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The Xfinity X1 has revamped the way we see entertainment, bringing live TV, integrated streaming, a dedicated kids and sports zone, and a lot more to your TV screen. You get to enjoy a world of premium entertainment in its best form with Xfinity and it helps make your weekend nights even more fun.

In this article, we discuss the TBS channel on Xfinity, its numbers, and everything it has to offer. We hope it can help you understand the channel and its programming on Xfinity a little better. So let us begin!


What is the TBS Channel?

TBS, which is short for the Turner Broadcasting System, is one of the most popular TV networks in the U.S. Owned by Warner Bros., it has been around since 1976. Entertainment on TBS has evolved over time, from mainly sports programming to all kinds of fun sitcoms and movies.

Even though the subtle shift of entertainment on TBS has appealed to a larger audience than ever before, sports programming still makes up an important part of TBS. This includes college basketball and football and of course, premium sports leagues such as NBA, NHL, NASCAR, MLB, and more.

There is something for everyone to enjoy on TBS, which is why it is one of the most liked channels on the Xfinity channel lineup.


What is TBS Channel Number on Xfinity?

Being a local broadcasting channel, TBS is available on all three Xfinity channel packages. This means that no matter what Xfinity TV plan you choose to get, you can enjoy the full range of TBS programming on it. However, like most channels, the TBS channel on Xfinity has a different number in different parts of the country. You can search for the channel in your area and those included in your plan by checking out the extensive X1 On-Screen Channel Guide through an Xfinity voice remote.

We have made a little list of TBS channel numbers on Xfinity for some cities in the U.S. To learn more about it, simply put in your address here and check the channel number in your area.


City/State TBS Channel#
Denver, CO 18/678/1434/28400
Houston, TX 51/651/1434/28400
Miami, FL 43/421/1434/28400
Newberry, SC 56/28400
Agawam, MA 31/831/1434/28400
Bristol, CT 16/1434/28400
Westminster, MD 34/846/1434/28400


Enjoy Fun Programming with TBS on Xfinity

While TBS does not cover news, movies, and TV shows are the mainstay of this TV channel. Christmas time is particularly festive on TBS with a 24-hour movie marathon of a Christmas Story that has been running since 2004.  As part of the ‘More Movies, Less Commercials’ promo, TBS also airs a movie each weekend in prime time with little interruption from adverts and commercials.

TBS also has a Turner Time that authorizes the channel to use original programming from different networks to show to its viewers. It allows TBS users to get a taste of the outside world and enjoy programs from other networks too and is a rather big reason why people watch TBS on Xfinity.


What Do you Get with Xfinity TV Service?

Xfinity TV channels are dedicated to bringing you a TV experience that is one of a kind. The X1 TV gets you not just live TV channels, but integrated streaming, a smart voice remote, and an on-screen guide to help you enjoy it all fully. Here is a quick look at some of the best features that you get to enjoy with Xfinity TV and the X1:

  • Search: The Xfinity X1 comes with a Search tool that makes browsing and searching for your favorite titles quite easy. When you type in something in the search box, it browses through all of your favorite apps, and places simultaneously including live TV, channels, apps and more.
  • Personalized Recommendations: The X1 understands your favorites and things that you like to watch and picks up the pattern. It then suggests movies and shows based on your previous searches so you always have something unique to watch but exactly along the lines of what you prefer. It is easier than searching and sometimes you might just end up with a very good title to enjoy!
  • Special Xfinity Zones: Xfinity has several zones on its X1 to make your experience even more thrilling. For instance, with the Sports Zone on X1, you can not only catch up on all your most liked sports but also keep up with the latest trends and stats of all the sports you follow. And you can set it up exactly how you want it. Similarly, the Kid’s Zone lets your little ones enjoy a wide selection of age-appropriate shows and movies without being exposed to anything unsightly.
  • Parental Controls: Don’t want your children watching TV at night or without supervision? Get help from the Xfinity parental controls and personalize them as you see fit. It can filter content as well as set up PIN protection on certain channel networks, apps, and more. This keeps your children safe from anything you want even when you are away.
  • Entertainment On-the-go: Entertainment does not have to be on your TV screen when you can carry it anywhere with you. Unlock a world of unlimited entertainment with the Xfinity Stream App. Find your favorite channels, and enjoy whatever you want no matter where you are. Just sign in with your Xfinity credentials on the app and have fun on the go!



TBS Channel on Xfinity is dedicated to bringing its viewers a great programming experience, complete with sports, TV shows, and movies. With the Xfinity X1, you get to enjoy all of it in some of the best picture quality available – with multiple titles in 4K UHD. Get the channel on any service tier with Xfinity TV or go for an Xfinity Internet and TV bundle if you want to get the best of everything on one bill.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the TBS channel on Xfinity?

 The TBS channel on Xfinity gets you a vast variety of fun programming including sports and movies. The number of TBS channels on Xfinity however, does vary from area to area. For instance, it is 18 & 678 in Denver, CO, and 51 & 651 in Houston, TX. You can seek help from the Xfinity On-screen channel guide to check what the channel number is for TBS on Xfinity at your location.


2. What number is the TBS channel on Xfinity in Miami, FL?

The TBS channel on Xfinity can be found at numbers 43, 421, 1434 & 28400 in Miami, FL.


3. What number is the TBS channel on Xfinity in Bristol, CT?

The TBS channel on Xfinity can be found at numbers 16, 1434 & 28400 in Bristol, CT.

For more information, call Xfinity customer service at 844-207-8721.