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Live and on demand streaming services are all the new rage in this digital era. Cutting the cord is the new fad with VOD and live streaming becoming increasingly popular. A trend that was kick-started by Netflix long ago now sees new services getting on board each year, some more exciting than the previous, and others not as much. And of course, ready access to the internet is the driving force behind this, as well as many other forms of entertainment today. But what does this introduction of on-demand and live streaming platforms mean for cable TV?

As unbelievable as it sounds, cable TV is still one of the top ways Americans access in-home entertainment. While the on-demand streaming services have put a damper on its prized spot in homes across the U.S., nearly 2/3 of the population still looks to Cable for entertainment. And one big reason is the hi-tech face-lift Cable has received courtesy all the advanced innovation - and endeavors which has been led by Comcast.   

As a new Xfinity TV subscriber, you are thus in for a revamped Cable experience.  

Make the most of your Xfinity TV service

The Xfinity X1 is one of the best “entertainment operating systems” out there. Together with the Xfinity Voice Remote, it helps you find ways to make your in-home entertainment regime as flexible as you may perceive it to be with a streaming service. While for the tech-savvy, it is much easier to get comfortable with a new OS or interface, others may take their own sweet time to before they can make the most of X1 features.

Here are a couple of things that may help you get to know your new Xfinity X1 TV:

X1 makes it really easy to search for favorites. the process is faster and simpler even though X1 looks for titles across all your entertainment options. live TV, On Demand, DVR, and your favorite streaming apps! All these options are also stacked up in one place making it easy to change from one to another without switching inputs. You can also use recommendations from X1 and discover new favorites if you run out of titles to suit your mood.

For sports lovers, the Xfinity Sports Zone on X1 is the biggest perk. You can pick the teams you follow and personalize the zone by setting up reminders etc. And you’re bound to enjoy ready access to updated game scores, and more.

Protect your children from viewing age-inappropriate content by setting them up with the safe Kids Zone. It will rid you of the anxiety of your under-12 coming across undesirable content.    

The Xfinity Stream app is something you must download if you have not already — its your TV on the go and more. You can stream live TV or On Demand, watch downloaded content, and even schedule DVR recordings. Bid goodbye to boring bus rides!

Watching sports is more fun with Xfinity TV

Watching sports is fun. With Xfinity TV plans giving you many bells and whistles to enjoy TV entertainment the way you prefer, it can be more fun.

The unique X1 platform integrates ease and technology in a handful of engaging options. You not only get quick access to all your favorite entertainment options but many other enhanced features. Search for anything you want or use the award-winning Xfinity remote and have the most convenient experience possible. And as a sports fan, you must make the most of the Sports Zone.

The Sports Zone on X1 gives you ready access to the entire menu of sports programs available to you in your Xfinity TV package. And as we said earlier, you can customize it for your favorite teams. Set your favorites, and X1 will give you content selected based on the teams you follow, what you prefer to watch, and what is trending in your area. Get groovy suggestions for what you can watch next. You can also set up reminders, and get daily stats. Sports featured on the Sports Zone include Soccer, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, and more.

Tune into the channel ESPN on Xfinity

As for every sports fan’s go-to network ESPN, the Xfinity TV channel lineup includes it in both the mid-tier and top-tier packages. Unless you’re subscribed to Choice TV with access to popular broadcast TV networks only, you’ll be able to tune into all the exciting programming on ESPN.  

In your Xfinity channel lineup, you’ll also find many ESPN sister channels. For instance ESPN2, ESPNEWS, and ESPNU. The mid-tier lineup however does not carry ESPNEWS or ESPNU. For these, you’ll have to upgrade to the higher tier. ESPN Deportes is also available with the higher tier, and access may be subject to location. To find more Spanish channels and Latino TV plans by Xfinity, call Xfinity servicio al cliente today! 

As for channel numbers, cable network numbers do tend to vary from one service provider to another, as well as the region you are in. So until you are up to speed with the ins and outs of the X1, you may find it a little cumbersome. For now take a look, here are the numbers for the ESPN channel on Xfinity in different service locations. Click here and put your address to use, if you don’t find your hometown listed below:

