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We live in an era where a reliable internet service is essential to get done with our everyday tasks. Without a consistently performing connection, you may feel like you are lagging behind. For movers to Cleveland, Ohio, the good news is there is plenty of choice. You’ll find a bunch of regional and local service providers in the market, alongside some industry giants such as Cox Communications.

Cleveland depicts a rather shy Cox footprint, which is limited to about 16% of the population. Compared to the impressive network coverage provided by AT&T and Spectrum. Cable Internet from WOW! is also available to Cleveland residents, albeit only in select areas, much like Cox. And there are a couple of local cable internet providers around too. But where available Cox service offerings compete well with what others put on the table. Plus for homes that seek to bundle two or more services, Cox is an ideal pick especially because you can customize your bundle as you want it. 

Today we take a look at the ingredients which can make a competitively priced Cox bundle, with 2 or more services - high-speed internet, Contour TV, voice, and smart home security. If you know what your home requires, you can build it so you don’t pay for what you don’t use.   

Cox Internet Plans in Cleveland, OH

Consumer needs are unique, and the range of activities the internet is used for in American homes is wide. Cox Internet plans are designed such that you won’t have to settle of a higher or lower speed than what you need.

Starting from 25 Mbps there is a variety of speed tiers up to 1 Gbps. The 50 Mbps, 150 Mbps, and 500 Mbps plans can be a good fit for a small to large family, which needs to support standard home usage. For ultra connected smart homes, where multiple users and devices connect simultaneously, and online activity is band-width extensive, the Cox Gig plan is a great choice. For casual surfing and video calling, streaming and online gaming, working from home or attending online class, these Cox speed tiers are good to fit different sets of needs in different sized households.

As for data, all plans are capped at 1.25 TB. While the idea of a data cap may bother you, for standard home usage, it does cut the deal.

Here is a list of Cox internet plans that are likely to be available to you at your Cleveland address.

Cox Internet Plans

Data Allowance

Max. Download/Upload Speed

Promo Price

Internet Starter 25

1.25 TB (1280 GB)

25/3 Mbps

for 12 months with a 1-year service agreement

Internet Essential 50

1.25 TB (1280 GB)

50/3 Mbps

for 12 months with a 1-year service agreement

Internet Preferred 150

1.25 TB (1280 GB)

150/10 Mbps

for 12 months with a 1-year service agreement

Internet Ultimate 500

1.25 TB (1280 GB)

500/10 Mbps

for 12 months with a 1-year service agreement


1.25 TB (1280 GB)

1000/35 Mbps

for 12 months with a 1-year service agreement


Reasons to Choose Cox Communications

Now let’s take a quick look at some value features you can easily benefit from with your Cox Internet subscription:

  • Free internet security, powered by McAfee, which protects up to 5 of your devices. With this security suite, not only your online shopping and banking transactions are secure, but you are protected from other threats such as identity theft, viruses, etc.
  • Free access to over 3 million out-of-home WiFi hotspots from Cox. You get secure high-speed connection that helps you save on mobile data.
  • Cox Panoramic WiFi Gateway delivers a fast and steady WiFi connection around the house. It costs $12/mo. on top of the monthly service cost. It is the modem and WiFi router in one dual band device which automatically gets you the best WiFi frequency for the online activity each connected device is engaged in. If you reside in a larger house, you can also add on the Panoramic WiFi Pods to enhance the performance of your home WiFi. You can manage and control your Cox in-home WiFi network with ease via the Panoramic WiFi app.
  • Cox Elite Gamer helps you enjoy a seamless gaming experience with over 30% less lag and fewer ping spikes. You can take control of your connection’s performance, and win more often. The Cox Elite Gamer does not cost you extra when you rent out the Panoramic WiFi Gateway.
  • If you don’t watch Cable, you can also consider leasing the Contour Stream Player with your Internet subscription. For $5/mo. it gets you access to all your favorite streaming apps, and access to free content as well.

Cox Contour TV in Cleveland, OH

Cox Contour TV service pairs really well with the Internet. It’s a cable service, but comes with all the modern bells and whistles. A smart set-top box which gives you integrated access to live TV, On Demand, DVR, and streaming apps all in one place. There is also a voice remote which makes things still easier. You get to search for favorites fast, and you also get recommendations on what to watch. The good thing is your first Contour TV box comes included in the monthly service charge.

Like with Internet, Cox offers 4 channel-based plans. The Starter is a good fit for homes where streaming TV dominates the entertainment regime. For most homes the Cox Contour Preferred and Preferred Plus will be ideal. The former gets you all the most-watched channels in America, while the latter includes premium entertainment networks as well. The top tier Ultimate is for a family of TV buffs with diverse preferences.

As with Internet, you can pick any channel package to include in your Cox bundle.

Cox Contour TV Plan

Sample Networks

Max. Channel Count



Contour Starter 

Broadcast Networks such as  CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, FOX, CW & more



Contour Preferred  

HGTV, USA, ESPN, TBS, Food Network & more along with Starter channels



Contour Preferred Plus

STARZ, HBO Max, SHOWTIME & Cinemax along with Preferred channels



Cox Contour Ultimate  

EPIX, MLB Network, NFL Network & more along with Preferred Plus channels




Cox Home Phone in Cleveland, OH

The Cox home phone service is a bargain deal really when you include it in your bundle. For $20/mo. you can enjoy unlimited nationwide talk time, good call quality, and digital calling features. While a home phone service is not given due respect with on-the-rise reliance on cellular services, it does make a sound home backup. Plus if you have a home office to run, nothing would help you save more than having a reliable phone service that gives unlimited calling.

Cox Homelife in Cleveland, OH

Smart home security is becoming a need of the time. And Cox makes it easy for you to bundle it with other services you may require. You can pick the smart home automation Cox Homelife plan, or add-on 24/7 professional security to make loved ones and belongings as safe as can be. If you are convinced of the peace of mind smart security brings to your everyday life, do explore Cox offerings. Plans are affordable, and when paired with Cox Internet get you good value.


Concluding Words

Now that you have an idea of what Cox has to offer Cleveland, we hope it’ll be easier to decide how you want to build your Cox bundle. The best part is Cox offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee. So if you are not fully satisfied with Cox services, you can cancel within 30 days of service installation/activation. Which makes it risk-free really. Cox will refund you the monthly service charge and other costs such as the standard installation charge.

Speak to a representative at the Cox Customer Service phone number i.e. 1-855-349-9316 and confirm the availability of Cox offers at your address. You can also reach out to Cox customer service to learn more about oferta de Cox bundle and ofertas de cable e Internet de Cox. Call at 1-844-520-8979 and the customer service representative will give you pro advice regarding the right Cox Communications package for your unique set of needs. Visit Cox en Español for more details. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Cox available in my area?

Cox Communications is currently available in 18 states. To confirm the availability of Cox Internet packages at your address, call at 1-855-349-9316.

Which Cox internet plan is perfect for 4K video streaming?

For 4K streaming, Cox Gigablast is a great choice as it offers up to 1 Gig downloads. It can support a number of connected devices and uninterrupted 4K streaming.