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Cox Communications continues to be one of the most popular internet service providers in the U.S. — and with good reason too. The provider is known for its variety of internet speeds, a few value perks, and a generous data allowance. Cox also offers a bunch of other services that you can bundle together for greater convenience and efficiency.

In this blog, we talk about the Cox Gigablast internet plan, and all the exciting things it has to offer. So, let us get to it!

Exploring Cox Gigablast Internet

Cox high-speed internet has outdone itself by adding a top-quality gigabit internet speed plan to its service. This speed tier is available across all the Cox service regions – a footprint that spans 19 states throughout the country. No matter where you are in the country, you can enjoy the gig speeds by Cox internet service, which is a very important feature since not all providers offer the same speed tiers everywhere.

The Cox Gigablast internet plan, as is pretty clear, gets you gig speeds of 1 Gbps – more than enough for all household activities including web browsing, video calls, remote work, entertainment, and gaming. It was particularly designed for people looking to do multiple online activities concurrently, therefore fits like a glove to all busy and large households with power users. Priced at $99.99 per month for 12 months with an agreement means that you not only get to enjoy a promotional pricing rate but can also choose to opt out of the service after the first year of service.

Plus, Cox is extremely generous with its data allowance. All Cox Internet plans come with a data allowance of 1.25 TB (1280 GB), which is quite abundant for most homes. You can easily do everything you want with this much data. However, if multiple users are streaming or gaming frequently, then you might feel the need for more data, which too Cox offers for a small extra charge available in 50 GB and unlimited packs.

One of the features exclusive to Cox internet service that you can enjoy is the Cox Panoramic Wi-Fi experience. This is a two-in-one (modem + router) Gateway device that is dedicated to making your Cox internet experience one of a kind. Along with wall-to-wall coverage, Cox Panoramic Wi-Fi also gets you advanced network security and extremely high internet speeds. You can also rely on 24/7 technical and customer support.

The Cox Panoramic Wi-Fi now comes with an Elite Gamer that eliminates lag and latency, plus reduces jitter with fewer ping spikes. It is the perfect addition to your household, especially if you have gamers living under your roof, who not only need a high-speed internet connection but also lower latency for a greater win percentage and cutting back on lag. As of now, if you rent out the Cox Panoramic Wi-Fi for $13.00 per month, you get to enjoy all the perks of Elite gamer completely free of cost, since it comes included in the price.

Bundling with Cox Gigablast Internet

One of the best things that you get with Cox Communications is the bundling convenience. Cox is one of the few providers that allows its users to customize their internet and TV experience. You can go any way you want, pick a Cox TV plan of your choosing, and add on a Cox phone and even Cox Homelife security as per your household needs.

Cox Contour TV

Cox TV plans are available in three tiers of service. You can choose to only get the Contour TV Starter plan with basic channels if you are more of a streaming person and enjoy the integrated streaming that comes with the Cox Contour Box. Alternatively, you can decide to get the more detailed channel lineups to enjoy the full spectrum of TV services offered by Cox and adorn them with any favorite channel packs that you prefer.

Cox TV Plan

Channel Count


Cox Contour TV Starter

(Basic: Broadcasting networks)

Everyday low price. No term agmt.

Cox Contour TV Preferred

(Incl: ESPN, Hallmark, HGTV, TCM)

Everyday low price. No term agmt.

Cox Contour TV Ultimate

(Incl: NFL Network, Disney Jr., Cleo TV)

Everyday low price. No term agmt.


Cox Phone

Cox Phone service is also available at a mere $20 per month in addition to your monthly internet cost. This VoIP service is excellent because it combines all the good features of phone and internet tech to get you a smooth voice experience that you will not forget in a hurry. Equipped with 14+ calling features, including blocking, and call rejection, Cox phone service is a good bundling option with your internet.

Cox Homelife

Finally, Cox also offers Homelife, which is a home security and automation service. You can also add that to your internet plan to make a completely well-rounded bundle with a little bit of everything. You can go for Cox Homelife security, which comes with smart home automation and 24/7 security services and is priced at $40 per month. Or, if you just want smart home automation, you can choose to get it for as little as $20 per month only. Both plans come without any contracts and all starter equipment is included in the price.

Conclusion: Why Choose Cox Gigablast and Services?

Cox high-speed internet brings you a variety of things to savor, including their voice service plus live TV and streaming with Cox TV. The Cox Gigablast internet plan has brought things together beautifully, getting you not only high internet speeds, but also a generous data allowance, and a great Wi-Fi experience, courtesy of the Cox Panoramic Wi-Fi as well as Elite Gaming — included at no added cost with the gateway rental.

Cox is dedicated to making lives better with its internet and other telecom services. Explore the best Cox plans in your area, or call now at 855-349-9316. Visit Cox Servicio al Cliente if you're a Spanish user. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Cox Gigablast Internet?

Cox Gigablast internet is a plan that gets you gigabit speeds. You can sign up for the plan for $99.99 per month and enjoy 1 Gbps internet speed for all your online activities. It is perfect for a large household with multiple people or a shared connection so everyone gets enough speed.

Get Cox Gigablast Internet now, or call 855-349-9316, for more details.


What is the Cox Panoramic Wi-Fi?

The Cox Panoramic Wi-Fi is a gateway device by Cox Communications. It functions as both a router and modem and gets you the best internet speeds available along with wall-to-wall coverage and a lot more. You can enjoy this service at $13.00 per month.

Learn more about Cox internet plans or call now at 855-349-9316.