City/State ESPN Channel# ESPN2 Channel# ESPNEWS Channel# ESPNU Channel# ESPN Deportes Channel#
Denver, CO 34/668/1205/21600 35/670/1206/21700 402/841/1210/22600 404/669/1301/23500 309/363/609/1231/23400
Houston, TX 33/633/1205/21600 34/634/1206/21700 116/716/1210/22600 125/725/1301/23500 513/558/1231/23400
San Ramon, CA 38/724/1205/21600 39/725/1206/21700 402/726/1210/22600 420/788/1301/23500 619/678/1231/23400
Abingdon, VA 29/403/1205/21600 30/404/1206/21700 102/722/1210/22600 396/735/1301/23500 23400
Newberry, SC 22/208/21600 47/209/21700 22600 23500 23400
Tupelo, MS 14/1205/21600 15/1206/21700 102/722/1210/22600 735/1301/23500 23400
Agawam, MA 49/849/1205/21600/1301 50/850/1206/21700 248/796/1210/22600 286/900/23500 720/1231/3351/3481/23400
Bristol, CT 29/1205/21600 30/1206/21700 721/1210/22600 735/1301/23500 600/1231/3351/3481/23400
Westminster, MD 35/850/1205/21600 36/851/1206/21700 719/852/1210/22600 730/853/1301/23500 585/1231/3351/3481/23400


ESPN on Xfinity: Highlights of the network’s programming

ESPN is staple network in any sports-loving American home, giving you direct access to the best and the latest from the world of U.S. sports. Over the years ESPN has put forth many memorable programs, some of which are running even today. If you have been out of touch with ESPN programming lately, here are some popular favorites you can tune in to catch up:

  • Join Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon on Pardon the Interruption as the 2 famed sports writers conduct their charged discussion on the hottest stories of the day.
  • Tune into the recently released episodes of the award-winning ESPN docuseries 30 for 30 - such as Once Upon a Time in Queens, The Life and Trials of Oscar Pistorius, Long Gone Summer, Be Water and more. Featured 30 for 30 episodes also available for viewing include Survive and Advance, Hit it Hard, I Hate Christian Laettner, Of Miracles and Men, and many others. With a subscription to ESPN on Xfinity, you can enjoy the entire library of 30 for 30 anytime you are in the mood.
  • Tune into NFL Live on sister channel ESPN2, and join Wendi Nix with Suzy Kolber alongside a rotating panel of analysts - they’ll break down all the latest news from the world of NFL, sharing with you their views on players, coaches, teams, and more.
  • First Take is another show worth catching up on. Starring veteran sports reporter Stephen A. Smith, and host Molly Qerim, it draws you in with its lively debate on the hottest sports stories, and just the right input from analysts, celebrity guests, and insiders.

Follow your favorite leagues - be it NFL, NHL, NBA, or MLS. Or tune into the latest from the world of Baseball, Boxing, Soccer, Tennis, Golf and so much more. Stay in the loop of trends, vote for your favorite players, or indulge in a little “fantasy football” every now and then. ESPN is a dream come true for people who love sports through and through. 


Xfinity TV sprinkles just the right amount of magic on your cable experience bringing it to life. As you spend more time with X1, you’ll come to enjoy the conventional charm of cable television with a dash of modern aura. And hopefully, it will keep you from cord-cutting.  

You can always get a streaming subscription on top of your TV plan. And if you are currently a TV-only subscriber, you can bundle it with fast Xfinity Internet that supports your streaming activity as well. Bundles with Xfinity give you more value. Not to mention, the range of high-speed internet tiers that are available with Xfinity. This way your internet and TV needs are met under one roof and on one bill. Consider upgrade options with Xfinity internet and TV bundles for an all-around experience!


What Channel is ESPN on Xfinity?

The channel number for ESPN on Xfinity varies by area. For instance in Denver, Colorado you can tune into channel number 34 or 668 for HD. On the other hand, in San Ramon, CA, you’ll have to tune into channel number 38 or 724 for HD.   

Does Xfinity offer local channels?

The Xfinity TV service does offer local broadcast TV networks in all its channel packages. You can tune into ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, The CW, PBS as well as other over-the-air networks like HSN, C-SPAN, MeTV, Cozi TV, Court TV, and QVC.

What TV deals does Xfinity offer?

Xfinity offers TV plans cut out for different budgets and viewing preferences. There is a basic lineup with the Choice Double Play (TV & Internet) offered in all service regions. And also mid and top-tier TV plans with 125+ and 185+ networks, which include local broadcast TV as well as popular Cable favorites. 

What number is the ESPN channel on Xfinity in Houston, Texas?

The number for the ESPN channel on Xfinity in Houston, Texas, is 33 and for HD you’ll need to tune into 633.

What channel is ESPN on Xfinity in Abingdon, Virginia?

For the ESPN channel on Xfinity in Abingdon, Virginia, you’ll need to tune into channel number 29 or 403 for HD.

What channel is ESPN on Xfinity in Bristol, Connecticut?

For the ESPN channel on Xfinity in Bristol, Connecticut, tune into channel number 29 or 1205 for HD.

For more information, call Xfinity customer service at 844-207-8721.