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It is understandable every existing and potential Spectrum subscriber inevitably has questions. No matter how thoroughly we discuss Spectrum TV, Internet, and Voice services and bundles, there will still be some aspects that need clarification and elaboration. If you have any confusion regarding Spectrum services, you have landed on the right page!

In this article, we will try our level best to briefly and appropriately respond to the needs and questions of the Spectrum clientele. Also, we will try to cover as many frequently asked questions as we can so the shoppers can find the specific information they are looking for, reliably. This way, the likelihood of them being driven to feeling frustrated will stand reduced. 

This endeavor will also benefit us in the long run as we won’t have to keep touching upon questions about the renowned U.S. service provider in bits and pieces. In this guide, we intend to discuss the most common problems or issues customers face frequently. We hope by the end of the article, you feel more aware of Spectrum services, offers, and packages. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Security Code

What is a security code?

The primary aim of Spectrum is to go out of its way to protect your personal information. When you create a Spectrum account, a four-digit security code is allotted to you so that your privacy can be protected. What you need to bear in mind is the security code is not the same as the Purchase PIN.

When do I need to use my Security Code?

When you contact Spectrum for support, the representative will ask for your security code to authenticate your account.

When will I receive my Security Code?

Once your account has been created successfully, you will receive a security code within 24 hours.

What should I do if I forgot my Security Code?

Make sure you reach out to Spectrum customer support to reset your security code.

Spectrum Channel Lineup

Why am I missing certain channels?

There can be several reasons why you may be missing certain channels. For instance, it could be a connection or equipment issue, parental controls may be in effect, the network could have retired, moved or changed names, you may have added channels to the package and 72 hours have not lapsed yet, etc.

Also, bear in mind channels can be added and removed depending on ratings, subscriber demand, cost, and availability of open channels within Spectrum’s cable system. In case, you are missing a certain channel, and none of the above listed or similar issues seem to be present, there is a good chance the channel has been designated as out-of-market, which means the channel is available outside of your market and Spectrum no longer has a contract or agreement with that TV network.

How can I look for a specific channel?

Make sure you take a look at your local channel lineup to locate the specific channel you are in search of. Channels are commonly listed numerically, alphabetically, or by package and category.

Payment and Billing

Why has my due billing amount or rate changed?

There are a number of reasons why a change to your bill may have occurred:

    Can I change my services or get a different rate?

    Yes, you can get a different rate or change your services. All you have to do is visit Spectrum to take a look at available bundles and corresponding rates, and order.

    How will I find out if my promotional rate has ended?

    You will have to check the Spectrum News section on your bill as Spectrum adds a reminder to this field on your bill a month before the promotional rate ends.

    What do I do when I experience a payment failure?

    In case you experience a payment failure, you will have to consider trying to make the payment using a different method.

    Video On Demand

    What is On Demand?

    Video On Demand (VOD) is a digital service that allows the subscribers of Spectrum TV service, stream the trendiest and most popular movies, TV shows, and more, whenever they want.

    Does my current TV package include On Demand?

    Yes, your Spectrum TV package comes with free access to On Demand programming. You can watch Primetime On Demand and also your favorite movies and shows without paying additional bucks. If however, you want to stream the newly-released movies, you will have to pay an additional fee.

    What kind of content will I be able to access via On Demand?

    The TV tier you choose to subscribe to will determine the kind of content you can access via VOD. However, what you need to know is some programs or networks may not be offered On Demand. Press the On Demand button on your remote in order to browse available content. In case you want to navigate to your On Demand library for a specific title, you must use the menu button and then use the Search function.

    You can also take full charge of what kind of content your children are able to watch by setting up a Purchase PIN and managing Parental Controls.

    Spectrum Wi-Fi

    Who can take advantage of Spectrum Wi-Fi?

    If you are a Spectrum internet customer, you will be able to use Spectrum Wi-Fi and partner hotspots, that too at no additional charge. All you have to do is sign in with your Spectrum username and password in order to connect to Spectrum Wi-Fi hotspots. To connect automatically, you will need to install a Wi-Fi profile by utilizing the Spectrum WiFi Finder feature on MySpectrum app. Spectrum recommends to connect to SpectrumWiFi Plus or SpectrumWiFi – branded hotspots for encrypted security. If a branded one is not accessible, you can connect via CableWiFi and Boingo.

    In case you are not an existing Spectrum customer, Spectrum allows you to connect to its Wi-Fi network by buying an Access Pass. And if you wish to check the service for quality, you can opt for a free 30-minute trial. In either case you can connect to branded Spectrum hotspots only.

    Is the Spectrum Wi-Fi network secure?

    The Spectrum Wi-Fi network ensures to utilize secure sign-in and authentication protocols. In case you are an existing customer of Spectrum, you can select the SpectrumWiFi Plus network (where available). When you opt for this Spectrum wireless network, you are more likely to get an additional layer of encryption that serves to enhance the security level.

    Speed Increase

    When will my internet speeds increase?

    Spectrum is working to increase internet speeds in select areas. In case, internet speed in your area is increased, you will receive a notification via phone call, mail, bill messaging, or email.

    Click to learn more about Spectrum Internet and WiFi packages.

    Can I test my internet speed?

    Yes, you can test your internet speeds via Spectrum Speed Test.

    Moving Resources

    How do I notify Spectrum I am moving?

    If you are moving, call Spectrum Customer Support to let them know. Not only Spectrum will schedule your move but transfer your service without you having to face the hassle. In case, you are moving to an area where Spectrum services are not available, Spectrum helps you locate the best broadband service providers in the area and also lets you know what to do with your equipment.

    Does my move affect my services and equipment?

    Get in touch with a Spectrum representative to know whether you can take your equipment with you.

    If you are moving locally, you may be able to opt for self-installation. When ordering your transfer, make sure you talk to the representative about the self-installation option.

    Note:  Your account balance should be up-to-date if you want to move your Spectrum services. 

    How does it affect my bill?

    If you are considering to move to an area where Spectrum services are available, you can keep using your existing Spectrum account and continue paying your bill via different available payment methods. You can also call Spectrum Customer Support to learn about any new service offerings or upgrades that may be available at your new address.               

    Ordering Spectrum Services Online

    How can I order Spectrum services online?

    To order Spectrum Internet, TV, and Voice online, here is what you need to do:

      I have just placed an order for a service package. Is there any way to change it?

      We are sorry, but you can't change the order once you have successfully placed it. We request you to ensure you review your order before placing it.

      To Conclude…

      The aforementioned list of the frequently asked questions may answer all your concerns. In case you still have a question that we haven’t covered in this article, feel free to reach out to Spectrum for support. They are available around the clock to answer your questions promptly.



How does Spectrum ensure that my personal information is well-protected?

While creating a Spectrum account, you will receive a four-digit code, which their customer service will ask of when you contact them, hence protecting your information.

How do I know what channels can I access in my Spectrum Cable TV plan?

You can refer to Spectrum’s channel lineup to know what channels are offered in your plan.

Why has my Spectrum internet plan price changed?

This could be because the promotional period has ended.

Is Spectrum Internet speed the same in all areas?

No, speeds vary depending on the area to area.