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With more and more OTT streaming services popping up, and the popularity of existing ones like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, HBO MaxTM rising by the day, the cord-cutting trend is consistently thriving. This shift is mainly attributed to the greater sense of freedom and better value for money that you get by subscribing to a VOD streaming service these days. 

However, no matter how popular and in-demand these online streaming platforms may have  become, for a big chunk of TV watchers in the U.S., there is still nothing that matches the cable TV experience. Especially so since cable TV providers like Xfinity from Comcast are continuously striving to reshape their products and services with an aim to match the evolving consumer preferences. Comcast Xfinity en Español caters to the Spanish-speaking customers with international chanels and dedicated customer support that is available 24/7. 

Xfinity TV Packages: Watch TV the Way You Want 

As a new Xfinity cable TV subscriber you enroll yourself in for a contemporary experience which allows you convenience and flexibility in your TV watching regime, comparable to what you get with a streaming service subscription. Albeit, there is much more to the Xfinity Cable than what even a live TV streaming option like Hulu Live or YouTube TV is able to offer. Xfinity not only gets you one of the best channel lineups in the market, but equips you to watch TV the better way with its innovative X1 entertainment operating system.   

  • The smart X1 platform integrates a variety of user-friendly features to enhance your experience. It gives you the fastest and the most simple way of accessing your entertainment options, be it live TV, sports, music or streaming. And, you can make your search for current and new favorites still more effortless with the award-winning Xfinity Voice Remote.
  • Enjoy exploring the Xfinity Sports Zone if you are a sports fan. Personalize it for the teams you love. Setup reminders. Get updated stats. And also suggestions.
  • Set the young ones up with the Xfinity Kids Zone. For children under 12, it makes for an age-appropriate viewing while you get to relax.
  • Download the Xfinity Stream app if you have not already. And take your TV on-the-go with you.

Lifetime Channel on Xfinity Cable TV

The combo of the wholesome Xfinity channel lineup with X1 is sure something you come to love as you learn all the ways to enjoy your favorite programming. For instance the X1 DVR which would never let you miss your Lifetime favorites, or the Xfinity Stream app which would help you catch up on your Lifetime shows even when on-the-go.

The Lifetime channel and Lifetime Movies (LMN), both “girl networks”, are part of the Xfinity channel lineup. So all you girls looking for the Lifetime channel on Xfinity have come to the right place to get the number you need to tune into on your new Xfinity cable TV service. We totally get it is urgent. After all the network has long carried a repute for creating engaging content with women in the impactful lead roles, and with its current original content which includes made-for-TV films and reality series, you would not want to miss a single show.  

What Channel is Lifetime on Comcast Xfinity?

For more details, please visit Xfinity Channel lineup.

Well, you are now just one step away from enjoying programing created for the modern American woman. You do not have to wait to learn the ropes of a new on-screen TV guide interface in a flash. Here is a listing of the channel number for Lifetime on Xfinity from Comcast. If you do not see your hometown listed, click here. All you need is your address to pull up the Lifetime channel number in your area.   

City/State Channel Channel No.
Region: WEST    
Houston, TX Lifetime/ Lifetime HD 40/640/1455/29500
San Ramon, CA Lifetime/ Lifetime HD (Pacific) 46/795/1455/29500
Denver, CO Lifetime/ Lifetime HD 43/743/1455/29500
Region: NORTHEAST    
Agawam, MA Lifetime/ Lifetime HD 36/836/1455/29500
Bristol, CT Lifetime/ Lifetime HD 39/1455/29500
Westminster, MD Lifetime/ Lifetime HD 28/835/1455/29500
Region: CENTRAL    
Abingdon, VA Lifetime/ Lifetime HD 39/459/1455/29500
Newberry, SC Lifetime/ Lifetime HD 60/29500
Tupelo, MS Lifetime/ Lifetime HD 27/1455/29500

What is Airing on Lifetime Channel?

Now that you have the number you came looking for, here is a quick sneak-peek into the current Lifetime channel & LMN programming, just in case you have been out of touch with “the Lifetime girl scene”.

  • Married at First Sight (Reality TV)
  • Cellmate Secrets (Drama)
  • Little Women: Atlanta (Reality TV)
  • Dance Moms (Reality TV)
  • BlackLove (Reality TV)
  • Bride and Prejudice (Romance, Comedy, Drama)
  • Grey Anatomy (Medical Drama, Soap Opera)
  • Harry & Meghan 3 (Movie)
  • Imperfect High (Movie)
  • Sisters for Life (Movie)
  • Waking Up to Danger (Drama, Thriller)

The best part is you can watch full episodes of shows online and also tune into titles such as Harry & Meghan: Escaping the Palace, A Party Gone Wrong, Too Close for Christmas. Because when your are subscribed to Lifetime channel on Xfinity from Comcast, you can sign into the Lifetime network app anywhere, anytime, and start streaming your favorites!


Your subscription Xfinity cable TV will soon tell you how cord-cutting is not meant for you. Xfinity TV allows you to enjoy the charm of traditional Cable with a strong touch of modernity.

Speaking of which if by any chance you are currently subscribed to a standalone Xfinity TV plan, check out Xfinity bundle offers in your area. Because when you are connected via the largest Gig network in the US, you do not have to suffer the pain of buffering video. Plus bundling has its own benefits like one bill to pay every month!

With that said enjoy tuning into Lifetime programming with X1. And explore Xfinity bundle offers if you want to make the most out of your relationship with your new provider. 


Where can I see Xfinity Channel Lineup?

Click here to learn about the channels included in the Xfinity channel lineup. But you will have to Order Online to be able to check offer availability in your area. Depending on where you are located, some channels in the lineup may not be available.

Is the Lifetime channel a Premium Channel?

No. Lifetime channel is not a premium entertainment channel. It is a popular cable TV network which is included in Xfinity TV packages above Basic/Limited Basic/Choice Select.

Does Xfinity offer parental controls in its TV packages?

Yes. As an Xfinity X1 customer, you have the flexibility of blocking content for your kids via parental controls. Plus with X1 you can access the Kids Zone where all programming is filtered for the under 12. Explore Xfinity X1 TV.

For more information, call Xfinity customer service at 844-207-8721.