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As the Coronavirus creates havoc around the world, cities have no option but to lockdown in order to curb its spread. While isolation is the perfect solution to stop the virus from spreading like wildfire, it comes with its own challenges.

Staying at home seems like a blessing when you are in need of a break and swarmed with a seemingly never-ending pile of work, but it doesn’t seem quite appealing when you are ordered to stay at home. Sure you can subscribe to HBO® and catch up on some shows, but that doesn’t work in the long run, right? A frozen social life is the last thing that we millennials look forward to.

While it might be a bit easier to make peace with the idea of staying at home and making it your operational base for everything, but what about your fitness? Are you freaking out because your gym has closed down and you are scared to put on those extra pounds while sitting at home doing nothing?

We understand your dilemma because we are stuck too. But don’t fret. We have some killer suggestions about how you can take care of yourselves from home.

5 Best Youtube Home workout channels for 2020

Walk at Home by Leslie Sansone

With around 1.5 Million subscribers on YouTube, Leslie Sansone has been inspiring everyone to stay fit from the comfort of their homes. With this channel, you no longer need to pay for expensive gym subscriptions or find a walking track nearby; just hit subscribe and you can start walking right at your home. This is a perfect channel to follow in the current situation, where you shouldn’t be risking yourself by going outside unnecessarily.

The best part about this channel is the exercises are quite easy to follow, so even if you are not involved in heavy training, you can easily catch up.

If you are just starting, do so with a 15-minute exercise routine to get your body used to the changes. However, if you are a regular runner, we suggest you start with a 45-minute workout. To turn your fitness sessions up a notch, you can start with strength training exercises as well.

On the channel, you will find various testimonials by people whose bodies transformed after they started following Leslie. See them for yourself and start walking!


POPSUGAR Fitness has managed to gather 3.62 million subscribers on this fitness journey. The channel has everything to cater to all your fitness needs. In fact, POPSUGAR has it all to make it easier for you to forget your gym for a few days during the lockdown. Whether you are looking for some light workout or you have intense workout plans for your abs, POPSUGAR has got you covered.

POPSUGAR has a whole range of videos for you to choose from. If you are looking for a fun way to exercise, you can go for Zumba and Sculpting Dance videos. The channel also has videos that will help you target specific areas of your body such as the abs or legs. Hip hop, Latin dance, cardio, HIIT training, strength training - you name it and POPSUGAR has it.

What sets POPSUGAR Fitness apart from other YouTube channels is the fact you can follow it at your own pace. We are not just talking about pausing and catching up, but in all of these videos, you will also find a person working through a modified version of the exercise. So in case, you have difficulty at following the exercise routine, you can always go for the modified, low-intensity version.

As for the exciting part, the host invites various guests who are fitness experts. Imagine getting trained by a Hollywood trainer at your home at absolutely no cost. Intriguing, right?

Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender is yet another YouTube channel that has a whopping 5.94 million subscribers. The channel is run by a husband and wife duo who have been inspiring people to the path of fitness for the past six years. Both of them have a combined fitness experience of more than 25 years so you know you can readily rely on them.

You can log on to their Fitness Blender website, which has over 500 videos. Videos can be filtered according to duration, difficulty level, equipment or no equipment.

Want to work on your abs? The channel has an entire section dedicated to abs workout from home. Other than that, you will also find Pilates, cardio and strength workouts.

Exercise videos are not the only thing you get to watch on this amazing fitness platform. You can also access videos related to healthy food options so that you can complement your exercise regime with a healthy diet. Remember diet is way more important than exercise!

The following videos are fine, but what about if you need guidance from your instructor? Well, Fitness Blender caters to this issue as well, making it a perfect option during the current lockdown. There is a section where the two co-founders answer all sorts of questions such as if you have to keep working even after you have reached your target weight, or why aren’t you losing weight even if you are working out hard. For all such dilemmas, Fitness Blender is there to help you out.

Yoga with Adriene

All the negative views about the Coronavirus and then the pressure of staying at home and dealing with multiple things at one time can be too much to take on. Amidst all this chaos, the best thing you can do is take a break and practice some mindfulness. And what better way to relax your mind and body than practicing some yoga.

Yoga with Adriene is the perfect channel for anyone who wants to practice the art of yoga. Whether you are a newbie or you have been practicing yoga for a long time, Adriene will guide you and accompany you during your at-home sessions.

You will find an entire range of yoga exercises, each with its own purpose. If you are a busy bee who has to deal with screaming kids and office work, then all you need is 15 to 20 minutes to relax. In case, you are suffering from back pain, and going out to the doctor seems like a hassle in such a chaotic situation, you can find some useful tips to relieve back pain as well.

The YouTube channel already has 6.23 million subscribers. All you need to do is hit the subscribe button and you can join millions who are already benefiting from it.


Casey Ho, an award-winning fitness instructor started this channel for her Pilates students in 2009. The channel has grown since and today it has more than 4 million subscribers. Blogilates is like no other fitness channel. It is fun and exciting to follow. Why do we say that? It is because Casey has introduced the unique concept of Pop Pilates.

Plus, you can find some great workout series that revolve around a specific purpose. For example, there is an entire series that comprises of apartment-friendly exercises. Other than that, you will find Victoria Secrets series, the Cocktail dress series, and the Bridal Bootcamp, etc. It is perhaps easier to exercise when you have a final goal in mind.

There are some fun videos as well to keep you motivated and entertained at the same time. For example, videos that show Disney princesses working out or on a diet. These videos alone have 7 million views. So, what are you waiting for? Just hit the subscribe button and start your fitness journey right from the comfort of your home.

Stay Fit Even If You Are at Home

Staying at home might be a boon for some and a ban for others, but regardless it is not an excuse to skip your fitness regime, especially when we have super-fast internet services available at our disposal.

We understand our surroundings these days are not ideal. With the virus threat looming over our heads and much negativity in the air, it is difficult to stay motivated and positive at all times. However, for now, all we can do is try to turn up our positive vibe, and exercise is perhaps the best way to stay focused on what matters and keep those endorphins pumping.

Meanwhile, all we can do is sit tight and wait for the COVID-19 phase to be over. Fingers crossed!