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Table of Contents

  • __Hargray Communications: A Cursory Overview
  • __Does Hargray Communications Offer Self-Install Kits for Internet & TV?
  • __How to Self-Install Hargray Internet?
  • __How to Self-Install Hargray cable TV?
  • __Final Words
  • __Frequently Asked Questions


Are you considering to move to South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama or Florida? And, are you planning to switch to a new provider that hooks you up with reliable speeds, essential TV networks and feature-rich phone? Then feel free to place your trust in Hargray Communications.

Hargray Communications: A Cursory Overview

Hargray Communications is a regional ISP earning its deserved share in markets across 4 states under the spotlight of its high-speed internet, TV, and phone services. Hargray specializes in delivering high-speed internet services to residential and business consumers. Its footprint comprises of a variety of internet types - Fiber, Cable, DSL and Copper. Copper connections are however limited to businesses. While for residential consumption its Fiber-powered cable broadband and pure Fiber services are the most widely available. 

Whether you find yourself located in its Fiber footprint or Cable, either way, don’t worry. Even if you bring home cable broadband from Hargray, the fact it is delivered over a Fiber-rich network would make all the difference. You would be able to experience download speeds up to 1 GIG, and not as much of a peak hour slow-down. The only drawback could be the lower upload speeds. But don’t fret, it’s still sufficient to upload heavy files and game without sticking in snags. Plus there is always a chance pure Fiber from Hargray may soon reach your vicinity.

Does Hargray Communications Offer Self-Install Kits for Internet & TV?

Self-installation enables you to be in control of how quickly you can begin using your newly brought-in Hargray Internet service. We would encourage you to call in the experts to take care of the installation process, in order to avoid any bottlenecks. But, if your routine doesn’t see eye-to-eye with professional installation, you sure are free to opt for the Hargray Self Install option which works on your convenience.

Before we get on with the self-installation process, let’s quickly run through the installation charges. Hargray Communications charges $50 as an upfront installation fee. A professional walks in to install the service and setup the equipment for you. If $50 seems a lot, check for current Hargray promotional specials which may at times include a waiver. Ask the Hargray representative you’re dealing with for any such offer that saves you money and still lets you reap the benefits of professional installation.

If you’re still in the mood to install the equipment by yourself then you’re free to do that. While, there are no such ‘self-installation kits’ that we know of, the process to install Hargray Internet is a no brainer, really. Just follow the steps that we’re about to take you through and you’ll be using your brand new internet connection in no time.

How to Self-Install Hargray Internet?

  1. Begin by disconnecting your old modem. Disconnect the modem from the AC electrical outlet. If there’s a router connected, make sure to unplug it as well.
  2. Now, disconnect the coax cable connected to the wall-jack from the back of your old modem, alongside any Ethernet cables you may have connected. Also if there are phone cable(s) connected to the modem, make a note of the port(s) where the phone cables were plugged in. At this point you’ll also need to disconnect your existing WiFi router from the modem.
  3. Now, connect your new Hargray provided modem. It is an all-in-one wireless modem which means you won’t need a separate router.
  4. Turn the modem around, and plug in the coax cable coming from the wall-jack. Make sure it’s secured tightly.
  5. If any, connect the Ethernet cables to your new modem. And, if you’re using the Hargray home phone service, plug in the phone cable(s) in the right port(s) as well.
  6. Connect the power cord to the new modem. And then plug it into an AC electrical outlet. Your Hargray provided modem should turn on automatically.
  7. Since your modem is new, it may take about 10 minutes to setup and connect to the internet. The Online LED indicator at the front of the modem will turn solid green once your modem is ready to use.
  8. If you’re considering to continue using your existing non-Hargray WiFi router, you’re even free to do that. Just plug it into an AC power outlet, and connect it to the new Hargray modem via an Ethernet cable.
  9. Your Hargray Internet is now all setup to connect your wireless devices.

Now, what if for some reason, you’re not satisfied with Hargray Internet? Well, Hargray offers a 30-day Money-Back guarantee. Your subscription is risk free. You can call it off within the first 30 days of service installation/activation, and Hargray will refund you.  

How to Self-Install Hargray cable TV?

Hargray TV offers 2 types of TV services - cable TV and an IPTV. Channel lineups may vary between the two, but either way you get programming from a wide range of genres. From news to entertainment, kids’ networks to sports, Hargray TV has something to watch for every member in your family.

The TV equipment offered by Hargray is varied too. A basic Digital Transport Adapter comes cheap, but only connects you to your Cable service. The variety of newer HD/DVR set-top boxes may cost you a little, but offer many cool features such as an interactive on-screen TV guide, On Demand, DVR, Pay-per-View, etc.

Let’s run you through the Digital Transport Adapter setup here:

Installing Hargray Cable TV via Digital Transport Adapter

  1. Hargray TV self-installation Kit includes: an instruction manual for the device, an instruction manual for the remote control, coax cable, the digital adapter, remote control, HDMI cable, power cable, and an IR sensor.
  2. Begin the installation process by unplugging your TV from the power source.
  3. Plug the coaxial cable from the wall outlet into the Cable In port at the back of the Digital Transporter Adapter.
  4. Now, take the coaxial cable that came in the DTA kit and plug it into Cable TV Out The other end of this cable would connect to the Cable In port on your TV.
  5. Now, take your IR sensor and plug it in the IR In Your IR sensor must be placed on your TV, such that it maintains line of sight with the remote control.
  6. If you view TV in HD, take the HDMI cable that came with the self installation kit and insert it into the HDMI The other end of the cable would go into your TV’s HDMI port.
  7. To program your remote control with the TV, refer to its instruction manual.
  8. Now plug the power cord into the device, connect to a power outlet, and have fun!

For the variety of newer HD/DVR set-top boxes, you’ll have to follow the setup instructions for each as specified. But in general, the process is pretty similar. And also not much unlike how the Digital Transport Adapter gets set up - you establish a connection between the HD/DVR set-top box and the coaxial cable from the wall outlet. And then between the set-top box and your TV. The ports you are likely to find on these boxes are also pretty similar to what you see on the DTA - Cable In, Cable Out, HDMI, Power etc.

Final Words

Now that we’ve familiarized you with the basics of self-installing Hargray Internet and cable TV, we think you’re good to try it out yourself. Then why not save on upfront costs with a Hargray bundle?

If you’re willing to give Hargray services a try then be sure to give us a call at 1-844-413-8997. Our experts will help you pick the right Hargray plan, so you can enjoy high-speed connectivity, and exciting TV with many perks. Be mindful of letting them know you’ll prefer to opt for self-install at the time you order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my own router with Hargray Internet?

Hargray Communications lets you use your own router with the Internet service. However Hargray now gives you a wireless modem which does not require a separate router. So unless you want to extend the signal range from the Hargray wireless modem, there is little point in using your own router on top of that.

How can I return my Hargray equipment?

To return your equipment, visit the Hargray retail stores. You’ll be required to provide your Hargray account number or Social Security Number.

Does Hargray has a TV app?

Yes, Hargray has a TV app called the Hargray TV App. It allows you to watch TV with great convenience. Moreover, the app is user friendly and intuitive. You can catchup with your favorite networks from your Hargray channel lineup, wherever you are, and whenever you want.

How can I reset my Hargray cable TV box?

To reset your Hargray cable TV box, simply disconnect the small round electrical cord from the back of your device. Wait for 15 to 20 seconds before plugging it back in. A Hargray logo will appear on the screen, followed by a ‘Loading’ prompt, indicating that your device has started resetting.