on your Spectrum cable box.

Final Thoughts

The fact that currently, only Netflix is available as a video-streaming app on Spectrum cable box might put some people off. But Netflix alone is a top-quality streaming platform that is all about the hot trends these days, so you will be getting pretty good value out of it. It is important to follow the earlier mentioned steps with patience and understanding. If you are new to a cable box or Spectrum services, you might take a short while to get used to it. Using the ever-ready Spectrum customer service will definitely make things easier for you. You can call them at the Spectrum phone number 1-844-481-5997 to learn more about their cable TV, internet, and Spectrum cable box services.