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To some, it may still seem a little early, but the crisp winds of October and the aroma of pumpkin spice are a sure welcome for Christmas as summer collapses into fall. Halloween may not have made your doorstep but the chill in the air starts prepping everyone for the Christmas season. Amid, tall cups of hot cocoa and gingerbread cookies, the Christmas season is all about celebrating love as the entire family comes together for the holidays.

What better way to celebrate the Christmas season than to binge-watch all the season’s top picks on the best TV channels? So we’ve picked some of the best Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas movies that you can enjoy on Xfinity TV. Let us jump right in!


Catch the Best Christmas Movies on Xfinity TV

Xfinity TV is more than just a great TV service — it gives you the full spectrum of the entertainment experience. The X1 is a class apart in the world of TV entertainment; complete with top-notch equipment, a finely curated Xfinity TV channel list, an exhaustive on-demand library, integrated streaming, and a lot more! Xfinity TV brings you holiday movie entertainment that you would certainly not forget in a hurry.

The best part of watching Christmas movies on Xfinity is that you get all your favorite channels in a mid-tier service package. This season, Hallmark and Lifetime channels bring some of the best Christmas movies and are included in the Xfinity mid-tier packages. Which is absolutely perfect since you can get high-quality entertainment at rather affordable prices.

Here is a quick look at some of the best Xfinity TV plans to get you all decked for the Christmas season! Plans and prices with Xfinity may vary across regions, so call 1-844-207-8721 to learn of the best offers in your area.


Xfinity TV Plans Number of channels
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Ultimate TV or Digital Preferred 185+


Romance & Magic with Best Hallmark Christmas Movies This Season

Hallmark Christmas movies are straight out of a fairytale – with romance, love, and just a trickle of magic putting you right in the mood for the holidays. Here is a list of some of our top recommendations for movies on Hallmark that you should definitely enjoy this season.


1. Noel Next Door

(Friday: 21 October 2022)

 Starring Natalie Hall & Corey Sevier, this movie is about a single mom who gets into an argument with her new neighbor over Christmas traditions. However, what she does know is that she would soon find herself at a loss for words — and possibly, her heart.


2. A Kismet Christmas

(Sunday: 23 October 2022)

This movie casts Sarah Ramos and Carlo Marks in lead roles and is a holiday legend. Sarah, a children’s book writer reunites with her teenage crush, Travis, in her hometown over the Christmas holidays. What long-held family legend is going to come true while

 helping Sarah find peace and a chance at true love?


3. The Royal Nanny

(Saturday: 12 November 2022)

This romantic movie stars Greta Scacchi, Rachel Skarten, and Dan Jeannotte. Claire, an MI5 agent must go undercover as a royal nanny to keep the family safe over the holidays. But, will Claire be able to resist the charms of Prince Colin over her assignment?


4. #Xmas

(Friday: 25 November 2022)

With Clare Bowen and Brant Daugherty in lead roles, this movie is a great holiday entertainment. Determined to win a brand design contest, Jen poses as a family influencer with her best friend Max and her baby nephew, forming a picture-perfect family. But when her video is selected as the finalist in the competition, Jen is faced with a dilemma — to continue with the drama or come clean. What will Jen do?


5. Undercover Holiday

 (Sunday: 4 December 2022)

This Christmas special stars Stephen Huszar and Neomi Gonzalez as the leads. A new singer returns to her home for Christmas over the holidays, introducing Matt as her new boyfriend – who is actually her undercover bodyguard. Will the Christmas spirit blossom the young hearts to the gift of newfound love?



6. Holiday Heritage

 (Friday: 16 December 2022)

Ella must return home to collect the scattered fragments of her broken family and piece them together before it’s too late. Ella seeks help from her ex-boyfriend, Griffin, to make this happen. But will they be successful? More importantly, will sparks fly between these two lost lovers?

Starring Brooks Darnell, Holly Robinson, and Lyndie Greenwood, this movie weaves its Christmas magic and leave you enthralled.


Get into the Holiday Spirit with Best Lifetime Christmas Movies in 2022

Much like Hallmark, Lifetime Christmas season movies are nothing but a breath of fresh air, filled with magic, romance, love, and forgiveness. Here is a little sneak peek at some of the best movies on Lifetime for Christmas that you can enjoy on TV this year!


1. A New Orleans Noel

This movie stars Keshia Knight Pulliam, Brad James, and Patti LaBelle in main roles. The movie revolves around two young architects, Grace and Anthony, who couldn’t be any more different, going their separate ways after college. But the world keeps throwing the two of them together until they are smitten with each other. However, when Grace gets offered a new position in a different state, will she follow her career or her heart?


2. 12 Days of Christmas Eve

Starring Kelsey and Spencer Grammer, this movie is going to be a sure hit with the watchers. Brian Conway has always lived his life on his terms and raised a successful business – at the cost of his family and relationship with his daughter, Michelle. However, if he was given a chance to do a day over and over – 12 times before he got it right for redemption, will Brian take it?

Explore a journey of self-realization, love, forgiveness, and more with the Christmas spirit, making everything all the more sweeter.


3. A Country Christmas Harmony

 This movie stars Brooke Elliot and Brandon Quinn in lead roles. Two high-school ex-sweethearts and country singers, Luke and Chrissy find themselves thrown together in a twist of fate. As the rain and storm rage and they seek shelter in Luke’s ranch home, they begin to trust each other, seek help, and realize the power of first true love. Where will life take them from here?


4. Santa Bootcamp

This movie stars Patrick Cassidy and Emily Kinney. Emily is extremely delighted at being picked to hold the ultimate Christmas Gala for a mall magnate, Ed Mancini, but she is lost for words. Luckily, Emily finds Belle at the Santa Boot Camp, who is determined to have Emily do a great job at playing Santa – all while finding a little magical romance on the way.


5. A Christmas Spark

 The movie stars Jane Seymour and Joe Lando in main roles. Molly is a recent widow and finds herself losing heart as the Christmas holidays approach. But vising her daughter and arranging the town’s Christmas Pageant has Molly falling for Hank – the leading man in the play and the most eligible bachelor in town. Will the Christmas romance pour zest into Molly’s wilting spirit?



Xfinity TV brings you the ultimate entertainment experience. Complete with an interesting TV channel lineup, on-demand videos, and integrated streaming. TV services like Xfinity X1 can allow you to truly enjoy Christmas times with unfettered love, family, and of course plenty of movies from Hallmark and Lifetime.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. What are the best TV services in my area?

There are many TV service providers in the U.S., as of now. However, Xfinity, Spectrum, Cox, and DIRECTV are some of the most popular TV service providers in the country. To learn more or order, call now at 1-855-349-9328.


2. Can I watch Hallmark or Lifetime Christmas movies on Xfinity?

 Christmas movies from Lifetime as well as Hallmark are available to watch on Xfinity TV. All you have to do is subscribe to a mid-tier plan with Xfinity and you can enjoy not just the Xfinity X1, but also the full channel lineup with Hallmark and Lifetime movie channels included.