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Entertainment is forever evolving, bringing you a little bit more every single day. With Xfinity, you get to experience the best of the entertainment world with the Xfinity X1, its smart voice remote, DVR, and more. Enjoy your favorite TV shows, sports, kids’ shows, and movies on the Xfinity cable TV service. The Freeform channel is accessible on Xfinity and is laden with some of the best entertainment options the world has to offer – from drama and history to romance and mystery.

In this article, find the details you need about the Freeform channel on Xfinity, the channel numbers, programming, and how you can make the most of your Xfinity TV subscription. So buckle up and let us get to it!

What is Freeform Channel on Xfinity?

Freeform is one of the most popular basic cable TV channels on any lineup. Owned and run by ABC Family Worldwide, Freeform is available to over 92 million households within the U.S. The rich history of the channel only makes it more interesting and the to-watch options are just too many to choose from.

Whether it is adults, youngsters, or children, there is something for everyone to watch on Freeform. The channel includes original TV series, made-for-TV original movies, reruns, featured movies, and more. If Freeform is available on your Xfinity channel lineup, you can access the shows right on TV, and you can even find them on the official website of the channel or the Freeform TV App.


Find the Freeform Channel Number on Xfinity

Of the three Xfinity channel packages, the Freeform channel is available on mid-tier and high-tier service plans. However, since it is a local broadcasting channel, the Freeform channel number on Xfinity tends to vary across different U.S. regions. You can search for the channel in your area by simply navigating to the X1 Channel Guide via your Xfinity voice remote.

To make the process even easier for you, we have highlighted some of the popular cities/towns and the channel number for Freeform on Xfinity in those areas. If you do not find your city or state on the list, you can put in your address here and learn about the channel number in your area.

City/State Freeform Channel#
Denver, CO 33/680/1742/26700
Houston, TX 32/632/1742/26700
San Ramon, CA 52/768/1742/26700
Abingdon, VA 49/444/1742/26700
Newberry, SC 39/235/1742/26700
Tupelo, MS 19/1724/26700
Agawam, MA 26/826/1724/26700
Bristol, CT 40/1724/26700
Westminster, MD 47/881/1742/26700


What to Enjoy with Freeform on Xfinity?

Freeform as part of the Xfinity channels introduces you to a world of exquisite entertainment. Watch live programming on the TV as it runs or browse from the finest selection of TV shows and movies. From popular titles and special movies to Freeform originals, there is plenty to enjoy on the Freeform channel with Xfinity.

Some of the popular titles you can binge and enjoy on Freeform include:

  • The Bold Type (Comedy Drama)
  • Cruel Summer (Thriller Teen Drama Anthology)
  • Good Trouble (Drama)
  • Grown-ish (Teen Comedy Drama)
  • Keep This Between Us (Documentary Series)
  • Motherland: Fort Salem (Supernatural Drama)
  • Single Drunk Female (Comedy)
  • The Watchful Eye (Mystery Thriller)
  • The Deep End (Documentary Series)
  • Everything’s Trash (Comedy)
  • The Baby Daddy (Sitcom)
  • Switched at Birth (Teen/Family Drama)
  • My Fake Fiancé (Romantic Comedy)
  • Make it or Break it (Teen/Family Drama)
  • Black-ish (Sitcom)
  • Famous in Love (Contemporary Romance)
  • Shadowhunters (Supernatural Drama)


Make the Most of Your Xfinity TV Service

From the wide array of Xfinity TV channels to the lavish X1 TV experience, nothing about the TV service is ordinary. The provider has gone to great lengths to bring you an exclusive and engaging TV experience that has plenty to offer. Let us take a look at some of the service features that set Xfinity X1 apart from the competition and help you get to live the best of entertainment.

  • Search: The Xfinity X1 Search option makes browsing easier than ever before. Type in your search term and it would browse through all of your favorite apps at once – from Live TV and channels to the on-demand section and integrated streaming apps. Make your life easier and simpler with the integrated search option and use it to its fullest potential!


  • Personalized Recommendations: The X1 reads through, picks up on your entertainment choices quickly, and suggests movies and shows depending on your custom choices. So if you ever find yourself in a boring slump with nothing to watch, just ask your X1 to help you decide.


  • Special Xfinity Zones: Unlock a completely different world with the special Xfinity zones. The Sports Zone on X1 allows you to follow the latest trends in national and international sports, and you can customize it to your liking. Similarly, the Kid’s Zone sets up a kid-appropriate zone to help educate and entertain young minds without exposing them to age-inappropriate content.


  • Parental Controls: Shelter your children from sensitive content on TV with Xfinity parental controls. You can customize the controls so that they only allow shows and movies of a certain rating. This keeps your children safe even when you are out of the home.


  • Entertainment On-the-Go: Have your entertainment and TV almost as mobile as you are. Carry it with you wherever you go with the Xfinity Stream TV app. Sign in with your Xfinity credentials and enjoy your favorite titles on the go!


Wrapping Up…

Freeform Channel on Xfinity brings you a variety of fun programming, documentaries, movies, and TV shows. Enjoy it all on the Xfinity X1 with 4K quality on supported titles with the mid and high-tier plans of Xfinity TV service. Choose an Xfinity Internet and TV bundle to get the best of all Xfinity has to offer and fill all your connectivity and entertainment needs in one place.

Don’t have Freeform on your Xfinity channel lineup? Call 844-207-8721 to upgrade now!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the Freeform channel on Xfinity?

 The Freeform channel number on Xfinity TV varies from location to location. For instance, it is 32 & 632 in Houston, TX, and 33 & 680 in Denver, CO. You will be required to carry out a search for the channel number for Freeform at your address. Alternatively, you can go to the Xfinity On-screen channel guide and view the list of the channel numbers on it.


2. What local channels are available on Xfinity?

Xfinity offers a wide and fine selection of local channels in its various TV packages. Some of the popular ones are ABC, CBS, BET, FOX, Freeform, Lifetime, NBC, The CW, and PBS. Some Spanish channels are available in the local channel lineup as well.


3. What number is the Freeform channel on Xfinity in Abingdon, Virginia?

The Freeform channel on Xfinity can be found at numbers 49, 444, 1742 & 26700 in Abingdon, Virginia.


4 What number is the Freeform channel on Xfinity in Bristol, Connecticut?

The Freeform channel on Xfinity can be found at numbers 40, 1724 & 26700 in Bristol, Connecticut.

For more information, call Xfinity customer service at 844-207-8721.